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Friday, July 19, 2024

Gogoanime 2024: All You Need to Know About it and If It’s Safe and Legal to Use

  • Annie
  • Being an Otaku (a name given to anime fans) myself, I can very well understand the pain of jumping on different websites just to watch my favorite anime, only to end up realizing they are not available for free anywhere. 

    But things have become a bit easier nowadays; gone are the days when the only source of anime entertainment was Crunchyroll. Now, many torrent sites are available that allow you to watch all anime for free and in high resolution; one such site is go go anime.

    It has become very popular, with more than 2.2 million users every month. All anime on this platform have English subtitles, and some very popular ones are dubbed into English, too. The best part is that all this is available for free. So whether you want to know everything about Haki in One Piece or Tanjiro in Demon Slayer, this website is your one-stop destination. 

    gogo-anime logo

    What is Gogoanime?

    Gogo Anime is an anime streaming torrent site, which means you can download individual episodes and movies on your phone and watch them on the go. Gogo Anime is said to be one of the best anime streaming sites. 

    Anime is the name given to Japanese animation, but don’t take it lightly; they are not for kids. Some anime have such depressing and twisted stories that they can even traumatize adults. Gogo anime has one of the largest libraries of anime series and movies across genres like Romance, Action, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, etc. 

    The site has hundreds of anime, from the oldest episodes of One Piece (1999) to the newest release of God of High School season 2. You can watch absolutely any anime you want without registering or signing up. 

    gogo-anime website

    Is Gogoanime Safe and Legal to Use?

    It is absolutely safe to use, but sadly, it is not legal. Since it offers all anime for free, most people think it may not be safe to use, but that’s not it! The site has pop-up ads, so as long as you don’t click on them or download anything from any unknown source, you’re completely safe and can continue browsing. 

    If we look at the legal aspect, then sadly, gogo anime is not legal. Since they are streaming pirated content on their website for free and even make it available for download without the permission of the official website. But since they upload the anime on different servers, there’s no risk of illegal content to the viewers. So you can stream without any worry. 

    In Our Research, We Found Two Real Gogoanime Websites:


    Redirect to the same website of

    Redirecting Link same to website:

    Why Does GoGo Anime Not Get Blocked?

    Piracy rules are not that strict where the site is based, which saves it from shutting down again and again. It keeps changing its link, which makes it difficult for official sites to block it. These are some working links of goganime.

    How to Use Gogoanime Anime Safely?

    If you still don’t trust the site and want to stream anime more safely, then you should use a VPN, it will protect your device and won’t let any foreign element enter your system. Also, goganime may not be available in every country, so a VPN will help you mask your IP address and access these geographically restricted areas, so you can stream from anywhere you want. 

    Following are some trusted VPNs you can use: 

    Features of Gogoanime 

    Goganime is such a popular site because it has many features that anime lovers go crazy for. One of the main features is that all the anime are completely free to watch. 

    Other features of the site are as follows – 

    Multiple Genres Available

    Gogo anime has an abundance of content in all genres, be it Romance, Comedy, Action, Slice of Life, Drama, Horror, Family, etc. Not just content but they even have a large variety of genres. 

    List of Genres

    Updated Content 

    One of the best things about this site is that they don’t take weeks and months to update the new seasons and episodes of the anime. The new season of Demon Slayer was uploaded the very next day of its release. And it’s not just with Demon Slayer, their standard is the same with every anime. 

    Updates on gogo-anime

    English Subtitles and Dubbed Content

    All content on the site is available with subtitles. Although it feels good to watch anime in the authentic language, it can get quite irritating when you can’t read fast and have to stop the video occasionally to read the text. 

    But don’t worry, almost all popular anime are available in English dub, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything in the story. 

    Dubbed anime

    HD quality 

    The quality of the content is the one thing I love about this site. All the content is available in an impressive 1080p or even higher for both streaming and downloading. 

    Video resolutions

    Fast Speed 

    Go Go anime is faster than other anime streaming websites. But it has a lot of pop-up ads and will get redirected to another site every time you click anywhere on the screen. 

    Simple Interface 

    The interface of the website is super simple, making it easy to locate any anime you want to watch. Just enter the Japanese name of the anime in the search bar and start watching! 

    Search bar

    How to Download an Episode from Gogoanime?

    The interface of this site is quite simple, but it is noted that some people still have problems downloading the content. So here are a few steps to make it easier for you to download the episodes to your phone – 

    1. Visit the official site and search for your favorite anime.  
      Search bars
    1. Now open the episode you want to download 
      Gogo-anime Homepage
    1. Now you’ll find the download button on the video itself or right the upper left corner of the video. 
      Download button
    1. When you click on the link, a new window will open with several links. Click on anyone you want, and the episode will be downloaded. 
      Link page

    What are the Alternatives of Go go anime

    Gogo anime is a safe and free site that rarely goes down, but it’s still an illegal site, so you may sometimes find that it’s not working. In this case, you should be aware of other sites similar to GoGo anime so that your streaming never stops. These are the few alternatives, both Legal and illegal: 

    1. 9nime 
    2. Crunchyroll 
    3. Crackle 
    4. KissAnime 
    5. Animepahe
    6. 4Anime
    7. AnimeLand
    8. Chia-Anime
    9. AnimePlanet 
    10. KickAssAnime

    Pros and Cons of Gogo anime 

    Goganime is one of the best anime streaming websites out there but among all the bright sides it has some darker sides too, but since it is for free, I doubt this site can be any more perfect than this. I’ve already mentioned both the good and the bad sides of this website in the article, but let’s take a quick look at them again so that you’re not left with any doubts. 

    All animes on the site are completely free Lots of pop-up ads.
    The updates on the site are perfect and on timeThe site will redirect you again and again the moment you click anywhere on the screen.
    All anime are available with subtitles.May enter your system without your permission. 
    All popular anime are also available in Hindi dub.
    HD content is available
    Servers work almost every time.
    There are at least 5 servers available for every episode and movie.
    Not just Japanese, but Chinese anime is also available.
    The episodes and movies are also available for free download.
    The interface is very simple so anyone can operate it.
    Has many servers and backup sites.
    No registration is required to watch.


    This is one of the best anime streaming websites with more than 2.2 million visitors every month. Goganime is a safe and free site to stream all the Japanese and Chinese anime you want, but you need to take care not to tap on any unwanted links or download anything from any unknown website. 

    However, this site is not legal, but that doesn’t affect the viewer’s experience in any way. Hope this article cleared all your doubts regarding this amazing free anime streaming website, and now you can stream your favorite anime without any worry. 

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    Ans: It is based in a country that doesn’t have very strict laws against copyright content. 

    Ans: Yes! It is absolutely free! All the anime on this site is free to watch and even to download. 

    Ans: No, there is no need to register or sign up on the site to watch anime for free. 

    Ans: The safest pp to watch anime are Crunchyroll, MangaRock, Funimation, Tubi TV, Crackle, Peacock TV, Anime Lab, etc.  


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