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Thursday, June 20, 2024

30 Ugly Disney Characters & What Can We Learn From Them

  • Annie
  • Disney movies have a reputation for showcasing enchanting princesses, dashing princes, and adorable animals. However, even in the realm of Disney, there are characters who may not conform to conventional beauty standards. These ugly Disney characters stand out because of their distinctive qualities, whether those qualities include physical differences, odd features, or a lack of traditional beauty.

    These Disney characters, although deemed “Ugly” by some, possess attractive personalities and compelling backstories that distinguish them from the rest. Additionally, they impart valuable life lessons on embracing diversity, cultivating self-love, and overcoming challenges. Most of these movies are available for you to watch on online streaming platforms.

    In this article, we’ll look into 30 ugly Disney characters who are not conventionally attractive. Our article will include their appearances, personalities, and the profound lessons they share. Moreover, we’ll shed light on the positive messages they convey about the importance of inner beauty, acceptance, and embracing oneself.

    30 Ugly Disney Characters You Should Know

    As many people believe, beauty extends beyond mere appearances, and there are numerous admirable qualities to be found in so-called ugly cartoon characters. The next time you call a Disney character ugly, take a moment to appreciate their talents and positive personalities.

    Rather than labeling Cartoon characters as “ugly,” let us remember that true beauty is from within. It’s essential to avoid passing judgment, especially since societal standards of beauty have often been inconsistent and elusive.

    Let’s embrace the unique charm of Disney characters, for they play vital roles in the beloved stories we all cherish. After all, where would Cinderella be without her Stepsisters or Sleeping Beauty without the Witch? There’s a certain appeal in the unconventional that adds to the charm of these timeless tales. Hers is a list of 30 ugly characters from cartoons:

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    Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine – Cinderella

    ​​Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine1

    Meet Drizella and Anastasia Tremaine, the stepsisters from Cinderella who gained a reputation for their unpleasant behavior. It’s important for young girls to learn from their mistakes and avoid using their ways. These characters are not only known for their big feet but also for their tendency to say hurtful things.

    Throughout the story, they relentlessly bully Cinderella, even going as far as tearing up her homemade dress out of jealousy. What makes them one of the ugly female cartoon characters is not just their physical appearance but their selfish personalities and animosity towards Cinderella.

    Ursula – The Little Mermaid


    Ursula is the formidable sea witch we encounter in The Little Mermaid. While she may not fit the typical beauty standards of Disney Princesses, she’s a powerful and captivating character. Ursula’s commanding presence and unique fashion choices make her an unforgettable figure.

    Despite being labeled as “ugly” by society, Ursula’s strength and magical abilities command respect. She’s a true icon with an unmistakable personality.

    Madame Medusa – The Rescuers

    Madame Medusa1

    In Disney’s 1977 film, The Rescuers, we encounter Madame Medusa, the primary antagonist. Fans consider this cartoon character ugly, she is a greedy pawn shop owner who manipulates an orphaned mouse named Penny for her own gain.

    Madame Medusa disguises herself as a kindly old lady to deceive Penny, but thanks to the bravery of two mice named Bernard and Miss Bianca, her plans are thwarted. In the end, justice prevails, and Madame Medusa faces the consequences of her actions.

    Phil – Hercules


    Phil, also known as Philoctetes, appears in Hercules. He is a Satyr who trains aspiring warriors to become heroes, and Hercules becomes his last and greatest hope.

    At first glance, Phil may come across as grumpy, stubborn, and an ugly Disney character, but beneath his unique appearance lies a kind-hearted and compassionate individual. He is a loyal friend with a passion for music, which adds to his endearing qualities. Anyone who hasn’t heard his song is surely missing out on a delightful part of their childhood.

    Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove


    Yzma plays the main villain in The Emperor’s New Groove. The sharp lines of her appearance pay tribute to Cruella De Vil, whose hip and shoulder structure bears a striking resemblance. Her facial features appear frowning and skeletal, presenting the classical image of a Disney antagonist. 

    Yzma is the only character in the movie that consistently wears purple clothing, frequently in the shape of long dresses that are heavily embroidered. The choice of purple, according to the designers, is due to its aura of insanity (as well as majesty).

    Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty


    Maleficent, the feared villain from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, infamously curses Princess Aurora due to not being invited to her christening. However, her actions are later revealed to be driven by betrayal and the pain of having her wings stolen. 

    The 2014 live-action film delves deeper into Maleficent’s character, presenting her as a protagonist struggling to balance revenge and the eventual choice of love and forgiveness. Despite her initial wicked deeds, Maleficent has become a beloved Disney character, showcasing the complexities of human nature and the transformative power of love.

    LeFou – Beauty and the Beast


    In Beauty and the Beast, LeFou, Gaston’s loyal but comical best friend, adds a touch of humor to the story. His appearance and personality often lead to not being taken seriously, yet he remains devoted to his friend. In the live-action version, LeFou was reimagined as Disney’s first openly queer character, adding a layer of depth to his portrayal. 

    Dr Facilier – The Princess and the Frog

    Dr Facilier1

    In Disney’s 2009 film, The Princess and the Frog, we come across Dr. Facilier, also called the Shadow Man, who acts as the antagonist. A practitioner of voodoo magic, he cleverly manipulates human beings into making deals that involve their souls. Despite his charismatic demeanor, Dr. Facilier’s unquenchable thirst for power drives him to hire any approach vital to reap his desires. 

    He faces the dire consequences of handling darkish forces whilst his allies from the other side turn against him. Dr. Facilier’s persona serves as a cautionary tale, caution about the dangers of greed and the risks associated with making deals with dark forces.

    Jafar – Aladdin


    Jafar possesses an overwhelming sense of superiority. Despite numerous unsuccessful attempts, he fails to win Princess Jasmine’s hand in marriage through his own charisma alone.

    However, Jafar’s true desire lies in obtaining ultimate power and control. This thirst for power eventually leads to his downfall. Jafar stands as an unforgettable character to root against.

    The Hag – Snow White

    The Hag1

    Also known as the Evil Queen, The Hag adopts this disguise to gain Snow White’s trust, posing as an innocent stranger. With missing teeth, a hunched posture, a wrinkled nose, and blonde hair, The Hag is a convincing and one of the dangerous ugly female cartoon characters.

    The wicked witch’s deception works, as Snow White’s compassionate nature makes her an easy target for manipulation.

    Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland

    Queen of Hearts1

    The Queen of Hearts plays a dominant and violent role in Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Famously uttering the line, “Off with their heads!”, she exhibits a constant desire to execute those who displease her.

    The Queen’s jealousy is evident when she threatens to have Alice executed for excelling at croquet. Despite her cruelty, the Queen shows affection towards her husband, the King of Hearts, revealing a softer side. She symbolizes the unpredictable and oppressive nature of authority figures.

    Sarousch – Hunchback of Notre Dame 2


    Sarousch is a powerful and wealthy gypsy magician, serving as the primary antagonist in Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame II.”

    Setting his sights on stealing Notre Dame’s Bells, Sarousch utilizes charm and illusions to steal valuable items from Parisians. Despite his manipulations, Sarousch’s plan is ultimately thwarted by the courage of Esmeralda and Phoebus.

    Hades – Hercules


    One noticeable aspect of the Hercules movie was its intriguing characters, with the primary antagonist, Hades, standing out in particular. Hades, the god of the Underworld and brother to Zeus, sets his sights on defeating Hercules and overthrowing the gods of Mount Olympus by unleashing the Titans.

    Hades possesses a unique appearance with blue flames atop his head in lieu of hair, striking yellow eyes, blue skin, and teeth similar to piranhas. Surprisingly, even as a child, I found myself drawn to Hades due to his humorous demeanor. Although portrayed as both physically and internally unattractive, there’s an odd charm to his character that you can’t help but appreciate.

    Quasimodo – The Hunchback Of Notre Dame


    The Hunchback, Quasimodo, serves as a powerful reminder of how quickly we judge people based solely on their looks. Disney’s portrayal of Quasimodo presents him as one of the most visually distinct and unattractive characters. However, despite him being an ugly cartoon character, Quasimodo is one of the kindest souls.

