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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Top 15 UFC Free Live Streaming Sites in 2024

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  • The Ultimate Fighting Championship has gained immense popularity as a combat sport worldwide, attracting millions of enthusiastic fans annually. However, not all individuals can afford the Pay-Per-View events. If you’re seeking ways to watch UFC fights for free, without any charge, there are some sources to explore.

    Conor McGregor in a Match

    There are many platforms that offer free streaming services, granting easy access to UFC free live streams as long as you have an internet connection. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution as not all free sites guarantee a safe and optimal experience. We have conducted thorough evaluations of multiple free UFC streaming sites to ensure user safety.

    Ultimately, we identified 15 reliable options that provide enjoyable UFC live streams for free. To further enhance your security and bypass potential geo-restrictions, we suggest using a dependable virtual private network (VPN) to shield your device from malicious ads commonly associated with free streaming sites.

    15 Best Free UFC Streaming Sites in 2024

    There are several websites that provide free UFC streams without the need for any sign-up. These platforms offer a variety of streaming options, but it’s essential to be aware that they may contain ads and the stream quality could differ.

    In 2024, these are the 15 best websites for streaming UFC fights for free:


    When you visit CrackStreams, you’ll find various streaming categories, including NBA, NFL, MLB, soccer, boxing, and UFC live streams. The website’s straightforward interface allows easy access to live streams.

    To watch ongoing events, simply click on the “MMA/UFC streams” icon, select the event you want, and hit play to start streaming. However, please note that CrackStreams might be blocked in some countries. To bypass this restriction, using a VPN can be helpful.


    VIPbox is a free live sports streaming website that has gained popularity as one of the top platforms for watching HD versions of preferred sporting events. It enables users worldwide to access live streaming with a reliable internet connection.

    This website boasts a sleek user design and has remained one of the oldest and most visited platforms for streaming sports content. MMA fans can confidently use the VIP box to watch UFC free.

    UFC YouTube Channel

    YouTube has come a long way since its early days and is now widely regarded as the primary source for various video content. It is common knowledge that this video streaming platform offers a vast array of user-generated content for free, and some of it maintains high standards.

    For MMA fight action, you can conveniently visit the YouTube channel dedicated to UFC to enjoy instant doses of MMA action whenever you desire.

    This channel grants access to both highlights and full fight clips, along with previews before the fights commence. Moreover, there are other channels on YouTube where you can find mixed martial arts action as well.

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    MethStream is a free streaming site similar to WeakStreams, it provides various sports streams, including UFC fights for free. This site initially had a different name but was later renamed due to circumstances.

    The quality of the streams on this platform may vary, though generally satisfactory. Additionally, the site offers interactive features like chat functionality and personalized watchlists. However, it’s worth noting that the site is relatively new and has faced accusations of being unreliable. Some users have reported alleged unauthorized charges for services.

    FirstRow Sports

    Among the various streaming sites we researched, one that stood out was FirstRow Sports. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface. The landing page presents an array of sporting events, including ‘BOXING-WWE-UFC,’ accessible with a single tap.

    On the homepage, you can quickly find ongoing live stream matches. However, it’s important to clarify that FirstRow Sports does not host live-stream matches itself. Instead, it redirects users to external sources that provide the desired content.

    Furthermore, signing up for an account is not required on this website, enabling a faster start to enjoy your favorite UFC free live stream. However, be aware that there are intrusive videos and popup ads on the site that may lead to suspicious destinations. For added security during sports streaming, consider safeguarding your device with a VPN.


    For those seeking a no-frills approach to free UFC streaming, Cricfree is an option worth considering. While its interface may not be visually appealing, it offers easy navigation. Regularly updated match listings are also available on the landing page.

    When your preferred events are due, you can easily find them along with their starting times on the Cricfree homepage. To access any event, simply tap on the corresponding title at the top of the homepage. As with most free streaming sites, be prepared for occasional popup ads.

    VIP League

    If a well-organized interface is your preference, then VIP League is an excellent choice. The clean homepage displays the main categories at the top, including the UFC free stream under the “Other” menu.

    One standout feature of VIP League is its ad-free streaming experience, enhancing user satisfaction. However, do note that VIP League may have geo-restrictions, but a VPN can easily overcome this obstacle.


    BuffStreams provides access to HD UFC content without the need for user account creation. Notably, the site offers live streams of various other sports like football, soccer, baseball, and basketball, and it’s praiseworthy for the absence of intrusive popup ads.

    While the interface may not win any design awards, it is straightforward to navigate. Keep in mind that BuffStreams sources its live streams externally, which might introduce potential reliability and safety concerns.


    A user-friendly website, Stream2Watch, conveniently showcases various categories on its homepage. Among these categories is “MMA,” which, when clicked, takes you to an Upcoming MMA Fights Streams page.

    This page also offers access to top channels like ESPN, FOX, and EUROSPORT for match streaming, and there’s no need to create an account on Stream2Watch. However, it’s essential to note that the content provided is pirated and comes with numerous popup ads.

    Fubo TVs

    Fubo TV stands out as an excellent streaming platform to watch free UFC content, though it also covers other sports. It guarantees a reliable source not to miss any of your favorite fights. Fubo TV presents a well-organized and easy-to-navigate interface, enhancing your overall experience.

