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Sunday, May 19, 2024

30 Best Buffstreams Alternatives Sites for Streaming Live Sports

  • Annie
  • Every passing moment, there’s an epic sports match ongoing in some parts of the world. Sports lovers from all over the world are searching for a way to watch their favorite players play and bring their team to victory. 

    Buffstreams is one of the sites that viewers love to use to watch their favorite matches. But sometimes the traffic makes it impossible to access it. Not to mention, a site like Buffstreams can get deleted at any moment or the website can get blocked on your computer and devices because of copyright claims.

    Lucky for you, there is no shortage of free online streaming sites for movies and sports. That is why we’ve brought to you 30 of the Best Buffstreams Alternatives, so you won’t miss out on a single precious moment of your match. 

    20 Best Alternatives of Buffstreams

    The growing popularity of Buffstreams led to increasing traffic on the website, which made it harder and harder to load. People often end up losing the best moments of their match due to the slow working of the website.

    We’ve listed below 30 of the Best Buffstreams Alternative websites to stream sports events. These websites are checked and tested to ensure they have working links to their content.


    If you want to enjoy live sports without paying any additional charges, then VIPLeague is perfect for you. You can access this site through any device. If you want to look for a particular match, you can search for it to check if it’s available on the site.

    Another major quality of this website is the interface. The simple layout and colorful design are pleasing to browse through. Every sport has a specific icon, which makes it easier for users to search for their preferred content.

    Reddit Sports

    This particular Buffstream alternative is a fantastic way to enjoy sports and livestream great matches. Reddit, being an official social networking site, already has the ultimate feature of chatting with other users with text, images, and videos. And, the addition of sports had just made it even more popular.

    Reddit Sports has a wide variety of communities for different sports that regularly post content for viewers. Fans worldwide can create multiple threads and Subreddits that create a more engaging environment for the users.

    Footy Bite

    This online streaming service is relatively similar to others, offering high-quality streaming and good working connections. However, as the name says, the majority of the content it offers is related to football and soccer games. But it also offers other sports, such as hockey, basketball, and baseball.

    One of the best features of this Buffstreams alternative is that the links provided open directly on the site without any further redirection or pop-ups. The in-site ads are usually easy to ignore but sometimes become a lot more frequent depending on the sport you choose.

    Sony LIV

    If you’re looking for an app that provides streaming services without high data usage, then Sony LIV is the app for you. It provides non-stop, quality content for various games such as cricket, NBA, MotoGP, the UFC, and even WWE.

    Aside from multiple sports categories, you will also be updated with upcoming sports events, news, and important updates that will just make your day. It is a site that gets the majority of its information from India, which acts as a downer. So, if you do not speak or understand the language, we prefer using other Buffstreams alternatives. 

    Bat Man Stream

    BatManStream is one of the Buff-stream alternatives that provide high-quality content to viewers. It provides a direct streaming connection to a multitude of sports. From famous sports such as football, cricket, and hockey to the unusual fencing games, handball, and so on. 

    Although it has vast connections, most streams with HD-quality content often end up being redirected to other websites. Some of them won’t work before multiple pop-up ads, so that’s a downside. 

    Boss Cast

    BossCast is another major Buff stream alternative that provides live coverage for a variety of sports. By supporting most of the sports content, such as NBA, NFL, ICC T20 World Cup, and Soccer UEFA Championships as well, it has become quite popular among sports lovers.

    By accessing this site, you can also stream various sports channels, such as ESPN, NBA HD, Eurosport, CBS Sports Network, and so on. This site also comes with a chat feature that allows users to communicate within the website.

    Fox Sports GO

    Fox Sports GO is everyone’s favorite spot for watching live sporting events, news, and highlights. With a vast variety of shows featuring former athletes and experts, this site has become a top choice as a Buffstreams alternative.

    It also provides users with the daily schedules of sports channels as well as game replays. One can stream NASCAR, NHL, WNBA, World Baseball Classic, and many other live matches.


    As an alternative to Buffstreams, ESPN is one of a site. With ESPN, one can watch exclusive games, international updates, and even domestic matches. For ESPN users, keeping up with the live scores has never been easier.

    The site allows viewers to become players by indulging in fantasy sports and feeling the thrill of a real match. While highlights, live scores, and analysis videos can be watched without any cost, live-streaming of matches requires a subscription.


    When the Reddit Streams were no longer working, Sportsurge became one of the top go-to choices for people. Although all the links provided on the site redirect, the connections are checked and approved by streaming communities, so they can be considered pretty safe.

    The only thing you have to be careful of is the fact that a lot of sites are trying to act as Sportsurge, but they’re just fake platforms created to sell ads. They don’t provide any of the above content, so make sure to use the link to SportSurge we provided in the article for safety.


    Just as Footy Bite was for football games, CricHD is for cricket. Similar to Buffstreams, CricHD also started as a small website that streamed only cricket matches and highlights. As it grew popular, it started adding a few more sports to its category. 

    It provides them with quality videos and the latest updates. They also allow users to check the daily schedules of different sports channels. But the best part that makes it different from every other streaming website is that you can watch replay matches and even download them on your phone for later.


    Cricfree is another optimal Buffstreams alternative for cricket lovers. It covers all the cricket-related content as well as some other major sports. You can also watch replays of previous matches that you missed yesterday.

