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Friday, July 19, 2024

What Is Peacock TV and What Does it Do?

  • Annie
  • Peacock is a real-time platform made by NBCUniversal with two membership plans: Premium (ad-supported) and Premium Plus, Along with live sports and news. The platform also provides a selection of shows, movies, and original series.

    An on-demand library or trending streaming channels organized by genre and franchise are accessible to the users of Peacock TV. 

    Peacock’s collection includes both NBC shows like “The Office,” “Quantum Leap,” and “Saturday Night Live” and Universal films. Peacock’s original films and shows, such as “Poker Face,” are also available.

    The platform went on sale in all 50 states on July 15, 2020. The Peacock website currently lets you sign up for a Premium or Premium Plus subscription.

    Each sign-up has its own perks, but the add-free access with Plus is definitely a considerable catch.

    Where Can I Access My Peacock TV?

    You can access Peacock’s streaming application on different gadgets. Vizio, Samsung, and LG smart TVs, iOS and Android mobile devices, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, Xbox One, PlayStation, Chromecast, Xfinity, and Flex devices all support the streaming app.

    Further, the Peacock TV services can be accessed through its official website too.

    Is Peacock Cost-Free?

    New subscribers no longer have access to the free entry-level plan that Peacock once offered. On the other hand, members who signed up for the free plan prior to February 2023 will still be able to access some of the content without having to pay for a subscription for the set time.

    The free version of Peacock offers approximately 10,000 hours of ad-supported movies and TV shows. However, if you upgrade to the Peacock Premium plan, you will have access to significantly more content.

    Peacock Premium typically costs money, but if you already have an internet or cable subscription to Xfinity, you can use a special promotion code to get Peacock Premium free with your existing subscription. 

    Let us know more about the free trial and discount codes available for Peacock TV.

    Is There a Free Trial Code For Peacock?

    All new Peacock TV subscribers are eligible to use a free trial period.

    With this, the new users or those who recently purchased the service have a free Peacock television membership for 7 days without paying a single penny. In this free time for testing, new Peacock television viewers can access the ever-growing number of shows, films, and much more.

    All in all, how can you use a Peacock free access code?

    The shortest response is – You needn’t bother with any such code, to begin with

    Peacock free access!

    All you need to do is sign up for Peacock TV on the website to learn of the free trial. After entering your email address and password for your account, select the Peacock TV plan you want. And there you have it!

    What Are the Peacock TV Discount Codes?

    There are numerous Peacock discount codes available online across platforms.

    But if you can find a Peacock TV promo code that works, you’ll be lucky! You can save a lot of money on your Peacock TV subscription if you get your hands on a valid promo code. However, these promotional codes typically have a short validity period, so they will soon be gone! Therefore, you must immediately use any Peacock TV codes you find before they run out of use!

    To do so, you can surf the web and type in ‘Peacock television promotion codes,’ after which a number of promotion codes will show up. However, you must check the validity of the codes that you put in, as various websites do not really filter out expired ones. 

    Is There a Peacock Student Discount Code Available Right Now?

    Student discounts have always been attractive and useful for students who love spending their leisure time watching TV shows, web series, and movies across online platforms. You would find several such student discount codes for music channels like Spotify and Apple, apart from many others. 

    However, Peacock does not provide any discounts to students. Peacock offers a variety of subscription packs from which to choose. Even though it is very affordable, you might be hesitant to spend it as a student. 

    Despite this, you can access all the Peacock TV services for almost nothing. Yes, that is what you heard. There is a free pack available on the Peacock TV website and all.

    All you need to do is, sign in to the Peacock site and begin watching. Even though free users can access very little content, anything is better than nothing. Aside from these, there are alternate ways of getting understudy limits on Peacock. Find out more by reading next.

    Other Means to Get Student Discount Codes For  Peacock TV

    Now that you might not have access to discount codes for Peacock TV subscriptions, you’d like to explore more options. Accessing content on Peacock TV might give you a hard time while you explore the online websites for various coupon codes, a few of which might have expired too. 

    However, the below-mentioned platforms or well-known to have authentic peacock TV discount codes that allow access to unlimited fun and binge-watching.

    Understudy Beans

    Understudy Beans is one of the world’s biggest understudy steadfastness platforms, offering innumerable options and alternatives for students to set aside cash.

    Students can save a whopping 20% on their Peacock TV subscriptions thanks to this amazing loyalty program! With this, you can buy a Peacock television membership at 20% off and save an impressive amount of cash that can be used anywhere else.

    For you to be able to access the wide variety of channels and shows with student discount codes, you will first have to create an account ID and sign up for Student Beans.

    Assuming you are new to Understudy Beans, you will be expected to confirm your understudy status. For this, you will be asked for a valid ID card or any other document that verifies your study status. Then, on the successful confirmation, you will receive a 20% Peacock student discount code that can be used for the duration mentioned on the same. 

    So, there you have it!

    Yearly subscription to Peacock TV

    Another way to access the content on Peacock TV for free is by getting an annual subscription of the same. Let us know how.

    Buy a Peacock TV Annual Plan: 

    Depending on your plan, you’ll pay $4.99 or $9.99 per month for a Peacock TV Monthly Plan. On the other hand, you can save up to 17% of your money by purchasing the annual plan. Purchasing a yearly subscription plan for Peacock Television will cost you around $49.99 or $99.99.

