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Friday, July 19, 2024

The Rise of Esports in India: A New Era of Competitive Gaming

  • Alex Smith
  •  “Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat.”

    From one challenging leap to another, esports in India is scaling new heights. It is a highly competitive world, where with just a quick push of a button, gamers are making millions. 

    If you are surprised to know this, then here are some facts. 

    In 2022, Tanmay Singh “Sc0utOP” is estimated to have earned USD 24,966 by playing BGMI tournaments.

    The Mobies Award 2023 declared Indian Esports organization S8ul won the “Global Impact on Mobile Gaming” Award. 

    These prizes and accolades are gaining more popularity as digital India is growing rapidly. It is the easy accessibility and spreading awareness of online gaming that is leading the country to discover a new paradigm of success. 

    A variety of video games, automation, graphics, digital wallets, and everything has contributed to witness the transformation of online games. 

    For example, the famous jetx slot game, which combines elements of arcade gameplay with gambling, is gaining more fans. 

    This is an exciting age that will see a further boon in the country’s entertainment scene which is quite diverse and has something for everyone. 

    So, let’s look at the various aspects of esports in India that are consistently progressing digitally.

    A Cultural Shift

    The inception of esports in India can be traced back to small gaming cafes and local tournaments. 

    However, the last few years have seen explosive growth in its popularity, driven by the advent of high-speed Internet and affordable smartphones. 

    Today, professional gaming is not just a form of entertainment but a viable career path for many young enthusiasts.

    This cultural shift is largely attributed to the millennial and Gen Z populations, who have embraced digital platforms as their primary source of entertainment. 

    Computer game tournaments attract thousands of participants and spectators, showcasing the vibrant community formed around competitive online sports in India. 

    The very famous battleground game, PUBG, made its first appearance in the esports industry in India in March 2018.

    Government Recognition and Support

    A significant milestone in the evolution of esports in India was the government’s acknowledgment of its potential. 

    By categorizing professional gaming within the ambit of sports, the government has legitimized the sector and opened avenues for infrastructural support and investment. 

    This recognition is poised to propel the electronic sports ecosystem to new heights, with enhanced training facilities, organized leagues, and scholarships for aspiring gamers.

    Moreover, this governmental endorsement has spurred public and private sector partnerships, leading to the creation of national tournaments and leagues that enjoy broad support and visibility. 

    The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, along with various state governments, has begun to recognize and promote esports, facilitating discussions on policy frameworks that could further benefit and regulate the industry.

    This collaborative approach between the government and the esports community is relevant for setting standards, ensuring fair play, and nurturing talent at the grassroots level. 

    Thereby, they ensure that India not only competes but also excels in the global professional online sports stage. 

    Native Indian game developers, who once stood at 25 in 2010, have grown to 275 in 2019.

    The Mobile Gaming Phenomenon

    The dominance of mobile gaming uniquely characterizes India’s electronic sports narrative. 

    With games like PUBG Mobile (before its ban and subsequent replacement with BGMI), Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile, the pro gaming arena has become accessible to millions who own a smartphone. 

    This mobile gaming surge has democratized esports, making it a universal feature of India’s digital landscape.

    Platforms and Tournaments

    The rise of dedicated esports platforms and the organization of large-scale tournaments have been instrumental in nurturing talent and fostering competition. 

    Companies like NODWIN Gaming, and platforms like Paytm First Games, have been at the forefront of hosting professional gaming events that offer lucrative prize pools. 

    These tournaments serve as battlegrounds for gamers and as social gatherings where fans and players interact and celebrate their passion for esports.

    Challenges and Opportunities

    Despite its impressive growth, the esports industry in India faces its share of challenges. 

    The foremost among these is the perception of gaming as a mere pastime rather than a serious sport or profession. 

    Overcoming this stigma requires consistent efforts in education and awareness to highlight the skill, strategy, and dedication required in competitive gaming. 

    Moreover, the infrastructure for professional training and development remains at a developing stage. 

    Investing in gaming academies and coaching can help groom talent and elevate the standard of competition to international levels.

    gaming academies

    The Road Ahead

    The future of esports in India looks promising, with projections pointing toward exponential growth in participation, viewership, and revenue. 

    The emergence of new gaming titles, coupled with advancements in virtual reality and streaming technologies, is set to enrich the professional gaming experience for both players and audiences.

    Moreover, with esports slated for inclusion in prestigious multi-sport events, Indian gamers have the unique opportunity to represent their country on international platforms. 

    They bring electronic sports into the same revered league as traditional sports.

    Take a look at the graph below that shows the India esports market size by value since 2018. It is forecasted to grow rapidly till 2028.

    Indian Esports Market Forecast from 2018-2028.


    The ascent of esports in India signifies more than just the popularity of competitive gaming; it heralds a cultural transformation where digital and traditional sports converge. 

    As India continues to navigate this new digital frontier, pro gaming stands as a testament to the country’s adaptability, talent, and winning spirit. 

    The journey ahead has many challenges, but for the passionate and persevering, the virtual world offers limitless possibilities.

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