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Thursday, June 20, 2024

How to Deal with Negative YouTube Comments A Guide for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs 

  • Steffani Griffith
  • YouTube is the most well-known video application worldwide with people from all backgrounds coming together to share their opinions.

    Although many viewers show a positive attitude, there are also a few who use this social media platoform as a medium to vent their complaints. 

    It is much simpler for someone to hide themselves behind a false name and then launch an attack against the world of the internet. 

    When dealing with terrible YouTube comments, it can be tough for creators who are just starting on this field as well as those who have been doing it for a long time. 

    Read this article to find out about the six different methods to deal with a difficult situation that arises when you get aggressive remarks. 

    Delete the Comment

    If you believe that the statement cannot be resolved, you have the alternative to delete it without any complexity. Click on “remove” from the drop-down menu with the three dots that are located next to the comment. 

    When a utterance is erased, the whole thread connected with it, containing all of the answers to the comment, is also erased. With this quality option, you can increase the YouTube Comments which helps to make you well-known.  

    YouTube was originally designed to be a dating app where the co-founders asked people to share their videos stating their interests to find the perfect match.

    Flag the Comment

    You can flag content that has been recognized as having damaged the community recommendations and has surpassed the bounds that have been determined. 

    The comment might be categorized as hate speech or graphic violence, agitation or harassment, pornography or sexually explicit material, and other classifications, according to YouTube’s user interface. 

    The social media platform’s strong machine-learning system will send a note for human authorization whenever it is marked for evaluation. 

    If the remark does not comply with the Community Regulations, the Policy and Implementation team will then review it and delete it from the platform. 

    There are specific guidelines that have been listed on its settings that if a statement that has been flagged is only allowed to remain if it falls under the category of educational, documentary, scientific, or creative. 

    Block Viewers 

    If a certain viewer consistently bombards your videos with content that is unrelated to the topic at hand or posts comments that are unpleasant, simply block them so that they are unable to access your films in the future. Whenever certain viewers are banned, they will not receive any notification. 

    When deleting a YouTube remark, you can also block a user from further making problematic statements. Simply pick “hide the user from channel” from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the three dots that are located next to the comment section. 

    Use a Blocked Word List

    Compile a list of these words if you wish to eliminate unsuitable keywords from the comment areas of your website. These terms should now be included in the list of words that you’ve blockaded. 

    Every time someone leaves a remark on your channel that comprises these keywords, YouTube will initially send you the statement for moderation before it is made obtainable to the general public. 

    Go to Creator Studio, pick the “settings” tab from the left-hand menu, and then accept “community” chased by automatic filters, and completely blocked terms. This will permit you to determine a list of words that are not authorized to be used. 

    The graph below shows that India emerged as having the largest number of YouTube audience according to October 2023 survey. 

     YouTube Users by Country, 2023 Report.

    Select Defaults

    On the channel level, pick a default method for managing remarks for all of your videos gathered together. Start by going to Make Studio, then clicking on the “settings” tab from the menu on the left side of the screen. 

    Next, opt for the “upload defaults” and enhance settings. Ultimately, click on the dropdown menu in the “comments” area, and pick the required limitations. Make it possible for all conversations to be displayed: Your channel will show all YouTube comments without any limits.

    This is the most viable way out for creators who have a vast following because it offers them to hold possibly wrong remarks till they are evaluated. It is the job of this application to routinely identify any problematical keywords that are present in the conversation section and will hold them for further checks. 

    Manually review all the comments before they are presented in your movie. These statements will be retained for review momentarily. If you have a small channel with a regulated number of remarks, opt for this option.

    You can block people from leaving statements on your videos by stopping comments. While dealing with a prickly or gentle subject, this choice will prove to be genuinely useful.

    Add a Moderator  

    Always have the option of using an extra set of hands to help you if the hostile conversation goes out of control. 

    Add a friend, a member of the group, or a member of your team to the list of groups who can register comments for deletion. 

    After a remark has been reported, it will not be shown on your public feed again until you have first evaluated the sentence in the “held for evaluation” area of your feed section. 

    The procedure of reviewing your statements means going to Creator Studio, clicking the “comments” tab from the menu on the left, and then picking the “held for review” alternative.


    Creating a channel and uploading videos on YouTube is an enjoyable pursuit until someone leaves a discouraging statement. Trolls gather on other social media platforms as well and dealing with them is always challenging. 

    As a creator you should not be the subject of any online abuse or try to get involved in any hostile arguments. There are helpful ways to resolve such issues like the suggestions mentioned in this article. 

    The people who follow you  for information and inspiration will be there for support along with your friends and family. Do not let the negative person take control of your channel,. Take back the power by staying calm and making informed decisions for a positive experience. 

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