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Friday, July 19, 2024

Discover the Best Activities in Jamaica for Families: 4 Exciting Options Await!

  • Mason Bird
  • Jamaica is one of the best locations chosen by people for vacations, especially when they are with kids. If you are planning your holiday and want to explore activities in Jamaica, it will surely be adventurous and memorable. 

    A few spots in the Jamaica Islands excite kids, such as Konoko Falls, Mystic Mountain, and the Pirates Island Water Park, etc. If you visit Jamaica, don’t just stay in the resort, visit outside and see the attractive spots and adventures. 

    After fully experiencing the exciting places on the island, you will most probably visit there again.  In this article, we have compiled a list of four exciting activities and spots to see in Jamaica if you are visiting for the first time.

    4 Exciting & Fun Things To Do In Jamaica

    Jamaica Island is a fun place and has exciting activities and adventures for every type of traveler. One main attraction of Jamaican Island is its white sand beaches with crystal clear water. If you are visiting for the first time there, you must try the following four activities.

    Bamboo Rafting At Martha Brae River

    Bamboo Rafting At Martha Brae River

    The 90 minutes of bamboo rafting at Martha Brae River will surely be your lifetime memory. In the meantime, you will learn about the local culture and history of Jamaica. While rafting, you can visit the bars to have drinks, and purchase local paintings and collectibles. 

    Before starting the rafting, there is a garden of Jamaican herbs called  “Miss Martha’s Herb Garden”. You can visit and see different herbs, used in medications worldwide, in this garden. 

    There will be a 30-foot bamboo raft to facilitate you in seeing the natural surroundings of Jamaica. This will be an amazing romantic experience if you are going with your partner. It will cost around $70 per person from your hotel to the whole rafting. 

    Catamaran Trip in Negril

    Catamaran Trip in Negril

    Negril Beach is a beautiful destination for an adventurous and fun experience. One main exciting thing about Negril is its thrilling catamaran cruise. This beach is famous for its seven-mile-long coastline and gemstones found here. 

    Negril Beach is no less than a tropical paradise with its powdery white sand, calm water, and natural beauty. Here you can experience the ride on a luxury catamaran cruise. During the cruise ride, you will be able to experience the underwater wonders at snorkeling stops. 

    In the tropical adventure of Negril Beach, you will get the chance to experience delicious Jamaican cuisine and open bars. This cruise experience becomes more magical with sunset and party vibes. You can party and dance to local music with people and make a lifetime memory. 

    There is a species of endangered butterfly, Homerus swallowtail. These butterflies have 6 inches of wings and are the largest in the world. 
    These are only found on Jamaican islands.  Jamaica Island is famous for its biodiversity. This island has more than 250 species of birds. 

    Black River Safari

    Black River Safari

    You can experience the diverse ecosystem and beauty of Jamaica in the black river safari on the south coast. This river safari will be a lifetime memory with your friends and family if you love to visit the beauty of nature. 

    This black river is one of the longest rivers on Jamaican Island. The name of this river is influenced by the dark color of the water, which is influenced because of the decomposition of vegetation. This safari ride is famous for crocodiles. 

    Here you will see different kinds of biodiversity in Jamaica, including rare plants and animals. You can book a local tour operator who can help you with a full tour of the black river safari.  This safari will be an economical and memorable experience for your Jamaican holiday. 

    Swimming With Horses – Saint Ann

    Swimming With Horses

    Horse swimming in Jamaica has always been on the bucket list of every tourist visiting there. This activity is a fun choice for every couple, whether they are on a honeymoon or having a regular trip.  

    If you are worrying about horses, and how they will swim and handle themselves in water, then don’t worry. The horses used in these rides are trained enough to swim in water. Every horse is used for only one ride every day, and they rest the whole day after the ride. 

    The average trail ride is conducted between 30 and 45 minutes, and horses are changed in the middle of the ride. This ride ends at the picturesque bay and horse ride alongside the beach from here. In the meantime, you can visit the beach and click photos of the beautiful surroundings. 

    Final Words: 

    There are other beautiful and fun destinations apart from these four in Jamaica such as the Bob Marley Museum, The Kingston City Tour, the Blue Mountains, etc. Jamaica is the most attractive and adventurous holiday destination for everyone, especially for families. 

    If you are going with kids, it will be an ideal destination for them. Kids will get to know about the beauty and biodiversity of the Jamaican island. In short, it is a must-visit destination at least once in a lifetime. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends who are planning to visit Jamaica these holidays.

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