    The downside of this site is the huge amount of annoying ads that are displayed within a short period. It is hard to block them even with the use of ad-blocking extensions. So you’ll have to bear with it if you choose this option.

    Live TV

    The specialty of this Buffstreams alternative is that it doesn’t only broadcast sports events but video games as well. It houses live scores, broadcasts, results, replays, and other updates as well.

    It has a very simple layout that helps users find links easily. With the ability to create fan clubs and communicate with each other, it keeps the users engaged. You can even bet on your favorite teams to make streaming matches even more fun.

    Firstrow Sports

    Never miss a game of sports, be it local or international, with Firstrowsports live sports stream. All you need is an internet connection and no matter where you are in the world you can watch away. 

    And did I mention, it was free? Yes, this incredible service is completely free, at no cost to you, now or ever. Another great feature of this website is that you can get access to all the content without having to sign up or log in.

    Laola1 TV

    Laola1 TV is another great buffstreams alternative. It is a web-based application that allows users to watch live matches and competitions of various sports such as football, cricket, ice hockey, tennis, and motorsports.

    Everything is free to stream on this site, including world cups, regional tournaments, and under-21 championships. It even provides you with a quick search engine to search for any particular match you want to watch.


    Methstreams is a sports streaming platform famous for its coverage of NFL, MMA, NBA, and other sports matches. It has strong working links to all the matches giving a great user experience to all the viewers. With a simple layout, it is quite easy to browse through and find the game you want to watch.

    The main feature of this website is that it doesn’t only stream sports channels but other channels as well such as Nat Geographic, Discovery Channel, NBC, Animal Planet, and more.


    Weakstreams is another buffstream alternative that has been around in the market for a while. It is mostly used for finding live stream links to NBA, NHL, NFL, MMA-boxing, soccer, and a few other sports. It also provides connections to some of its subsidiary websites.

    Not only that, but it has a very simple layout that makes it user-friendly and provides good customer support. Moreover, it has fewer ads as compared to other streaming sites and those even can be blocked by ad-blocking extensions.

    Fubo TV

    Fubo TV is a great choice for viewers to stream any show including sports, without cable. Committing to its mission of providing the best streaming services to its users with zero interruptions, makes it quite popular in the industry.

    But good things come with a price, and so does this. It provides you with a free trial after which you can purchase a suitable plan to get access to all the high-quality content on the website.


    DAZN is a site specifically made for streaming high-quality NFL content and live matches. But it also offers a few other sports such as MMA, football, and more. Just like FuboTV, it is also not a free-of-cost site, but its features are worth the money.

    If you are here to watch the NFL, you can buy the exclusive NFL GAME PASS to enjoy all the benefits to its fullest. Otherwise, if you want to watch any other sports, you can purchase a full DAZN plan instead.

    CBS Sports

    CBS Sports is a site that is different from all the ones mentioned in this list. CBS is not just about streaming, it also lets the users play sports games, watch podcasts, and read all the latest news related to any type of sports.

    It provides the viewers with daily highlights of previous matches that keep everyone on the edge of their seats. With live scores and schedule of incoming matches, it makes it one of the best buffstream alternatives.

    Bila Sport

    Last but not least, Bilasport is a great Buffstreams alternative that has various ongoing sports connections. Having most of the live sports links from Asia and Europe makes this site the best option if you want to watch sports in the Middle East.

    Streaming matches and every other content of the website can be done without any login or sign-up. It can be run on any device, whether it be an Android, iOS, or a PC. Best known for its quality content of NBA and MotoGP.

    Some More Buffstreams Alternatives to Try

    The list of alternative streaming websites doesn’t just end here. There are a lot of other sites that offer sports services, just like Buffstreams. You can go through the list below and discover their features yourself.

    1. ATDHE Streams
    2. Redstream Sports
    3. Sportlemon
    4. Crackstreams
    5. Stream2Watch
    6. JokerLiveStream
    7. Facebook Watch
    8. Feed2All 
    9. VIPboxTV
    10. Streamlow

    Now that you’ve gone through the whole list of best Buffstreams alternatives, it will be quite easy for you to find the best-suited one. With so many options to choose from, there’s nothing that can stop you from streaming your favorite sports match and cheer for your team.

    Go get your snacks ready and sit down for a great game of sports!

    About Buffstreams


    Buffstreams is a famous website that lets you watch and livestream any sports match without additional charges. Many users favor it due to its high-quality content and easy-to-use interface. 

    It started as a small website with only a few sports options to watch. Over time, it became very popular and expanded its variety of sports to stream online. 

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    People Also Ask (Buffstreams)

    Ans: Buffstreams is a famous website that lets you watch and live stream any sports match without any additional charges. It is favored by a lot of users due to its high-quality content and easy-to-use interface.

    Ans: Some of the most popular Buffstreams Alternatives include VIPLeague, SportSurge, ESPN, Fox Sports GO, and BossCast. There are other streaming websites as well that offer quality content, although with lesser variety.

    Ans: Footy Bite, created especially for streaming football matches, is one of the most preferred sites by football lovers. It provides the latest updates on football, soccer, and a few other sports as well.

    Ans: CricFree, CricHD, and Sony Liv are a few websites to be named that allow users to stream high-quality cricket matches with live scores and highlights. Moreover, there are other popular streaming websites that offer this category.

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