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Monday, February 26, 2024

Solo Leveling Release Date Announced by Crunchyroll Officially: Cast, Plot, Manhwa, and Everything You Need to Know

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    Solo Leveling Release Date: With Crunchyroll announcing the anime adaptation of the popular Korean webcomic Solo Leveling, the New Year already looks promising for manhwa fans and weebs. So when is Solo Leveling anime coming out? The long-awaited Solo Leveling anime finally has a release date, which is January 6, 2024.

    Get ready to slip into the other dimension with Sung Jinwoo as he embarks on a journey to be the greatest hunter of all time. The Funimation vs. Crunchyroll debate is already over, as Crunchyroll is adapting the Solo Leveling manhwa.

    Though Crunchyroll announced the anime adaptation way back in 2022, details regarding the Solo Leveling anime release date were kept in the dark until recently. 

    Solo Leveling is expected to be one of the most successful anime of 2024, with simultaneous streaming outside of Asia as well.  

    Solo Leveling Release Date: How Long is the Wait?

    Solo Leveling release date

    With the announcement of the Solo Leveling release date, we have been counting the days until we can finally watch the high-action thriller in motion. The global premiere has been set for January 6, 2024.

    The production of the series is in the safe hands of A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll. You don’t have to go through the struggle of looking for an interdimensional gate to enjoy the series, thanks to the streaming platform, Crunchyroll. 

    Solo Leveling Trailer

    The trailer plays a crucial role in deciding the future of any anime. Solo Leveling Manga won over the audience and hence already has a strong fan base for the upcoming anime release. The first trailer dropped in July 2022 and set the base for the audience’s expectations.

    In March 2023, another teaser was released further giving a proper insight into the storyline and characters. We can see Sung Jinwoo’s struggles and his desperation to succeed as a hunter.

    So far, three trailers have been released. It is safe to say that the VFX and graphics did not disappoint a bit in the trailer and have succeeded in bringing out the aesthetics of the manga. 

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    Solo Leveling Manhwa

    Solo Leveling Manga

    Solo Leveling Manhwa was released on KakaoPage in 2016 and was later published under the label “Papyrus” by D&C Media. The immense sales and popularity of the manga guaranteed an anime adaptation. Crunchyroll and A1 Productions were quick to jump on the opportunity.

    The Korean manhwa web novel was written by Chugong and was later illustrated into a manga and webtoon in 2018 by the late artist DUBU. 

    While recent years saw us arguing over the strongest Hashiras in Demon Slayer, 2024 will gift us with yet another strong character in the anime world. Solo Leveling is about Sung Jinwoo, the world’s weakest hunter with an E-rank, who one day gets an opportunity to level up his rank and prove himself. Hunters are selected humans with supernatural powers who save humanity from deadly monsters.

    If you have read the Solo Leveling manhwa, you might already know what the story holds, but it is still fun to watch your favorite characters get an anime adaptation. The manga had 14 volumes with 270 chapters. 

    As soon as the story was adapted into a webtoon, Solo Leveling became the most trending manga, with high-end action sequences and pitch-perfect graphics. I hope the anime adaptation will be able to keep up with the high expectations of the audience.

    Solo Leveling Cast and Crew

    Solo Leveling cast

    Since the anime will have both Korean and Japanese adaptations, the characters’ names have also been changed accordingly. The main cast of Solo Leveling includes:

    Voiced ByCharacter
    Taito BanSung Jinwoo/Shun Mizushino 
    Reina UedaCha Hae-In/Shizuku Kosaka
    Hiroki TouchiBaek Yoonho/Taiga Shirakawa
    Genta NakamuraYoo Jinho/Kenta Morohishi
    Daisuke HirakawaChoi Jong-In/Shin Mogami
    Banjou GingaGo Gunhee/Kiyoomi Gotō
    Makoto FurukawaWoo Jinchui/Akira Inukai

    Crunchyroll also announced the list of some of the English voice actors as well. Sung Jinwoo will be voiced by Aleks Le, Cha Hae-In will be voiced by Michelle Rojas, and Yoo Jinho will be voiced by Justin Briner. 

    The other equally important crew members of the series include Chiaki Furuzumi, who has been trusted with character design; Daichi Iseki as VFX Director; and Toshitaka Morioka as CG Director. The direction will be helmed by Shunsuke Nakashige.

    Other than the cast and crew, the opening theme song of Solo Leveling has grabbed everyone’s attention for various reasons. The song is performed by none other than the renowned K-pop band Tomorrow X Together, aka TXT, in collaboration with composer Hiroyuki Sawano, who has created music for some of the renowned animes like Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill. 

    Solo Leveling Plot: What Lies on the Other Side of Humanity?

    Solo Leveling Plot

    The plot of Solo Leveling is not a secret, as it is an anime adaptation of the most trending manga of the same name. As mentioned earlier, if you are familiar with the manhwa, you might know what the story holds. The makers of the anime have conveyed that they will keep a balance between creative freedom and the original content.

    The anime will have a few changes here and there, but the essence and the overall storyline remain unchanged. During a Q&A session, Atsushi Kaneko explained how important it is to let every artist have their own creative space. 

    He said, “A lot of that is because I have a huge team in Japan…  I wanted to make sure that as animators and creators, they had enough room to be able to express some of their creativity and different forms of anime expression; had we been restrained by the webtoon, we may not have been able to explore.” 

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    Solo Leveling Anime Episodes

    With the anticipation around the Solo leveling release building up, one more concern that has been on the minds of fans is regarding the number of episodes. No official announcement regarding the same has been made yet, but there are speculations about at least 12 episodes. 


    Fans are too excited to have their favorite manga adapted into an anime, and the pressure is equally on the makers of Solo Leveling. The team looks promising, and after watching the trailers, it is safe to say that the anime is going to be lit. 


    Ans: Yes, the hit manga Solo Leveling is ready to be released as an anime on January 6, 2024.

    Ans: Yes, Crunchyroll has collaborated with A1 Pictures and will be streaming Solo Leveling worldwide. You can also watch Solo Leveling on pirated sites like GogoAnime and 9Anime, but it is always better to stream from the official source. 

    Ans: Although no official announcement has been made yet, we can expect the first season to have at least 12 episodes.

    Ans: The Solo Leveling manga is based on a Korean light novel, and the manga officially finished with chapter 179. 

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