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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Latest Brief on Activating Binge and Kayo via auth. streamotion. / activate on Different Devices

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  • Binge and Kayo are the two most used and well-known streaming service platforms in Australia. Binge was introduced in May 2020, and it provides add free streaming services to its subscribers. Kayo was introduced in November 2018 and offered to stream sports channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, etc. 

    Users can run their favorite shows, movies, entertainment and sports channels, or series on different streaming devices, and for that, the process consists of a few quick and easy steps. In this article, you can find out about those steps which let the users stream videos on different streaming devices or media.

    About Binge and Kayo 

    Binge and Kayo

    Binge and Kayo is a Subscription Service available for users from Australia. They provide video streaming services. Users can enjoy binge-watching their favorite shows, movies, etc., on the Binge platform, and if they want to enjoy live sports streaming, they can rely on the Kayo platform. Binge and Kayo are owned by Streamotion, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foxtel

    Binge is a platform that mainly focuses on providing streaming services related to Entertainment; on the other hand, Kayo is an over-the-top (OTT) platform that offers live streaming of sports and on-demand streaming from Fox Sports, ESPN, beIN Sports, and Users can acquire knowledge of their favorite movies from the description provided by Binge. 

    Now, these platforms do not usually support all kinds of devices, so accessing Binge-supported and Kayo-supported devices or modern devices establishes a high chance to stream content from Binge and Kayo. Here’s a list of Binge and Kayo-supported devices

    Binge Supported devices:

    1. Android TV OS: with 7.0 and higher Version.
    2. Chromecast: Binge is only supported on Chromecast Ultra and 3rd generation Chromecast.
    3. Android device: 7 OS or greater than that.
    4. iOS Device: iOS 12 and greater than that.
    5. Samsung Smart TV: Your device must be a 2017 year and later than that.
    6. PlayStation: Binge is supported only on PS4 and PS5 models only.

    Kayo Supported devices: 

    1. Android TV: supports only Android OS 6 or higher versions.
    2. Chromecast: Only supported on Chromecast Ultra and 3rd generation Chromecast.
    3. PlayStation: Supported only on PS4 and PS5 models only
    4. iOS: supports only on iOS 13 and the latest versions.
    5. Apple TV: It is supported on tvOS 13 and a greater version of it.
    6. Android TV OS: with 7.0 and higher Version.

    Introduction on Activating Binge and Kayo via auth. streamotion. / activate  

    Binge and Kayo is the greatest medium for live streaming benefits in Australia. The services served by Binge and Kayo can be enjoyed on different streaming devices, such as Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, PlayStation, etc., by activating their account on streamotion account activate. Thus, the majority of users struggled while activating Streamotion channels (Binge and Kayo) on their streaming devices.

    Activating Binge and Kayo enables users to enjoy streaming on big screens according to their preferences. And activating them on streamotion aids users in a way that they don’t need to remember two different credentials. 

    There are a few channels supported by Binge and Kayo. Read below to discover the range of channels supported by both platforms.

    List of Channels Available on Kayo and Binge

    These platforms have some variant Channels Few of the channels offered by these platforms are: 

    Channels Available on KayoChannels Available on Binge
    Foxtel Owned
    Fox Sports NewsFox Showcase
    Fox FootyFox Docos
    Fox SportsFox Crime
    Fox LeagueFox Sleuth
    Fox CricketFox One
    ESPNBBC First
    beIN Sports 1Nick Jr.
    beIN Sports 2Boomerang
    beIN Sports 3Lifestyle Food
    Sky News AustraliaMTV

    Now that we have understood what Binge and Kayo platform is, and the services offered by them. Let’s understand how to activate Binge and Kayo on different devices.  

    Steps to Activate Binge on Various Devices

    Users facing trouble while activating Streamotion Channel, i.e., Binge on their streaming devices, can learn the steps to activate them using au/activate binge.

    Let’s see how it’s done!

    Activating Binge on Apple TV

    • Step 1: Start by launching your Apple TV by visiting the “App store”
    • Step 2: Using the search bar, search for the Binge application and select “Get” to download the app.
    Binge application on Apple TV with Get option
    • Step 3: After downloading the app, “install” the app to complete the download process.
    • Step 4: Now launch the app and “Sign-in” to the Binge account using your credentials.
    • Step 5: After signing in, users will receive an activation code that is displayed on their screen.
    • Step 6: Now use another device and run au/activate on the browser and enter the “activation code” on the provided field, and that’s it. Now you can enjoy Binge on your Apple TV streaming Device.

