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Friday, July 19, 2024
Abby Hill

Abby Hill


  • Bachelors in Human Resource Management from the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • Diploma in Creative writing from Cornell College.


  • Creative writing
  • Story writing
  • Storytelling


  • Abby is an all-rounder writer who is pretty versatile in every niche. Be it travel, health, internet, or technical.
  • He also served as a freelance writer for two years.

Words from Abby

It's actually quite interesting to be working in every niche. You get to know so much about literally everything. And not just writing, storytelling is also something I find incredibly amazing and enchanting. I can legit start anywhere and anytime, all I need is some concentrated listeners haha!

Apart from work, you can find me park hopping, appreciating nature, reading books, or being lost in my own thoughts, oh, and storytelling too, of course.

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