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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Demon Slayer: Every Hashira Ranked By Strength – Rengouku or Gyomei—See Who is the Strongest Hashira?

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    The Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba consists of the nine most powerful Demon Slayers; these hashiras are known as the pillars of the Demon Slayer Corps. All Hashiras have been considered the strongest, but who is the stronger Hashira? Ranking these Hashiras is a challenging task as they all have their own special abilities and powers, which makes them unique. Still, we have tried to curate a Hashira ranking list. 

    All Hashiras play a crucial role in saving humanity from demons. Sure, the older Hashiras don’t stand a chance against the younger ones, but that does not make them weak, as they are the ones who paved the way for the current Hashiras. Unfotable, with each season, has proved why Demon Slayer remains the most loved anime of recent times. The anime set the bar too high in the realm of animation, with each character being pitch-perfect with an even more impressive storyline. 

    9. Shinobu Kocho – The Insect Hashira

    Shinobu Kocho
    Combat StyleInsect Breathing
    Voiced BySaori Hayami
    Height151 cm

    Many might argue that Shinobu Kocho is the weakest Hashira, but let’s not forget that a Hashira’s strength is not just about their physical strength. Also, don’t let Shinobu’s pretty face deceive you. She might look naive and soft-core but her technique is the most fatal, as she uses Insect Breathing style that injects her enemies with poison rather than cutting off their heads. It should be noted that Shinobu is the only user of the insect breathing style; she created this form to make up for her limited physical capabilities and to make use of her knowledge of poison.  

    It is revealed that she holds a grudge against Doma for killing her sister, Kanae Kocha, who was a former Hashira. Her enemies often make the mistake of not taking her as a serious threat, which always works in her favor, making her the best underdog Hashira.

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    8. Tengen Uzui – The Sound Hashira

    Tengen Uzui
    Combat StyleSound Breathing
    Voiced ByKatsuyuki Konishi
    Height198 cm

    Well, it’s normal to have a disputed opinion on this one. Many, including Uzui himself, considered Tengen Uzui to be one of the weakest when it comes to the Hashira ranking. His appearance is that of a macho man with big muscles and a flamboyant attitude. His power does feel lacking when compared to other Hashiras, but let’s not forget the fact that all Hashiras are powerful, and hence being the least powerful among them is not a bad thing. 

    His ability to swing his gigantic nunchaku cleavers at the speed of sound is truly splendid. The only disappointing element about Uzui was his early retirement from the Demon Slayer Corp., or else he would have enjoyed a power boost. Despite a few drawbacks, he is one of the Hashira characters that showcases emotional depth and feels relatable at times. 

    7. Mitsuri Kanroji – The Love Hashira

    Mitsuri Kanroji
    Combat StyleLove Breathing
    Voiced ByKana Hanazawa
    Height167 cm

    Mitsuri Kanroji might be the prettiest and sexiest character in Demon Slayer. With her bright pink hair and doe eyes, she doesn’t even come across as a fighter but is unbeatable when it comes to raw strength. The fact that she did not join the Demon Slayer Corps to fight but to look for a potential husband but ended up becoming one of the strongest Hashiras speaks a lot about her character. When it comes to Hahira’s ranking, she is capable of holding a strong ground against all. 

    Even after becoming a Hashira, Kanroji can’t help but keep looking for a husband who is stronger than her. But the task seems impossible right now,as she herself is part of the strongest Hashira. The way she loves and cares for her fellow Hashiras makes us just melt for her, and sometimes we can’t help but wish we had a Kanroji in our lives. (Delulu much? Yes.)

    6. Kyojuro Rengoku – The Flame Hashira

    Kyojuro Rengoku
    Combat StyleFlame Breathing
    Voiced BySatoshi Hino
    Height177 cm

    Kyojuro Rengoku is hands down one of the most adored Hashiras within the fandom. One of the reasons is his selfless sacrifice during the Mugen Train arc. He set the bar for all Hashiras when he fought Upper-Rank Demon Akaza till his last breath for the sake of others’ safety. 

    Even after his death, Rengoku is still considered one of the strongest Hashiras, as he showcased indomitable willpower even during his last minutes by saving Tanjiro and the rest of the train. His body language oozes confidence, and he has mastered his fire-breathing technique to an extreme extent. 

    5. Muichiro Tokito – The Mist Hashira

    Muichiro Tokito
    Combat StyleMist Breathing
    Voiced ByKengo Kawanishi
    Height160 cm

    Just like Shinobu Kocho, Muichiro Tokito can also fool you with his first impression. He is a young boy who seems lost in his world all the time, but wait until you see him come face-to-face with any demon. Tokito managed to be a part of the Hashiras within just two months of training, which proves his capability. When he successfully faced the Upper Moon Five alone, not only did he secure his place as a powerful Hashira, but he also cemented a place in our hearts. 