    Activating Binge on Telstra TV

    Applications on Telstra TV
    • Step 1: Launch your Telstra device and press the home button using your device’s remote control and visit the “App store”
    • Step 2: Search for the Binge application using the search bar and select the application and proceed with adding the Binge application on your Telstra device.
    • Step 3: Proceed ahead by running the application on your device and “Sign-in” to the Binge account. 
    • Step 4: An “activation code” will appear on your device’s screen; copy the code from there.
    • Step 5: Launch the https/ link on the browser using another device and enter the copied code on the given space and enjoy streaming Binge on your Telstra device.

    Activating Binge on Android TV

    • Step 1: Launch your Android TV and navigate to the home screen and select the “Apps” option. 
    Android TV Screen
    • Step 2: Then, run “Google Play Store” and search for the “Binge” application from the search bar. 
    • Step 3: After selecting the application, click on “download”
    • Step 4: Once you are done with downloading the Binge application, kindly “install” the app for further use.
    • Step 5: Now, launch the application on your Android device and initiate the “Sign-in” process by entering the valid credentials. 
    • Step 6: Users will get an “activation code” on their screen, copy that code to proceed ahead.
    • Step 7: Now, on the browser search for au/activate and enter the copied code there and hurray!!! Now you can enjoy the streaming of your favorite shows offered by Binge on an Android device.

    Activating Binge on Samsung TV

    SamsungTV Home Screen
    • Step 1: Again start by launching your Samsung TV device and pressing the “Home” button using the remote control.
    • Step 2: Navigate towards the option named “Apps” and search for Binge applications from there.
    • Step 3: After choosing the app, click on the “download” button to download the application on your Samsung device. 
    • Step 4: After downloading the app, “install” the app on your device.
    • Step 5: Move ahead by launching the app on your Samsung device.
    • Step 6: “Log-in” into your Binge account by entering the correct login credentials. 
    • Step 7: After logging in, users will receive an “activation code”, they are expected to enter that code on the streamotion account and activate using the browser of another device.
    • Step 8: After that users can enjoy the streaming of their favorite shows using Binge on Samsung devices.

    Activating Binge on PlayStation (PS4 and PS5 Models)

    Activating Binge on PlayStation
    • Step 1: Start by accessing your “PlayStation Console” and navigate the cursor towards “PlayStation Store” available in the main menu and click on it.
    • Step 2: Discover the Binge app from there and click on the “Download” button. 
    • Step 3: When you are done with downloading the Binge application, launch the app on your PlayStation devices. 
    • Step 4: After launching Binge, “Log-in” to your Binge account with valid credentials. 
    • Step 5: Then users will receive an “activation code” pop-up displayed on their device’s screen. 
    • Step 6: And next, with the help of your mobile device, search for https // au/activate, and Enter the code there to complete the process.

    Activating Binge on Chromecast

    Binge on Chromecast
    • Step 1: Using Chromecast, look for the “Apps tab” from the main menu. 
    • Step 2: In the search bar type Binge and select “Binge application”
    • Step 3: After that “Download” and “Install” the application on the Chromecast. 
    • Step 4: On the Chromecast, run the application to initiate Log-in. 
    • Step 5: In the end, enter the accurate “Username” and “Password” in the spaces available on the log-in webpage, and you are good to go. Enjoy Binge streaming via your Chromecast.

    Mentioned steps to activate Binge on different devices were quite easy, right? Now continue reading the article to understand how to activate kayo on different devices. 

    Steps to Activate Kayo on Various Devices

    Like activating Binge on different devices, the process for activating Kayo on various devices via au/activate kayo is pretty straightforward. Keep in mind, the methods may be different at some point in time or may vary from device to device. The steps for the same are noted below:

    Activating Kayo on Smart TV with Activation Code or QR Code Method

    Smart TV User Interface
    • Step 1: Start by launching your Smart TV and Search for the Kayo application from the “app store” 
    • Step 2: Select the app from the options and click on “download”. After downloading, “Install” the app.
    • Step 3: Now, launch the app and “log in” to your Kayo account with the right details. 
    • Step 4: An “activation code” appears on the screen of your Smart TV, note the code. 
    • Step 5: Except activating through activation code users can activate the application via “QR code” too. For that, you just have to access the camera of your smartphone and “scan the QR code” that appeared on your TV device.
    • Step 5: Use another device, search for auth streamotion com au activate login on the browser.
    • Step 6: Enter the noted activation code there and select the “Continue” option. Now you can take advantage of the services offered by them   

    Activating Kayo on Apple TV

    Kayo on Apple TV
    • Step 1: Launch your Apple TV and search for “Kayo application” from the app store.
    • Step 2: After discovering Kayo from the app store “Download” and “Install” the app.
    • Step 3: Now launch the app and “Sign in” using valid details. 
    • Step 4: You will receive an activation code on your screen, just note that code.
    • Step 5: Once you are done with Sign-in, using another device search for au/activate kayo on the browser.
    • Step 6: The site will redirect you to the webpage for the activation code, there you have to “enter the activation code” that appeared on your screen after signing in and enjoy using the Kayo for unlimited exciting sports shows.

