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Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Significance Of DevOps Skills In Chennai’s Technology Sector

  • Douglas A. Skaggs
  • Devops

    DevOps is not a tool; it is an approach; it is a culture that aims to optimize the software development life cycle and bring the operation and development team closer. 

    Several companies are instilling this methodology into their operations. But why is it so popular? It facilitates seamless operations and results in a secure, speedy, and reliable software delivery. It connects the operation and development teams; it acts like a bridge! Bridging the gap between these two teams! 

    Speaking of the technology industry, based on the reports, Chennai is the IT hub in India that is growing the fastest. New IT companies are emerging, offering candidates with several opportunities. 

    DevOps offers the organization a smooth way to facilitate operations. The teams mainly focus on automating the delivery process and standardizing the development process to improve efficiency, maintenance, and security. 

    DevOps online training courses teach tools like Ansible, SaltStack, and Puppet that help you navigate the tech landscape and enhance your chances of getting a job. 

    Below is a detailed guide on the topic; read on to know more. 

    Benefits Of DevOps Skills In The Technology Sector

    DevOps helps create a seamless operation by increasing efficiency and reducing errors. Below are some more benefits of developing Required Skills:

    Get Better Salary

    When you learn DevOps, you are also learning several skills, such as cloud computing, automation tools, software testing tools, Linux and server administration, programming languages, etc. Getting these skills takes time, and if you have certification, the company knows that you are skilled, and they want to invest in you. 

    In cities like Chennai, with many IT companies, having appropriate knowledge can lead to well-paying jobs and better career opportunities. In Chennai, the yearly average salary of a DevOps engineer is ₹6,04,655, and the extra cash compensation is ₹48,190. 

    Enhance Your Career

    Industries want tech professionals who can effortlessly bridge the gap between IT operations and software development and create a harmonious blend. Industries are eagerly adopting practices.

    DevOps online training helps you master the art of DevOps and various aspects, such as continuous integration, automation, etc. This will help you transform yourself into a sought-after professional.

    Linux is the most used technology in the DevOps tech stack worldwide. Moreover, 23.8% of developers want to acquire DevOps skills.

    Improved Communication 

    A major advantage of acquiring the required skills is that it will lead to enhanced communication and collaboration between operations teams with development ones. Individuals have to work together in a team, share information, and give feedback. 

    All the stakeholders also participate in the development process, which results in synergy and improves communication. Better communication leads to quick error detection and a seamless operational and development cycle. 

    Enhanced Productivity

    Once you have the automation in place and opt for agile methodologies, the DevOps team can assist with a lot more effective delivery of the products. Every business strives to increase its productivity and efficiency too. You can learn how to integrate CI/CD and continuous integration with online training. You will further learn how to streamline the process and improve the quality of your services and products. 

    Enhance Quality

    The process ensures that during the development process, there is no compromise on the quality. Plus, during the designing and development process, there is a focus on maintaining security. This ensures that there are no security issues to remedy later on. 

    Moreover, after you deploy the product, you can get feedback from the end-users and stakeholders; this helps you to take their suggestions and make the necessary changes. Once you make the changes, you can re release them. 

    Focus On Automation

    It mostly focuses on automating the time-consuming process as it gives time for the professional to focus on other vital aspects, be innovative, think outside the box, and come up with efficient solutions. Automation can accelerate code compilation and facilitate a parallel workflow process that helps in smoother operation.  

    Expertise In Multiple Technical Tools

    In DevOps, several phases are involved, from designing to implementation, and in each stage, you use different tools. When you work on your skills, you can get access and a chance to enhance your expertise in several tools such as Pupper, Git, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, etc. 

    Helps In Faster Deployment

    DevOps facilitates faster deployments because you’re working closely with all parties involved: Developers, QA testers, and product managers. Thus, when some additional feature has to be added to your web page/app, etc., it can almost immediately get deployed after its creation. 

    In 2023, the DevOps market size was over $10.4 billion.

    How To Gain DevOps Skills?

    Professionals and amateurs looking for a way to have a thriving career in the tech field in Chennai can greatly benefit from enhancing their skills. Below are some ways where you can get the required knowledge: 

    • Formal education programs: You can enroll in education programs to properly understand DevOps; you can join certification and degree programs that primarily focus on the tools. 
    • Devops certifications: Devops online training certificate adds credibility to your resume. It shows that you have the knowledge and skills in DevOps tools and practices. You can pursue the certification course from a renowned platform and enhance your career prospects. 
    • Go to conferences and meetings: To enhance your knowledge, stay updated. For this, you can participate in local workshops, meetups, conferences, etc. 
    • Take on internships and projects: You can get invaluable experience when you are involved in real-time projects. You can apply your theoretical knowledge, and the Chennai technology sector highly regards any experience. 


    Summing up, Chennai is becoming a technology powerhouse in India and houses big tech companies such as TCS, Cognizant, Accenture, etc. Since this city is evolving into a tech hub, it no longer comes as a surprise that there is an increasing need for up-to-date tech professionals. The tech field is all about invention and productivity. Adopting DevOps ensures smooth technology integration. The people who strive to improve their skills have a better future and will be able to choose from many options. So, take on a DevOps online training course and be ready to excel.

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