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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Top 4 Free Activities in Las Vegas 

  • Mason Bird
  • Las Vegas is a city like no other on the face of the planet, and it is no wonder that most people return again and again to this larger-than-life location. While visitors here seek wild parties and casinos, Vegas offers more than that to make the trip a lifetime memory. 

    If you are planning a weekend trip (or even a longer vacation), unless you are in the fortunate position of owning a bottomless wallet, the more free activities you can arrange to do during your hours away, the better.

    With this in mind, continue reading to discover the top four free activities to fill your time in Las Vegas. 

    Admire the Bellagio Floral Displays and Fountains 

    luxurious Bellagio Hotel

    First and foremost, one of the most iconic and entirely free must-see attractions in Vegas centers around the beautiful and luxurious Bellagio Hotel.

    Inside, with the change of each season, incredibly intricate and absolutely enormous floral displays adorn the inside of the center of the hotel. And, you can take your time wandering around the three-dimensional floral artwork, making for the perfect Instagrammable moment. 

    Furthermore, directly in front of the outside of the hotel and clubhouse, every hour, on the hour, an impressively emotional water fountain display takes place, with large speakers blaring out different types of music for every show. The water fountains dance to the music and the LED lights make it a magical spectacle—whether you get to see them in the day or the dark. 

    Enjoy the Canals of Venice

    Canals of venice

    Every hotel and casino on the strip boasts its theme, and there is no casino more committed to embracing its own assigned theme than the Venetian Resort.  


    (This graph shows that in 2022, 38.8 million visited LV, a 20.5% increase from the 32.2 million visitors in 2021).

    The Venetian truly must be seen to be believed, with the whole clubhouse and hotel being surrounded by pure blue waters to represent the famous canals. You can spend hours wandering around the outdoors, watching romantic couples enjoy a gondola ride around the resort, and even being a bystander on a happy couple’s wedding day. 

    What is more, the Venetian shopping complex is again entirely in keeping with the chic Italian theme, and you can enjoy coffee and cake in the famous St. Mark’s Square, again by the canal. 

    Take a Downtown Walking Tour

    Downtown walking tour

    Next, many people are unaware that the Vegas Strip—now across the center of Las Vegas Boulevard—was not the original site for the casino “Mecca”. And instead, the still-standing Downtown, on Fremont Street, used to be the hub of the city. 

    Dedicate some time to researching on the internet the ideal route for yourself and your traveling companions, taking in everything from the Golden Nugget casino (Frank Sinatra’s favorite haunt) to the Neon Graveyard. 

    You will, of course, need a reliable and speedy internet connection to plan this ultimate walking tour. So be sure to take a look at the huge number of benefits of upgrading to the fast and strong New Haven fiber internet connection. 

    Downtown offers numerous experiences and adventures, some of which are entirely free, including the following:

    • Browse the famous antique stores on Main Street
    • Visit the first movie theater of the urban (now El Portal Crafts)
    • Have your photo taken with a million dollars cash 
    • See “Vegas Vic” in real life 

    Visit the Famous Las Vegas Sign 

    Las vegas sign

    Any movie that even features a couple of minutes of screen time on location in the city always includes a shot of the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. 

    Built way back in 1959, this classic sign is perhaps the most recognizable of all the city’s landmarks, although technically, it is not actually within the city’s perimeter. Located at 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard, the welcome sign is situated in Paradise instead, although due to the importance of the sign, the area is considered to be the end of the Las Vegas Strip. 

    Do You Know?
    Las Vegas ranks fifth worldwide in terms of tourism-related awards, or first in the United States.

    Final Thoughts

    Whatever you do in Vegas, you’ll have a memorable time exploring things this place has to offer. It is an iconic city popular for its fun surroundings. No matter if you’re family, friends group, or your spouse, LV has something to offer everyone. 

    You’ll find everything from world-class restaurants and hotels to leading artists’ concerts, beaches, water parks, clubhouses, and whatnot. The playful vibes of the city are unparalleled. 

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