    However, the total cost of a 12-month monthly plan will be $59.99, or $119.88. Therefore, the difference is apparent. Purchasing the yearly pack will save you 17% of your yearly cash.

    Isn’t this a great saving, after all?

    Top 5 Alternatives to Peacock TV

    Let us assume you have had the chance to access Peacock TV but did not like a few features that you put want to change. Further, maybe you haven’t been able to find the right content that you were actually looking for.

    But just in case you are still interested in watching those impressive online shows and movies, you can work your way around. Below given is a list of the top five alternatives to peacock TV that offer a similar experience with fewer or more features that or apparently discussed next.

    Let us have a look!

    Apple TV+

    Apple TV+ is a promotion-free on-request stream from Apple that costs $4.99 each month and is available in around 150 nations. Apple TV and Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) can access the Apple TV+ app. While Android telephones and tablets are not upheld, you can get to Apple TV+ through Android-controlled television gadgets like Chromecast. 

    It is compatible with PCs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, and Xbox devices and can be accessed through a web browser as well.


    It makes perfect sense for one of the largest movie repositories to finally have its own network of movies and shows because IMDb TV is one of the newest TV streaming services available. 

    IMBDb TV still has a limited selection of movies and television shows, in contrast to Prime Video, the streaming service offered by its parent company. Megamind, Die Hard, the 2002 Spider-Man film, and a few TV shows like Schitt’s Creek and Mad Men are among the classics you can guess by now!

    Using a web browser, any PC or laptop can stream content from IMDb TV, as can the Amazon Prime Video app for smartphones. You can further directly stream motion pictures and series on IMDb television on the off chance that you own a Fire television viable gadget like a smart television, Google television, or a PlayStation console.


    When it comes to live TV channels, movies, and television shows, Roku Channel is without a doubt one of the best streaming platforms. The vast library of content offered by the Roku Channel is accessible to anyone with access to a web browser, despite the fact that it is primarily promoted as a service add-on for customers who already own a Roku streaming device.

    A free service with a catalog of movies, TV shows, and live TV channels as extensive as the Roku Channel has yet to be discovered. 2 Broke Girls, Die Hard, Cold Case, and Rio 2 are among the most downloaded and streamed titles on the Roku Channel. A few of the said Live Television stations are NBC News Now, Cinevault Westerns, Trademark, and Wrongdoing 360. 

    In general, you will be quite content even if you choose to stick with Roku’s free plan.

    YouTube Tv

    Ah, you heard it right!

    The most popular paid TV streaming service currently available is YouTube TV. While its sticker price of $55 each month could appear to be not a lot less expensive than a conventional digital television membership, you get added benefits like having the option to forward, rewind, and save a limitless measure of content to the cloud for you to binge watch later.

    The absolute most essential Live Television stations on YouTube television include ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, CNN, and Nickelodeon among several others. You get a lot of obvious advantages when you subscribe to YouTube TV, like a sleek user interface, a better search engine, online content access for smartphones and smart TVs, and much more.

    Amazon Prime Video

    Even if they don’t all streaming video on a regular basis, the more than 110 million Amazon Prime members make Prime Video one of the largest on-demand services in terms of subscribers.

    Yes, here it is. I’m sure you waited for this name for quite a while!

    As most of you might know already, membership to Prime Video entitles you to unlimited access to a variety of films and television shows. And oh, it does offer its original content too!

    Beginning around 2013, Prime Video has effectively imported many BBC series and Indian Hindi-language films. It further offers a variety of original award-winning shows and movies to its users. The platform can play up to three streams at once and HDR on some titles up to 4K. In addition, unlike Netflix, it does not charge extra for the highest quality audio and video.


    By now, you might have an idea of what you are actually going to sign up for! 

    Peacock TV is one of a kind and offers impeccable quality and a range of TV shows and movies that you might binge-watch or stream while you travel. While its free subscription offers ad-supported content, an upgrade to premium plus would take away the advertisements for your flawless streaming too!

    Now it’s time for you to decide upon which one you are actually willing to subscribe for. And just in case you decide on Peacock TV, you might want to have a look at the student discount codes available on the various websites that we’ve already discussed above in the article. 

    After all, why spend a greater sum of money on the things that are available for low?

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Ans: Peacock Television has made an arrangement with Google that in case a user is to buy a Chromecast with Google television, they can get an NBC peacock free trial for a considerably long duration. So if you buy a Chromecast, you can also get a free six-month trial of Peacock Premium.

    Ans: There is no trial period for the basic Peacock service, which is completely free. To sign up for a free trial, like the Hulu free trial, you don’t even need to enter your credit card information. You can begin streaming immediately after creating your account with your email address.

    Ans: Although Peacock has a partnership with Amazon, having a subscription to Amazon Prime does not guarantee access to Peacock’s premium content. 

    Ans: You can follow a few simple and easy steps in our guide on how to cancel Peacock TV if you want to cancel your subscription to Peacock. Then again, you can simply lessen your membership to Peacock Free, which reduces any month-to-month expenses and allows you to use or disregard your record as you see fit.

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