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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date Revealed: Know Everything About the Cast, Plot, and More

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    Chainsaw Man grabbed the attention of the audience as soon as it premiered in 2022. With gore and gruesome scenes, the anime stood out even after having strong competitors like Spy X Family, Attack on Titan, and One Piece. It’s been a long wait for fans to get an update on Chainsaw Man Season 2

    The sad news is that there is still no official update regarding the Chainsaw Man season 2 release date. There are even speculations about whether Chainsaw Man getting canceled. To put all your curious minds at ease, we are taking a look at everything we know so far about the release of Chainsaw Man Season 2.  

    Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date

    The audience is getting restless with curiosity building around the question- When is Chainsaw Man Season 2 releasing? There is no official release date for Chainsaw Man Season 2 as of now, but we are expecting to hear some good news soon. With the delay in the release date, fans are also concerned about whether the anime has been canceled.

    Since Chainsawman is an adaptation of the manga, such adaptations never get canceled unless they have performed badly, which is not the case here. The first season had the audience hooked, resulting in a massive success. 

    Why Has Chainsaw Man Season 2 Not Released Yet?

    The anime that made us all go bonkers has been testing our patience for quite a while now. The fans expected some updates on the Chainsaw Man Season 2 release date in 2023, but with the year almost coming to an end, we can’t help but wonder why it is taking so long. 

    One major reason for the delay of Chain Saw Man could be the busy schedule of its production house, MAPPA. The studio had some other urgent projects on hand, like the final season of Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga Season 2. 

    With the mass success of Season 1, we expected to hear an immediate update but were disappointed when no official announcement was made. Since the production house has no more urgent projects under its belt, we are hoping for an update on Chainsaw Man Season 2 in 2024. 

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    Chainsaw Man Season 2 Plot: What Lies in Store For Denji and His Allies?

    Chainsaw Man Season 2 Plot

    If you have read the manga, you might know where the story is headed. The first season of Chainsawman covered the first 38 chapters of the manga in 12 episodes. The plot focuses on Denji’s transformation into the titular Chainsaw Man after being killed by a zombie devil. (Still can’t believe MAPPA had us all fangirling over the most bizarrely hot character, not complaining though)

    With Season 1 covering the Public Safety Saga, we can expect Season 2 of Chainsaw Man to cover the Bomb Girl arc and the Assassins arc (manga readers know what we are talking about). For those who have never read the manga, remember the woman named Reze who appears at the end of Season 1? Well, she will have a pivotal role in the upcoming Chainsaw Man episodes. 

    We will also have to keep an eye on Makima, as her intentions have seen a major shift since the beginning of the plot. If you thought the first season of the Chainsaw Man television show had some of the craziest and bloodiest twists, brace yourself for the Chainsaw Man Season 2 plot. 

    Chainsaw Man Season 2 Episodes

    Chainsaw Man Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off. If the franchise decides to maintain the streak of 12 episodes per season, we are expecting the anime to have a longer running time as they have to cover the remaining 57 chapters of the manga. 

    Chainsaw Man Season 2 Cast: Who Might Make a Comeback?

    Chainsaw Man Season 2 cast

    The main characters and their respective voice actors are expected to make a comeback along with some new additions as the story progresses. MAPPA Studios is considered one of the best in the business and hence we have high expectations when it comes to graphics and the overall presentation of each character. 

    CharacterVoice Actor
    DenjiKikunosuke Toya
    MakimaTomori Kusunoki
    Aki HayakawaShogo Sakata
    PowerFairouz Ai
    PochitaShiori Izawa
    RezeReina Ueda

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    Where Can I Watch Chainsaw Man?

    Gone are the days when weebs had to wait for their favorite animes to get released in the U.S. with an English sub or dub. Websites like Gogo Anime and Crunchyroll came as a literal blessing for all of us. 

    You can stream all the released Chainsaw Man episodes on Crunchyroll

     and Hulu. You can also buy Season 1 of the anime on Amazon and Apple TV.  

    Chainsaw Man Season 2 Trailer

    The much-awaited Season 2 of Chainsaw Man has not been officially greenlit by MAPPA. Hence, we still have a long time to go before we can enjoy an official trailer for Chainsaw Man Season 2. 

    The previous season had three trailers before the premiere of the anime. The trailers gave us a glimpse of the hauntingly mesmerizing world of Denji and the Devil Hunters. If you have not watched the anime yet (will try not to judge you), you still have enough time to catch up. By that time, you can enjoy the trailer for Season 1 to get the essence of what the show has in store. 


    Chainsaw Man has set the bar too high for slash animes with its gruesome, bloody graphics and characters. With the first season instantly becoming a success, expectations are high for Season 2. We will update you as soon as an official statement is available, so stay tuned. 

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    Ans: No, there is no official announcement regarding the Chainsaw Man anime being canceled and we do not anticipate the show being canceled anytime soon.

    Ans: Chainsaw Man Season 2 is on the cards but do not expect an update any time soon.

    Ans: Though introduced as a kind-hearted character, Makima is soon revealed as a manipulative antagonist.

    Ans: After being betrayed, Denji is murdered by zombified humans and later resurrected as a devil-human hybrid.

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