    Tokita is the youngest Hashira, which means he has not yet reached his full potential, and we will have to wait and watch how his character develops. Despite coming out as aloof, the audience has found Muichiro’s character adorable, especially after the revelation of his tragic backstory. 

    4. Giyu Tomioka – The Water Hashira

    Giyu  Tomioka
    Combat StyleWater Breathing
    Voiced ByTakahiro Sakurai
    Height179 cm

    Giyu Tomioka is one of the strongest Water Hashira and a former disciple of Sakonji Urokodaki. Giyu has a calm demeanor that works in his favor on the battlefield. He is one of the Hashiras who has had the most screen time till now in Demon Slayer. He has encountered several demons till now and proved that he is one of the strongest of all Hashiras. 

    Giyu’s first impression gives off a cold and unbothered aura, but we soon see that he is the kindest soul when he takes a stand for Nezuko. He even went ahead and violated the Demon Slayer Code of Conduct to protect her. One of Giyu’s strongest personas is when he awakens his Demon Slayer mark, which increases his strength to a massive extent. 

    3. Obanai Iguro – The Snake Hashira

    Obanai Iguro
    Combat StyleSerpent Breathing
    Voiced ByKenichi Suzumura
    Height162 cm

    Obanai Iguro is the most mysterious Hashira character, as his past is as messed up as the appearance of his character. Iguro was born partially blind and keeps his mouth covered with bandages, as his mouth was cut from corners to ears when he was just twelve. He never let his past become his weakness and is one of the strong contenders on this list of Hashira rankings.

    His brutal life experiences have made him a strict Hashira who despises everyone who does not abide by the Demon Slayer rules. He has made no exception for himself, as despite being partially blind, his fighting technique is on par with others, and he is considered one of the most dreadful opponents. 

    Remember when Tengen Uzui barely defeated the weakest Upper Rank demon? Iguro’s disgust for a weak mentality was clearly visible at the time.

    2. Sanemi Shinazugawa – The Wind Hashira

    Sanemi Shinazugawa
    Combat StyleWind Breathing
    Voiced ByTomokazu Seki
    Height179 cm

    Even before capturing your attention with his skills, this Hashira will have you hooked on his appearance. Sanemi is one of the most feared Hashiras in Demon Slayer due to his hot-headed nature. His level of distrust towards demons was visible when, of all Hashiras, he attacked Nezuko, as he believes demons and humans could never co-exist.

    Sanemi is an older brother to Genya Shinazugawa, who is also a demon slayer and one of Tanjiro’s allies. His unmatched speed and swordsmanship are a lethal combo that gets the demons weak on their knees. Sanemi’s character is covered in scars and cuts, which he carries as a sign of endurance and bravery.

    1. Gyomei Himejima – The Stone Hashira

    Gyomei Himejima
    Combat StyleStone Breathing
    Voiced ByTomokazo Sugita
    Height220 cm

    Gyomi Himejima is the strongest of all Hashiras. With prayer beads and his emotional demeanor, he might not look like the strongest Hashira at first glance but that is also one of his specialties. Gyomei is also the tallest of all Hashiras, as we have always seen him towering over his fellow Hashiras. 

    Despite his intimidating appearance, he has a soft personality and can be seen shedding tears frequently for other Demon Slayers. There is something about watching calm characters lose their cool, and Gyomei is one such character. The audience will have to wait and watch how Stone Hashira uses his destructive powers to save mankind. 


    All Hashiras are extremely powerful, and this Hashira ranking is curated keeping in mind several factors, like their physical strength and combat style. With Demon Slayer season 4 ready for its release in 2024, the excitement is at its peak to learn more about the Demon Slayer Corps and all Hashiras. A teaser trailer for Demon Slayer Season 4 has been released, and it looks promising. 


    Ans: Gyomei Himejima is stated as the strongest Hashira on multiple occasions.

    Ans: Shinobu Kocho is the weakest of all Hashiras. When made to fight an upper rank, she was the only one who was almost instantly defeated.

    Ans: In the manga, Nezuko looks up to Mitsuri Kanroji (the Love Hashira) and admires her like an older sister.

    Ans: Kanao Tsuyuri revealed having a crush on Tanjiro.

    Ans: During the Mugen Train Arc, Rengoku had to succumb to the Upper-Rank Three Demon, Akaza.

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