    While Fubo TV is not entirely free and requires a paid subscription, they do offer a 14-day free trial for first-time users. This trial period lets you explore the website’s premium features.

    However, please be aware that Fubo TV may not be available in certain regions due to geo-blocking. If you encounter this restriction, you can still access the service using a VPN.

    UFC Streams

    UFC Streams, as the name suggests, primarily focuses on UFC free live streams but also provides streaming of boxing events. The website offers these fights in 1080p quality completely free, without any mandatory registration.

    One of the unique aspects of UFC Streams is that it doesn’t require users to sign up. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that this platform only offers live streams of UFC matches; there’s no access to previous fights or an upcoming schedule.

    Nonetheless, this platform remains an appealing option for those seeking live match access without any costs.


    StreamEast is a prominent platform for enjoying UFC free streaming. While no payment is required for watching your beloved MMA fighters, you must create an account to access live streaming events. Once you’ve registered, effortlessly browse the site’s user-friendly interface to find your preferred event.

    On the homepage, you’ll notice various categories, including “MMA,” situated at the top of your display. Tap on the “MMA” section, and you’ll gain access to high-definition free UFC streams. One commendable aspect of StreamEast is the absence of intrusive popup ads that could lead you to harmful sites.

    BT Sports

    BT Sport is a highly popular sports platform in the UK, ensuring that you won’t encounter malicious ads during your visit. It provides free live streaming of UFC content; however, to view MMA fights, you’ll need a user account.

    Since BT Sport is limited to viewers in Britain, residing elsewhere won’t prevent you from accessing it. Simply utilize a dependable VPN to browse with a UK IP address and bypass the restrictions.

    Facebook Watchs

    Facebook Watch has transformed from a mere repository of old videos to a platform hosting influential live streams. Enjoy free live streams of UFC events on Facebook Watch without needing to log in to your Facebook account. The platform is easy to navigate, and when fights approach, just enter the details in the search bar to find the live stream.


    Reddit is among the less dependable sites for free UFC streaming. The MMA: Mixed Martial Arts community, having over 2.3 million members, offers UFC live stream Reddit links for upcoming matches. If you can’t locate a link, use the general search bar and input keywords to find a live-streaming link for your desired event.

    However, be cautious, as malicious users on Reddit might jeopardize your privacy by posting harmful links. To stay safe, opt for links with a significant number of upvotes compared to downvotes and avoid links without any votes. Using a VPN will further enhance your security.

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    Legal Options of UFC Live Streams

    Here is a brief overview of the available options for legally watching UFC live streams:

    1. ESPN+: It provides exclusive coverage of PPV events and a wide range of other UFC content. 

    2. UFC Fight Pass: This streaming service offers access to live fights, replays, documentaries, and behind-the-scenes content related to UFC.

    3. Hulu + Live TV: This option includes ESPN and ABC among its live TV channels, allowing you to watch MMA fights broadcast on these networks.

    4. Sling TV: Another streaming service that offers ESPN and ABC, offering an additional way to watch UFC events.

    The best part about choosing an official option is that you can also stream them on a streaming device like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Express or Roku Stick

    Legality of Watching UFC Fights for Free

    The legality of accessing UFC fights without paying depends on several factors, such as your location and the website you use for streaming.

    Generally, streaming copyrighted content without proper authorization from the copyright holder is considered unlawful. This implies that watching a UFC fight for free on an unauthorized streaming platform might lead to legal issues.

    However, there are specific cases where this rule may not apply. For example, in certain countries, there could be a possibility of legally streaming copyrighted material for personal use only. In these situations, viewing a UFC fight on a streaming platform for your own enjoyment without distributing it to others could be considered lawful.

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    Safety Tips for Watching UFC Fights for Free

    Using free streaming websites for UFC fights can expose you to potential security risks, so it’s essential to safeguard your privacy. Here are some safety measures to follow while accessing the live streams:

    1. Utilize a VPN Tool: Use a privacy tool that shields your online activities, ensuring your streaming remains confidential. This step is crucial to avoid any legal issues if caught streaming UFC fights for free.

    2. Exercise Caution with Clicks: Be vigilant about the ads you encounter while streaming. Some may be malicious, so avoid clicking on suspicious-looking advertisements.

    3. Use an Ad Blocking Tool: Enhance your viewing experience by using an ad blocker to minimize the number of ads you come across during the streaming process. This reduces the likelihood of encountering harmful content.

    4. Install Reliable Antivirus Software: Safeguard your device and sensitive data by installing reputable antivirus or anti-malware software. This helps prevent malware and viruses from causing harm.

    By following these precautions, you can enjoy free UFC streams online while keeping your security intact.

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    In the past, watching UFC fights relied solely on local cable networks. Today, the convenience of streaming allows you to enjoy your favorite fighters anywhere. Nonetheless, streaming often comes at a considerable cost.

    Fortunately, there are alternative methods to watch UFC fights without payment. However, it is crucial to be cautious of potential risks. These risks may involve exposure to harmful software, legal repercussions, and average streaming quality. 

    Ultimately, the decision to stream UFC fights without cost rests with you. Make sure to assess the risks and benefits thoroughly before reaching a conclusion. I hope this article has provided useful insights.


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