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Sunday, May 19, 2024

What is Epix? Is It Available for Free With Amazon Prime?

  • Annie
  • Amazon and Epix. Haven’t heard of it together?

    So just in case you need a briefing, Epix is one of the amazing services available on Amazon is Epix! 

    But wait! Epix is not just another channel network but something that most of us are yet unaware of. 

    It carries along a huge variety of entertainment channels, including movies and online shows. Not only does it feature some great classic movies and films, but also web series that most of us are in love with.

    Just in case you’re already amazed yet unaware of Epix, there is nothing to worry about! Moving on with the article, we will help you understand the features that come along with Amazon Prime and what it is in the ‘Epix’!

    What is Epix and Why Is It Used?

    So, in my opinion, it is important to consider the bigger picture before actually focusing solely on streaming Epix does the best! 

    Epix is more than just a streaming platform for its users. It is a premium 24-hour television network owned by MGM. Its team comprises the leader, Epix, and Epix Drive, offering a sum of four premium yet promotion-free space stations and on-request benefits. 

    Epix was additionally among the principal Heritage link channels to offer its library on the web, and it has adjusted to the model well enough. The platform can now be used on both Android and iOS devices through the Epix Now application and online at

    Along these lines, Epix is a streaming service and a conventional cable network offering four distinct channels. Its library ranges from classic films and online series to the colossal hits of Hollywood movies.

    Is Epix Worth Watching?

    Epix is definitely one of the best cable channels that is now also available online. Speaking of its work and use, it entirely depends upon the user and their requirements. If you, as an individual, wish to explore some amazing online web series and classic films, Epix could be the one for you to do it all. 

    It might not be your first preference when compared to the other online streaming applications available at the present time, but it is definitely something you should try. Its exclusive titles and the quality specs are definitely worth a shot. 

    Further, the pricing for the services is quite minimal and thus offers optimal performance at a low cost.

    How Much Does the Epix Services Cost?

    The pricing of Epix is approximately $5.99 per month, but it can always vary according to your local providers. Further, to know about the ongoing offers in your area, you must consider contacting the local provider that will best help you with the same. 

    Also, let me remind you that it might be prominent in the market as a cable channel, but it is not just limited to that!

    Use and Accessibility of Epix

    Unlike the former times, Epix does offer its services as cord-cutters apart from being a cable channel. All you need to do is sign up on the Epix website or download the application from your App Store on your smartphone. 

    The signup is quite easy, and the instructions are very well explained on the website itself. You can download its original title content and also watch it on multiple devices at the same time. Despite the fact that it does not disclose the number of devices it can be watched upon at one time, it is usually considered a safe bet!

    How Can I Get the Epix Now for Free?

    To access the services offered by Epix Now for free, you will first have to ensure a few details with your existing cable provider. If you are planning to subscribe to Epix and you already have a service provider of your own, then you might just have to open up the Epix app. 

    However, for this to be accessible, you must see if Epix Now is a part of your existing digital services or not. In this case, you might not see it as a free service, but it is definitely an add-on to the existing cable services being used at your place.

    Further, if you decide to sign up for the Epix Now application, you will be given free trial access. This will only be limited to seven days of service for you to experience the functioning and services of the app.

    However, if you wish to cancel the subscription and avoid being charged, you must cancel the same before your free trial gets terminated.

    Will I get Epix Free Access with Amazon Prime?

    To be precise, Amazon Prime does not offer any free membership or subscription to the Epix services. 

    However, you might have access to the Epix Now channels as an add-on with the Amazon Prime subscription. Channels like Epix HD and Epix Hits, along with the other two, are available as usual channels on Amazon prime video. 

    You can also subscribe to the Epix channel on Amazon Prime. Further, to experience the seven-day free trial that comes with a new user sign-up on Epix, you may do it with Amazon Prime using the required transactional card. You may also cancel or dismiss the subscription as and when you like.

    How Much Will I Have to Pay for Epix on Amazon Prime?

    As a member of Amazon Prime, you can access Epix channels for approximately $5.99 per month. It will be available on the network as a channel like several others. You can easily manage all your billings and transactions in one single place. Several other channels available for subscription on Amazon Prime include HBO, Starz, and Showtime.

    Now, in case you are using the free trial service for Epix, you will be automatically charged for the ongoing subscription after the free trial duration ends.

    How Can I Access Epix on Amazon Prime?

    Watching the content available on Epix through Amazon Prime is no big deal. In fact, it will just take up a few steps and you will be good to go! 

    So let us not just waste any other minute and begin with the amazing web series and movies available on Epix.

    To use Epix services on Amazon Prime, you may follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • Open the Amazon app on your smartphone or access the website online. 
    • Now access your Amazon account with the login details. 
    • Click on the Prime Video option available at the top of the screen. 
    • Go to the channel section available in the menu bar. 
    • Now look for Epix from the abundance of channels available on Amazon. 
    • You may also search for the same in the search bar given at the top.
    • Click on Start your free trial. 
    • Now put in the login details and the card information required at the time. 
    • You have now successfully logged in with the seven days free trials of Epix on Amazon Prime.

    Now that you have logged in to the Epix services, you can browse through the innumerable classic films, web series, and original titles in no time. It is all available in one single place without the hassle of cables and wires.

    How Can I Cancel the Epix Free Trial on Amazon?

    At times you might just want to try the new services that you come across online. But not always. Will you like them as they may or may not fulfill the requirements that you had at the first instance? 

    But when we speak of online streaming, we have already put in our card details. The payment is done automatically and so, the dismissal of services might look a bit complicated as it requires us to manually cancel the subscription at the time in case we finally decide that we do not need them anymore. 

    To do the same with Epix free trial that you might have signed up for on Amazon Prime, you may follow the below-given steps:

    • Open the Amazon app on your smartphone or visit the website online. 
    • Enter your login details and access your account. 
    • Click on the Prime Video selection on the top navigation bar. 
    • Open the menu section and click on Manage your Prime video channels.
    • Now that you see so many channels that you already subscribe to in the list, look for Epix among them all. 
    • Now select the End my Free Trial Now option, and you are no longer being charged!
      End my Free Trial Now option on Amazon

    Wasn’t this just super easy? I bet it was!

    But wait, have you already used up all seven days of the free trial and have now decided not to go on with the service? Worry not! We’ve got you covered.

    All you have to do is move ahead with the details that we have given you in this article and the process will be as smooth as cream! 

    How do I Cancel My Epix Subscription on Amazon Prime After the Free Trial Ends?

    Just in case you waited for your entire seven-day free trial to end before canceling the subscription, you must do it now.

    Let’s see! If the subscription has already ended today and you wish to cancel now, unfortunately,  you will be charged for another month. Hence, it is advised that you cancel before 24 hours of the free trial termination. This helps you avoid monthly charges and future billings.

    Now that you still have a few questions relating to Epix and its subscription to Amazon prime video, we are here to answer them! Following this are a set of frequently asked questions that we have gathered to resolve whatever you have in your mind right now.

    Frequently asked questions

    Ans: The Epix services are owned and governed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer and hence not under the leadership of Amazon for sure.

    Ans: You can definitely access Epix services by downloading the same from the Amazon Fire TV store. However, you will have to pay for the subscription services as it is not available for free on the same.

    Ans: Amazon Prime does not provide any free subscription to Epix or its other channels. You can, however, access the Epix channel or Amazon Prime by subscribing for the exact cost of $5.99 per month. The cost will only be revived after the seven-day free trial, in case you have signed up for the same.

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