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Friday, July 19, 2024

DirecTV Stream Vs. YouTube TV: Which One Should You Choose?

  • Annie
  • Haven’t we all been grooving over the streaming services that came into the limelight just a few years back? Yes, of course, we do! Those platforms that we never knew of, except usual TV cables.

    And now that something of this sort has so much popularity across the globe, it definitely has its own competitors in line. You would have heard of various streaming websites, but what about the platforms that you actually stream on? What about the famous YouTube TV that now has a competitor called DirecTV Stream that has almost similar features yet manages to contrast? 

    The various channels, including sports, fun, and entertainment, are all there on both platforms. All you need to do is quickly make up your mind as to which one to sign up for amongst the DirecTV Stream vs YouTube TV. Now to decide upon that and make a decision of your own, you must be aware of what you are dealing with that, including their individual features and what they are best at. 

    So that is exactly what we are here to do, and as you move on with the article, you’ll start making up your mind and land on choosing one of the two.

    What Really is YouTube TV?

    A live TV streaming service used across countries is what you’d know as YouTube TV. It lets you watch live TV from over 85 regional, cable, and broadcast sports networks. YouTube TV also includes YouTube Originals and videos that are currently trending on YouTube. It also gives you access to up to six accounts for the price of one and provides unlimited DVR space. It is an immediate rival to the DirecTV Stream that we will be talking about next. 

    Do You Need to Make a Purchase of Youtube Premium?

    YouTube television offers admittance to live television content including CBS, FOX, NBC, HGTV, dynamite, and then some more, and it is independent of a YouTube Premium membership, which gives promotion-free access to YouTube recordings. You can watch YouTube videos without ads on YouTube TV if you subscribe to both YouTube Premium and YouTube TV. Be that as it may, you will, in any case, see promotions on live and recorded Television programs.

    What are DirecTV Stream and its Use?

    The most recent iteration of AT&T’s streaming service, which has gone by a number of different names, is called DirecTV Stream. It includes the names of additional local web-based features under the DirecTV flag as a single name. DirecTV Stream, like many other streaming services, is compatible with a wide range of devices and can connect to well-known apps like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, and others. Depending on the package you select, you can also support up to 20 devices simultaneously with a subscription.

    Now, Youtube TV and DirecTV Stream are the best options to take into consideration if you want to get rid of cable connections at your place right now. Not only do you enjoy it more, but these services add to the convenience and comfort. Moving on, let us compare the two and find out which one is the best for you.

    Cost of the Platform Services

    YouTube TV Plans

    YouTube TV costs a considerable amount of money and requires a paid membership. Each month, the Base Plan costs $64.99 (plus tax). Consequently, you get to watch content from significant transmission channels, famous link hubs, and premium platforms alongside well-known shows from YouTube creators. The base plan has free, unlimited cloud DVR storage space and supports up to six distinct profiles.

    DirecTV Stream Plans

    Cable and satellite services are somehow similar in the case of DirecTV Stream. It offers four packages to viewers, starting at a regular monthly cost of $75. to $155 per month for more than 75 channels. 

    Additionally, the service includes a cloud DVR with unlimited storage and the ability to record three channels simultaneously. You can watch your recordings for up to nine months at home or on the go with the DirecTV Stream app.

    Original content 

    Content Available on YouTube TV

    YouTube TV allows you to watch original content developed by the creators on a regular basis. You can watch shows that only stream on this app and nowhere else. At times, no subscription is required to watch famous online shows that might or might not be original on YouTube. 

    Content Available on DirecTV Stream:

    Further, simply put, the availability of original content is a NO for DirecTV Stream. It is useful only for paid apps like Netflix and HBO Go, among others. AT&T delivers no unique content of its own, and it rather oversees your platform.

    DVR Capacity and 4K Features

    Both services now offer an unlimited DVR capacity. While YouTube TV keeps recordings for nine months, DirecTV Stream only keeps them for 90 days.

    The 4K Plus plan is available on YouTube TV for $19.99 per month ($9.99 per month for the first 12 months). However, DirecTV Stream does not currently offer 4K.

    Supporting platforms 

    The following devices support YouTube TV streaming:

    • Mobile devices, smart TVs, streaming media players, and gaming consoles are among the supported platforms for YouTube TV.
    • Smartphones and tablets running Android L or later iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 or later.
    • Download the YouTube TV application from your device’s application store via searching for “YouTube television”.
    • Watch on your computer directly online at To ensure that you can watch YouTube TV from the web, download the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

    For DirecTV Stream, you can use the following devices:

    • You can watch DirecTV Stream on various viable gadgets, including smartphones, internet browsers, the latest televisions, and real-time gadgets. You can either purchase a DirecTV Stream exclusive streaming device or one of these products if you do not already have one.
    • It also works with the most famous streaming sticks and gadgets like, the Amazon Fire television Block and the Amazon Fire television Stick, Apple television, Google Chromecast, and Roku. Whenever you try to set up one of these gadgets on your television, all you need to do is download the DirecTV Stream application and sign in.
    • You can conveniently watch DirecTV Stream on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Simply sign in to your account, download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, and start watching your favorite shows now! However, DirecTV recommends iOS 12 or later for Apple users and OS 8 or newer for Android users for the best viewing experience.
    • If you prefer to watch shows and movies on your laptop, you can access all of your DirecTV Stream channels, which include well-known networks like CNN, ESPN, and TLC. Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome are the supported browsers. However, other programs like Mozilla Firefox and Show are not viable.
    • DirecTV further makes its own Wi-Fi-based streaming platform called the DirecTV Stream. It connects to your TV’s HDMI port, just like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV, and lets you download popular apps like Netflix to browse and watch movies and TV shows. Additionally, it comes with a live TV channel guide that makes it simple to browse the programs on DirecTV Stream.

    Sports Channels

    • YouTube television offers access to NBA television and NFL in its basic starting plan. 
    • Further, DirecTV Stream offers MLB Network and NBA TV starting at the “Choice” package for $99.99 a month. You can add Sports Plus for $11 a month to add beIN Sports, Billiard TV, Fox Soccer Plus, GOLTV, MAVTV, NFL RedZone, Outside Television, PlayersTV, PokerGO, SportsGrid, Stadium, TVG, and VSiN.

    So, in short, DirecTV Stream won this section of Sports Channels. 

    Overall Channels Access

    In the case of the total number of channels accessible on both devices, let us see which one offers you the most.

    • Compared to YouTube TV’s 32 channels, the most basic plan of DirecTV Stream includes 34 of the top 35 cable channels.
    • There are 113 channels available on YouTube TV, whereas DirecTV Stream has 213.
    • In addition to YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream gives you access to A&E, History, and Lifetime.

    Channel Upgrade Bundles 

    DirecTV Stream provides four distinct service plans: 

    1. Entertainment: Choice: 85 channels for $74.99 per month, 179 channels for $99.99/per month.
    2. Extreme: Premier: 209 channels for $109.99 per month, 208 channels for $154.99 per month.

    YouTube TV offers a $29.99 per month Entertainment Plus package that includes HBO Max, Showtime, and STARZ.

    However, both these platforms offer other channels of your choice at an additional cost of each.

    Our Verdict 

    Both the platforms, including YouTube, TV, and direct stream TV, offer features of their own that are independent of each other in one sort or the other. However, these are comparable while a few of them offer a clear picture of the winner between the two. 

    Just like in the case of original content, YouTube has the upper hand; direct stream TV gives access to a greater number of sports channels. Hence, it is quite evident that the decision to purchase amongst the two would lie in the hands of the user according to the requirements at the time.

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