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Sunday, May 19, 2024

How to Gain Views on Instagram Reels? (8 Must-Try Sites)

  • Louise Simon
  • Instagram is one of the visual-centric social media apps that has gained more than one billion engaged users over the years. The app’s most loved feature is the Reels. Creators love to make awesome Instagram Reels. 

    They often put all their efforts into giving their audiences an incredible experience. But sometimes, they might not receive enough recognition.

    There might be many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that the Insta algorithm is a dynamic one. You can never predict anyone, and everyone can go viral overnight. 

    If you want to rescue your videos from drenching in the sea of million Reels videos, then buy views from some of the most trusted sites in the market.

    Here, in this post, let’s see how to gain more views on it along with the 8 must-try sites.

    5 Effective Ways to Get More Reel Views on Instagram

    Make Captivating Content

    The Reel videos you create should behold the chance of going viral once after you share them on the platform. 

    The one and only surefire strategy to increase credibility is nothing but creating valuable and interesting content through techniques such as visual storytelling

    If they are repeated, stale, or irrelevant, your audiences will lose interest in watching them.

    Compose an Attractive Hook

    Remember always to attract your audience in the first few seconds of your Reels. Your content should be crafted with a hook that can be shocking, funny, surprising, aesthetically pleasing, or anything. 

    These ideas will not only attract your audience but also make them stay and watch it until the end.

    Do You Know?
    As compared to carousel posts and image posts, reels have a higher engagement rate of 1.23%.

    Narrate a Complete Story

    What’s more engaging than an Instagram Reel that is made in the way of narrating a story? It might seem like an old-school way, but be conscious that people still fall for this kind of content. 

    One in every five Reels that has gained more visibility on this respective platform is the one that is in the story-telling format. So, know your facts!

    Engage with Q&As Feature

    Getting more views on them might be challenging but not impossible. That’s why the platform itself has given incredibly seamless features. 

    One of the most engaging ones is the Q&A feature. If your audience asks a question, you can give a video reply to them. Two-in-one strategy, there comes engagement as well as visibility.

    Instagram Users Statistics

    Give Shoutouts to Your Community

    Making an effort to connect with your audiences and engage with them will go a long way. Your community will highly appreciate the little gestures that you make to connect with them. 

    So try to run a contest or a giveaway and conduct competitions and give shoutouts to the audience who won.

    8 Must-Try Sites to Buy Instagram Reel Views

    The sites we have mentioned below are 100% reliable, safe, and legitimate to increase visibility for your Reel videos. Let’s see:

    i) Trollishly


    Trollishly is our first site to buy Instagram reels views and the apt one to grow its visibility on Instagram by boosting the number of watches.


    • Cheap packages to boost Reels’ visibility.
    • Quicker delivery and immediate outcomes.
    • High-quality views and ensures organic growth.
    • User-friendly site with the desired package deal.

    ii) EarnViews


    If you are looking for an effective and reliable way from legitimate accounts, then EarnViews is the perfect place.


    • Variety of packages with reasonable prices.
    • Organic views from genuine accounts.
    • Ensures customer satisfaction with a 24/7 support team.
    • Typically faster delivery of services.

    iii) SocialDice


    The safest place ever to buy Instagram Reels views. In addition to IG Reels services, they also offer packages for Insta followers and likes.


    • Customizable packages with genuine services.
    • Real visibility from real views.
    • Easy-to-use interface to make it easier for users.
    • 100% risk-free and premium services.

    iv) Inzfy


    Inzfy is one of the websites that offer the best insta reel views in the market. This site offers more than 8 packages.


    • Quality views from real people to gain organic visibility.
    • Safe and secure payment options are available.
    • Highly-reliable customer care team.
    • The minimum price starts from $0.75.

    v) FollowFormation


    FollowFormation is a well-known Instagram growth service vendor whose offer starts from 100 Reels views at just $0.75 and comes with a lightning-fast delivery.


    • Guaranteed and long-lasting results.
    • Multiple payment options with a quick refill guarantee.
    • No registration/signups are required.
    • Around-the-clock responsive support team.

    vi) TikViral


    TIkViral is another website that offers top-rated social media growth services, including Instagram Reels views. This site is the best in terms of prices and client support.


    • Low-price packages so no need to break the bank.
    • No passwords are required to purchase Reels views.
    • Offers a safe and secure purchasing experience.
    • Most encrypted websites with no privacy issues.

    vii) QuickGrowr

    QuickGrowr offers the most high-quality aspects at minimum prices. Their package starts from 100 Reels views at $0.75, and you can buy up to 50K for $120.75.



    • Views are genuine & no bots are used.
    • Most economical and diverse packages.
    • Uses an encrypted payment portal.
    • Proactive after-sales service.

    viii) UpViral


    As the name suggests, UpViral is a one-stop solution for upsurging your Instagram Reels’ virality in no time. This site offers extensive packages at affordable price ranges.


    • 100% safe and secure Reels views.
    • Around-the-clock customer assistance.
    • Encrypted and secured website.
    • No passwords/signups are required.

    Over to You

    After trying and testing several services from a list of hundred sites, we gave our best and found 8 of the best sites we came across in the process. 

    These 8 sites are legit from where you can buy Instagram Reels views. Without any cross thoughts or reluctance, you can make use of the above sites and grab countless views at cheap prices right away!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ans: There are several ways that can be the reason behind your reel not getting enough views. These include low-quality videos, lack of creativity, does not resonate with your audience, monotonous content, and many more. 

    Ans: Try to focus on the quality and make sure that your content is creative and aligns with your audience. Use trendy songs and relevant hashtags to increase your reach.  

    You also have the option to buy Instagram Reel views from various reputed websites.

    Ans: The term viral is subjective and one cannot put a number to this. But generally, 100,00+ are supposed to make your reel go viral. This also depends on the specific goals, followers, and industry. 

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