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Sunday, April 21, 2024

How Much Money is 100k Views on YouTube Really Worth?

  • Grace M Chong
  • Did you know? how much does Jimmi Donaldson also known as Mr. Beasts earn with his almost 240 million subscriber base? Well, he’s earning $45 per minute

    On the other hand, Ryan’s world is earning $56 per minute

    These stats demonstrate how well can YouTube pay its creators

    YouTube has become not just a platform for sharing content, but also an applicable source of income for many. One burning question that often crosses every creator’s mind is, “How much money is 100k views on YouTube?”

    Are you also aware of the fact that YouTube pays for ad views, instead of per video view? So, the real question is “How much money per YouTube ad video can I make?” 

    Well, worry not, You’re in the right place because we’re about to explore the earnings and give you a clear understanding of what those 100k views are worth.

    Let’s start! 

    Average Income Per 100k Views

    If you’re wondering what 100,000 views on YouTube can translate to in terms of income, the answer can vary based on factors such as your niche, engagement, and ad formats. Of course, marketing services assisting you in your journey to growth, potentially leading to lucrative income! 

    On average, 100k can be worth anywhere from $200 to $1,000, with creators typically earning around $2 to $10 per 1,000 views before their share. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates, and your actual earnings may differ.

    Factors Influencing YouTube Earnings

    • Niche Matters: First things first, the niche or category of your content plays a significant role in determining your collectings. Some niches are more advertiser-friendly than others, resulting in higher CPM (Cost Per Mille). For example, tech and finance accounts end up attracting higher-paying ads compared to entertainment or vlog channels.
    • Engagement Rates:  it is the name of the game, where a post with 100,000 but a low audience won’t generate as much revenue as a video with similar views but a higher like-to-dislike ratio, comments, and shares. 

    Why? Because advertisers pay attention to engaging audiences when bidding on ad placements. That’s where Views4You for YouTube game comes in. It will boost your engagement, helping you attract more viewers, increase interaction, and ultimately maximize your revenue potential!

    • Ad Formats: YouTube offers various ad formats that can affect your earnings. These include pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, post-roll ads, and overlay ads. 

    Depending on your video’s length and the viewer’s interaction, you may have different advertisement formats running. Pre-roll ads typically pay more than other formats since they are viewed before the video begins.

    youtube ad Revenue in the US

    Real-World Examples and Statistics for 100K Views

    Let’s take a closer look at some real-world examples to give you a better understanding of potential earnings:

    Example 1: Beauty and Makeup Channel

    Imagine you run a beauty and makeup account, and you’re curious about how much money 100k can earn. Say your post is about “Top 10 Summer Beauty Hacks” which has reached 100,000 views. 

    With an average CPM of $5 (which is quite standard), your video would have earned approximately $500. However, remember that they take a 45% cut, leaving you with around $275.

    Example 2: Personal Finance Channel

    Now, consider you have a personal finance account, and your post on “Investing for Beginners” also hits 100,000 views. Since personal finance is a high CPM niche, your video could have $10 of cost per mile.

    So, your earnings before YouTube’s cut would be around $1,000; after the cut, you’d be looking at roughly $550.

    Example 3: Travel Vlog

    Lastly, let’s explore a travel vlog. With 100,000 views on your video showcasing an exotic destination, you might have a CPM of $3. This would translate to $300 before their share, leaving you with about $165.

    Did You Know? 

    YouTube earns $15 billion every year and around 37% of all mobile traffic goes to YouTube. 

    Example 4: Gaming Channel

    Imagine you have a gaming channel, and one of your videos, “Mastering Fortnite’s Building Techniques,” has reached 100,000. 

    The gaming niche tends to have a varying CPM, but let’s assume it’s around $6 for this video. Your collectings before their share would be:

    cost per mille: $6 (per 1,000)

    Total Earnings: 100,000 views / 1,000 * $6 = $600

    However, considering YouTube’s 45% share, your actual income from this video would be approximately $330.

    Example 5: DIY and Crafts Channel

    Now, let’s explore a DIY and crafts channel. Your video on “Creating Stunning Handmade Greeting Cards” has also achieved 100,000 views. This niche typically has a CPM of about $4. Calculating your potential earnings:

    Remember, these are just estimates, and earnings can vary widely based on factors like location, viewer demographics, and the time of year.

    Here’s a fun fact… 

    Every minute, 500 hours of worth content gets uploaded on YouTube.  

    FAQ Section

    To boost it, create high-quality, engaging content in advertiser-friendly niches. Encourage audience interaction and consider targeting viewers in countries with higher ad rates.

    Ans: In addition to ad revenue, content creators have various avenues to boost their income. These include selling merchandise related to their account, offering memberships with exclusive perks, collaborating with brands for sponsored content, and leveraging affiliate marketing programs.

    These supplementary income streams empower YouTubers to diversify their revenue sources and enhance their overall earnings.

    Ans: When estimating potential income using CPM (Cost Per Mille) and RPM (Revenue Per Mille) metrics can provide valuable insights, it’s vital to remember that these figures can fluctuate significantly.

    They serve as useful benchmarks rather than precise predictions. Factors like viewer demographics, geographic location, and engagement can influence these metrics, making them a general guideline rather than a guarantee.

    Ans: Consistency is key. Regular uploads can help maintain viewer engagement and increase your chances of earning more over time.

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