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Saturday, December 2, 2023

What is “How Many of Me”? Find Out its Best Alternatives in 2023

  • Annie kashyap
  • Have you ever wondered how many other people in the world have your name? Or how many people share your birthday? Or even how many people have the same eye color as you? 

    From Incorrect Quote Generators to AI websites with NSFW filters, the internet has no shortage of unique websites. If you’re on the lookout for websites that can do wonders, you should check out Howmanyofme.

    “” harnessed a range of accessible public records in addition to data gathered from social media platforms, all to provide estimates concerning the prevalence of individuals globally who might share your name, your birth date, the color of your eyes, and other such personal particulars.

    Though the availability of Howmanyofme is questionable, a variety of alternative digital platforms exists, offering similar information. Within this article, we shall provide you with a selection of the most commendable alternatives to the erstwhile “How Many of Me” website.

    What is


    The “How Many of Me” website allowed people to find out how many other folks shared their names, birthdays, and other personal details worldwide. The site used info from public records and social media to make these guesses.

    Using was absolutely easy. You just typed in your name and birthday, and the site gave you a report. This report showed the number of people who had the same details as you. It also shared facts about how these people were spread out, like where they were commonly found and their most usual age.

    Howmanyofme website was a neat way to learn more about yourself and the world. It was also helpful for marketing and research purposes, many companies even used this as a marketing tool.

    How Does Howmanyofme Website Work?

    Howmanyofme figured out its estimates by looking at public records and information from social media. Initially, they collected information about the most usual names and birthdates in the United States. After that, they used this information to estimate the number of individuals globally who share a name or birthday.

    Estimates from the website

    They also considered the places where individuals with identical names or birthdays reside. For instance, if a name is widely favored in a specific country, the website would speculate that more individuals bearing that name are situated in that country.

    To make their guesses even better, “How many of me” also used data from social media. They checked how many people use a certain name or birthday as their username on social media sites. This helped them improve their estimates and contributed to their growth.

    Why Did How Many of Me Shut Down?

    Tweet about the shutdown

    In May 2023, How Many of Me had to close down due to financial problems. The folks who owned the website explained that they couldn’t get enough money to keep things going.

    A few things caused How Many of Me to struggle financially. Firstly, the website didn’t make much money. The owners earned money by showing ads on the site. However, the income they received from advertisements didn’t cover all their expenses.

    Also, the website wasn’t very popular. Only a couple of hundred thousand folks used it for fun. This wasn’t attractive for businesses aiming to advertise on the platform.

    Additionally, other websites that did similar things started taking away customers from the company. In the end, there just wasn’t enough money to keep the How Many of Me website going. The owners were sad about closing it down, but they thought it was the right choice for their business.

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    Best Alternatives in 2023

    There are many substitutes in the market, here are the best alternatives available right now:

    Forebears stands as a viable substitute for It aids in estimating the prevalence of your given and family names. Its scope is not limited to the United States; it includes worldwide outcomes in their estimates.

    Accessing the Forebears platform requires a simple web browser visit. Following this, engage with the Search box and initiate the input of your chosen name. It will suggest similar names for both surname and forename. You also have the freedom to pick the name you’re intrigued by.

    After the name selection, a display will emerge revealing the name’s ranking, indicating its global frequency. Furthermore, the fundamental meaning of the name is also showcased. An approximation of individuals sharing the name also comes to light. Additionally, the name’s primary concentration country and its densest population point are also presented to you.

    Forebears results

    A graphical depiction demonstrates the worldwide distribution of the name. This map interaction enables hovering over countries to access related statistics such as ratio, rank, occurrence frequency, and more. Complementary tabular statistics are also visible on the platform.

    As you navigate down the result page, a section highlighting phonetically similar names becomes apparent. Collectively, this stands as a commendable alternative to includes a wide range of tools serving distinct purposes. Among its offerings is a “How Many Of Me?” tool. Its application resides within quantifying the count of individuals sharing a similar first or last name as you. However, the downside to this is that its results are exclusive to the United States.

    Engaging with this tool necessitates accessing the site via your browser. Subsequently, a choice between investigating your given name or family name is required. Once selected, the relevant name can be entered, followed by activation of the How Many Of Me feature.

    The subsequent outcome page unveils an estimation of individuals aligned with your entered name, along with its rank. The rank corresponds to its popularity in the United States. Additional information, such as names commencing with the same initial letter, is also available.

    Results from Maniacs

    This website offers a range of other tools, potentially valuable, including the Aspect Calculator, BAC Calculator, Birthday Countdown, Capitalization Rate Calculator, and more.

    Behind the name

    Behind the Name surfaces as another viable replacement for HowManyofMe. The site gets into the etymology and history of diverse given names. A simple entry of the name into the search box gives you fundamental information about its utilization, scripts, pronunciation, etc. Additionally, the name’s popularity across regions like the USA, England, and others can be assessed.

    Name results

    A visual depiction of first name popularity over time is accessible. A comparative analysis of another name’s popularity is also possible. The site doesn’t halt at this, offering related names, namesakes, ratings, and more. Filters can also be applied during name searches, including factors like gender, origin, letters, usage, language, and relations.

    If this intrigues you, embarking on a journey to uncover the history of your given name and its global standing is just a click away. All the best to find the history of your name with the help of this simple website.

    Mynamestats com is a website that shows how many people have different names. It uses numbers to tell us about names and where they’re common. It talks about first names, last names, and full names.

    Popular Full Name List

    The info on this website comes from guessing and math according to public data, no personal details are shown.The website takes care of your privacy as the main source of info isn’t open to everyone. It only has names and some address parts. You just can’t figure out exactly who someone is from this info. Homepage is another alternative to the How Many of Me website. It looks at baby names and how much they’re liked over time. It looks at data from a place called the Social Security Administration. The website also says where names come from and what they mean. It also tells you how popular a name is in different countries.

    Using is easy. You type in a name and see how much people like it over time. You can also choose if you want results for boys or girls, in a certain country, and a year. is good for moms and dads who want a cool and popular baby name. It’s also good for people who like history or just want to know if their name is popular or not.

    Merits and Demerits of Websites Like Howmanyofme

    Here are some Merits and demerits about websites similar to Howmanyofme:


    1. They can be a fun and interesting way to discover more about yourself and the world around you.

    2. They have practical uses for marketing and research purposes.

    3. They aid in recognizing potential fraudsters or individuals engaged in unlawful activities.

    4. They can assist in reuniting with lost family members or friends.


    1. They can potentially track individuals and use this information for targeted advertising.

    2. They might infringe upon people’s personal privacy.

    3. They could be exploited for identity theft or other illicit actions.

    4. Accuracy could be an issue as they rely on publicly available records and social media data, which can sometimes be incomplete or incorrect.

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    Final Thoughts

    ​​A website named was once available for people to discover how many individuals shared the same name, birthdate, and personal details worldwide. 

    Nonetheless, ceased its operations in May 2023 due to financial difficulties. Other websites like and Forebears offer comparable services and serve as a great alternative. When considering an alternative, keep your requirements and budget in mind. Some sites offer their services for free, while others require a monthly or yearly fee.

    Additionally, consider the privacy implications of using such websites. Some platforms gather significant personal data from users. It’s crucial to carefully read the terms of service before using any of these websites.

    In the end, the decision of whether to utilize a website similar to Howmanyofme depends on your personal choice. Make sure to thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons before reaching a decision.

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