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Sunday, April 21, 2024

K.G.F Chapter 3 Release Date, Expected Story, Villain, Star Cast and More

  • Raqes Singh
  • The KGF series has a cult following. After numerous Twitter trends and fan questions, do we have an answer to when will the third part be released? Let’s find out… 

    K.G.F Chapter 1 came, and it just ruled the hearts of the audience pan-India. It was a breath of fresh air in 2018 when the audience was kinda bored with the repeated recycled version of the same content being shown to them.

    With a budget of ₹80 crores, the movie went on to earn more than ₹250 crores. This was the first time a Kannada movie was known to audiences across the country.

    And then came the second part of the series on 14th April 2022, breaking the realms of the South Indian audience and conquering the audience throughout the nation and worldwide.

    K.G.F Chapter 2 earned more than ₹1200 crores worldwide. A true blue blockbuster in every right teased fans with a possibility of a third installment towards its end, and ever since fans have not stayed calm… how can they?

    We’re talking about the third part of the megahit movie that saw chartbuster success and received immeasurable success from the audience.

    After basking in the success of KGF chapters 1 and 2, Homable productions will likely start shooting soon for the third part of the blockbuster series towards the end of 2023. 

    However this time the makers have the gigantic responsibility of living up to the expectations of chapter one and chapter two which were massive successes and broke every record for an Indian movie.

    Will there be a K.G.F. Chapter 3?

    But the big question is, will there be a third part to the series or was that it, for the KGF universe and its fans? 

    Most likely yes!!! 

    Director of the superhit franchise, Prashanth Neel, in an interview with the YouTube channel Galatta Plus said, 

    There is definitely a possibility of Chapter 3 that also comes out of compulsion. People have loved this world, they’ve loved this character and we are gonna keep it going. We don’t know when, but we are gonna keep it going.” 

    Talking further about whether they have an idea for the storyline, he said,

    Of course, we have an idea. We had an idea for it a long time back actually, but right now we just want to take a big break and we will definitely come back to make that.”  

    So, we know that IT’S HAPPENING!!!! But when? That is ambiguous.

    KGF 3 Release Date

    Vijay Kiragandur, founder of Homable Films revealed that K.G.F. Chapter 3 will kick start this year and is most likely to hit the theatres in 2025, per the Dainik Bhaskar report. 

    During the filming of K.G.F: Chapter 2 makers made it known to the public that a third part is on the way and ever since fans have been waiting on tenterhooks. 

    One of the many reasons for the delay is the busy schedule of KGF’s director Prashant Neel with other projects, Prabhas and Shruthi Hassan starrer ‘Salaar’ and ‘NTR 31’.

    Prashanth Neel will offer his undivided attention to Chapter 3 of KGF after the completion of these projects. 

    Is Yash likely to be Replaced?

    Vijay Kiragandur’s interview might be a whisper to the fact that Yash may not be a part of every installment of K.G.F. 

    He said, “There will be five installments to the KGF series, the heroes will keep changing.” 

    As is the occurrence in the Bond series with different heroes in different parts. This interview made loyal Yash fans very upset as they can’t see anyone else but Yash in the role of Rocky.

    It is a widely known fact that Yash hasn’t signed a film post the mammoth success of K.G.F: Chapter 2, if we were to go by that then he is not likely to be replaced in the third part of the series. 

    Maybe, in further installments but not in this one. Alas! If there’s anything that is in our hands, it’s waiting for an official statement by the makers regarding the same. 

    KGF 3 Trailer Date

    The makers and our very own Rocking Star Yash have made it known to the audience that there will be a K.G. F: Chapter 3 that’s for sure. 

    In spite of that, filming of the project hasn’t begun yet but the official trailer is expected to be released by July 2023. 

    However, there are various fan-made trailers doing rounds on YouTube garnering millions of views from eager fans. 

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