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Sunday, May 19, 2024

10 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Europe in Summers

  • Alex Smith

    • Europe has some of the most iconic modern and historical architectural monuments that are explored by local as well as international visitors. 
    • The Eiffel Tower of Paris, Amsterdam Canals, Prague Castle, and Hagia Sofia in Turkey, are thronged by visitors throughout the year. 
    • Enjoy the lush palace gardens, towering mountains, and beautiful flowers that bloom during the summer season.    

    As the season changes and becomes warmer, Europe beckons travelers from around the globe with its beguiling blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. The continent, adorned with diverse landscapes and iconic landmarks, offers an abundant experience to suit every traveler’s taste. 

    From the romantic attraction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the ancient mysteries of Stonehenge in England, Europe in the summer is a treasure trove of unforgettable adventures.

    Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

     Eiffel Tower

    The Eiffel Tower, a symbol of love and engineering brilliance, stands majestically in the heart of Paris. During the warm season, this iconic landmark becomes even more enchanting. Visitors can ascend the tower to its upper levels and watch the panoramic views of the romantic city of Paris. 

    The Champ de Mars park, sprawling at its base, is perfect for picnics, leisurely strolls, and enjoying the place’s nighttime display. Book tickets for the Eiffel tower in advance so that you don’t have to wait in long queues. At sunset, the tower’s iron lattice structure is bathed in golden hues, creating a magical atmosphere for couples and photographers alike. 

    If you choose to dine in one of its elegant restaurants or simply enjoy the view from below, the Eiffel Tower is a must-visit destination that captures the essence of Paris in the summer.

    Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal

    Pena Palace

    Located near the Sintra mountains in Portugal, the Pena Palace is a true fairytale-like structure. Its pastel-colored façade and architectural details make it a sight to behold. 

    During the summer months, the palace gardens showcase a variety of blooming flowers and lush greenery. Tourists can explore its rich interior rooms and enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding landscape from its towers. 

    The greenery, inspired by romanticism, offers an escape from the seasonal heat, featuring winding paths, hidden grottoes, and charming lakes. Pena Palace is a remarkable blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty, making it a must-visit attraction in Europe during the summer.

    Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse, Netherlands 

    Known as the “Garden of Europe,” Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands is a floral paradise that reaches its beauty during the spring and summer seasons. Covering an expansive 79 acres, this vibrant garden is famous for its beautiful tulips in varied colors, attracting floral lovers from around the world. 

    Book your Keukenhof gardens tickets and embark on a journey where nature and art come together to create an unforgettable experience. Tourists can take leisurely walks along winding paths or rent a bike to enjoy the vast flowerbeds. It also hosts many events and exhibitions related to horticulture during the warmer months.

    Amsterdam Canals, Netherlands

    Amsterdam’s scenic canals are a delight when the place comes alive with color and energy. Renting a boat or joining a guided tour is one of the best ways to navigate Amsterdam’s waterways. 

    As you glide along the canals, you’ll pass by historic buildings with charming facades, houseboats, and cafes that spread across the waterfront. 

    The open-air atmosphere is perfect for enjoying the pleasant weather and taking in the unique ambiance of the destination. Even if you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Amsterdam’s canals offer the ultimate European summer experience.

    As the temperatures soar during summer in Europe it is advised to carry hats, sunglasses, and even umbrellas to protect your skin and eyes. 

    Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England 


    Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire, England, is an ancient stone circle that continues to captivate tourists from around the world. While it’s a fascinating destination, warm weather brings special significance to this historic site. 

    During the summer solstice, thousands gather at Stonehenge to witness the alignment of the stones with the rising sun. It’s a spiritual experience, with the community celebrating the longest day of the year amidst this ancient marvel. 

    Even if you visit on a regular day, the longer daylight hours provide ample time to explore the mysterious stones, the visitor center, and the surrounding landscape.

    Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic 

    Prague Castle

    Located on top of a hill overlooking the city, Prague Castle is a stunning complex with a rich history dating back over a thousand years. During the summer months, the fort comes alive with visitors eager to stroll through its courtyards, chapels, and ancient buildings. 

    St. Vitus Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, is a must-visit within the castle complex. The Royal Garden and the Southern Gardens, offer peaceful retreats where you can enjoy the pleasant weather and scenic views of the place. 

    Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey 

    Hagia Sophia

    The Hagia Sophia, located in Istanbul, Turkey, has remarkable architecture that has witnessed centuries of history. It was influenced by the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, making it a relevant cultural destination. 

    During warm weather, tourists can tour the grand interior of the Hagia Sophia, with its massive dome, mosaics, and intricate decorations. The warm weather also allows for slow walks in the surrounding area, enjoying the ambiance of the charming streets, cafes, and markets. 

    Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany 

    Disney's Cinderella Castle

    Known as the inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle is a fairytale-like structure nestled in the Bavarian Alps of Germany. Summer is the perfect time to visit this jaw-dropping place and its surroundings. Travelers can tour the interior rooms, lavishly decorated with minute details. 

    Its location offers numerous hiking trails with breathtaking views of the mountains and lakes. You can also take a tour of Hohenschwangau Castle, located nearby, or wander through the charming village of Schwangau. Neuschwanstein Castle, with its romantic allure, is a classical European holiday destination.

    Pompeii, Naples, Italy


    Pompeii, an ancient Roman city preserved in time by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, is a captivating archaeological site. During the summer months, the ruins, streets, and preserved artifacts are best enjoyed under the sunny Italian sky. 

    Travellers can wander through the well-preserved streets, visit old homes, temples, and public buildings, and get a vivid glimpse into daily life in ancient Rome.

    Alhambra, Granada, Spain


    The Alhambra, located in Granada, Spain, is a magnificent palace and fortress complex that showcases the zenith of Islamic architecture in Europe. As the weather changes, its gardens come alive with lush vegetation, fountains, and detailed tilework. 

    Visitors can explore the Nasrid Palaces, Generalife Gardens, and Alcazaba Fortress while enjoying the pleasant summer weather. The Alhambra’s stunning views of Granada make it a captivating destination for history and architecture enthusiasts.

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