    Activating Kayo on Android TV

    Kayo Sports on Android TV
    • Step 1: Start your Android TV device and search for the “Kayo” app from the play store. 
    • Step 2: Once you find the application, “Download” and “Install” the app and proceed with Signing-in.
    • Step 3: Enter the correct information to “Sign-in” on the Kayo app.
    • Step 4: An activation code will appear on the screen, note that code somewhere to keep it handy when needed.

    Activating Kayo on Samsung TV

    Related Apps ON Samsung TV
    • Step 1: Open your Samsung TV and press the “Home” button with the help of the remote control.
    • Step 2: Now visit the “App store” and search for “Kayo app” from the search bar.
    • Step 3: Once you discover the app, click on the “Download” button. 
    • Step 4: After downloading “Install” the app.
    • Step 5: “Sign in” to the app using the correct credentials.
    • Step 6: After some time, an activation code will be displayed on your device’s screen. 
    • Step 7: Then, run https auth streamotion com activate” on the browser.
    • Step 8: Enter the code in the field provided. Now you can enjoy the Kayo sports app.

    Activating Kayo on PlayStation (PS4 and PS5 Models)

    PS4 PlayStation Store
    • Step 1: Access your PlayStation device, and search for Kayo from the “PlayStation Store” 
    • Step 2: Choose “Download” and wait until the application gets “installed” on your PlayStation console. 
    • Step 3: Now run the app on your PlayStation device to progress toward the “Log-in” process.
    • Step 4: Enter the correct Login credentials in the space available, then users will receive an activation code on the screen. 
    • Step 6: Enter the activation code on the directed webpage for kayo activation on PlayStation and enjoy its services. 

    Activating Kayo on Chromecast

    Chromecasting Kayo
    • Step 1: Using Chromecast, look for the “Apps tab” from the main menu. 
    • Step 2: Using the search bar, type Kayo and select the “Kayo application”
    • Step 3: Then “Download” and “Install” the app on the Chromecast. 
    • Step 4: Run the application on the Chromecast to initiate “Log-in” 
    • Step 5: At last, enter the correct “Username” and “Password” in the spaces available on the log-in webpage, and you are good to go. Enjoy Kayo streaming via your Chromecast.

    Now that we understand how to Connect Binge or Kayo on different devices. Let’s also have a look at how to delete a Streamotion Account…

    Methods to Delete the Streamotion Account

    If in case users are willing to delete their existing account from Streamotion, they are guided to curate an Email for “” This might be because the users are not interested in accessing the services anymore, or maybe they are trying to activate another account by removing the previous one. If the users are unaware of the method to delete their account, then they can continue to learn how to delete the Streamotion account: 

    • Step 2: Navigate the cursor to the “Compose” button and click on it. 
    • Step 3: Now mention “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” for the subject. 
    • Step 4: Then start writing the body of an email by requesting to delete the existing account and remove all the attached information from their server. 
    • Step 5: In the end, click on the “send” button.

    Decisively, Binge and Kayo are two different applications, Binge offers streaming of entertainment such as popular shows, series, or movies, whereas, Kayo offers to stream sports shows or sports-related news. Both applications are well known for the services offered in Australia. 

    However, it is advised to activate your Binge and Kayo accounts on the app first before approaching to access its services on other streaming devices.   


    Ans: If users are encountering errors like au/activate not working while activating both applications, then follow the information noted below to resolve such errors:

    1. Always make sure to check that you are on the same network while activating the code.
    2. If the site is taking too long to activate, then refresh the site to provide a boost.
    3. If nothing works, kindly contact Kayo’s Service Providers so that they can resolve errors like au/activate Not Found or Not Working!

    Ans: There would be two reasons behind this; first, as mentioned that this application is used by users from Australia. There are chances that this link does not allow users from other countries to access the site. Secondly, If you are a citizen of Australia and still having trouble, then check on your browser’s country setting. 

    Ans: Users are required to meet the basic requirements which include an iOS device with 11 or upgraded versions, a stable Wi-Fi connection, and access to the TV device with an HDMI port. The steps are given below: 

    • Step 1: Log in to your Kayo account using the same Sign-in details provided at the time of Signing-in and make sure that your iOS device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi that is linked to the Apple TV.
    • Step 2: Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy split-view videos on Airplay. But luckily, users can enjoy split videos by using the Safari browser on a computer.
    • Step 3: Select Airplay on the TV while watching any video. 
    • Step 4: Then the selected video will be Air played on your TV device.
    • Step 5: You can control the keys such as fast-forward, rewind, pause, play, and key moments using your iOS device.

    Ans: Yes, it is possible to enjoy steaming offered by Kayo under the no-cost version of 14 days. Users can watch videos for free before signing up for an account on Kayo.

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