    The movie conveys an essential message for children, “never judge others by their external appearance”. Just because someone may not conform to traditional beauty standards does not mean they are ugly. Quasimodo’s character reminds us that everyone possesses their unique beauty, and we should cherish and embrace those differences.

    Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians

    Cruella De Vil1

    Cruella De Vil is a character we have intensely disliked since childhood. The notion of killing puppies to make clothing is abhorrent. Beyond her cruel nature, Cruella De Vil ranks among the ugliest Disney characters in movies.

    Her unusually slender figure, half-black and half-white hair, piercing eyes, and somewhat pale skin create an almost unnatural appearance. Even with the new rendition of the character portrayed by Emma Stone in Cruella, my aversion to Cruella remains unchanged. The movie serves as a reminder never to harm innocent animals, especially adorable puppies and kittens.

    Scar – The Lion King


    In The Lion King, Scar emerges as Mufasa’s less fortunate brother, driven by an insatiable desire for the Kingdom’s throne and all its privileges. He forms alliances with the cunning hyenas and seizes control over the pride lands, leading to a conflict with the lion population.

    Scar and the hyenas conspire to eliminate Mufasa and take over the pride lands. The Lion King stands among Walt Disney Pictures’ highest-grossing movies, capturing the audience’s attention with its captivating narrative and memorable characters.

    Mother Gothel – Tangled

    Mother Gothel

    Mother Gothel plays the antagonist role in Disney’s Tangled, using her cunning abilities to keep Rapunzel confined in a tower for her own selfish purposes.

    But Mother Gothel’s actions extend beyond the events of Tangled. Before she abducted baby Rapunzel, she had taken possession of a magical healing flower with unique properties, enabling her to preserve her youth and beauty for numerous years.

    Despite claiming to act in Rapunzel’s best interest, Mother Gothel’s true motivation revolves around maintaining her own youth and beauty, disregarding the consequences.

    Roz – Monsters Inc


    Roz stands out as one of the most distinctive characters in Disney World. With a recognizable voice, fans often share her memes on social media. Roz’s appearance is that of a grumpy creature with a slug-like resemblance, sporting a red coat, pointy eyeglasses, and spiky gray hair. Upon her introduction to Monsters Inc, she became known for her unique and quirky appearance.

    Edna Mode – The Incredibles


    Edna embodies the tough-love personality type often found in our lives. She is assertive, and her character in The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 provides comedic relief.

    Edna is quite an interesting character, really breaking away from those usual ideas about looks. She’s not very tall, has a roundish build, and her hairline seems to be moving back a bit. But Edna carries herself with such confidence and a sense of style; she really believes in herself. While Edna’s taste in fashion might be unconventional, she designs outfits that leave a lasting impression.

    Jumba – Lilo & Stitch


    Stitch, with his strange yet lovable appearance, resembles a cute space dog. However, he was initially designed as an experimental weapon programmed to wreak havoc. Jumba, a big, robust alien with two sets of eyes, was the mastermind behind creating Stitch. Despite his alarming appearance, Jumba adds a touch of humor to the film.

    Fortunately, Jumba realizes the failure of his experiments, and as Stitch learns to be good, he redeems himself, proving that his inner nature is far from the ugliness we initially perceived.

    The Fates – Hercules

    The Fates

    The Fates appear as a trio of sisters who hold control over the destinies of all living beings. Their names are Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Clotho is responsible for weaving the thread of life, Lachesis measures its span, and Atropos brings it to a close.

    The Fates are elderly ladies with weathered skin and flowing white hair. Occasionally, they are shown with features similar to birds. It’s widely accepted among fans of animated shows that this trio is among one of the ugliest characters in cartoons.

    Their single eye allows them to glimpse into the future. Their hair is thin and their noses are notably elongated. This story illustrates that even the mighty Fates can be deceived, and it highlights that death doesn’t necessarily mark the end of a tale.

    Randall – Monsters Inc


    Randall is a rather unattractive character from the movie Monsters, Inc. He bears a resemblance to a chameleon, sporting a slick green body with purple patterns and large, protruding eyes. Sharp teeth and a long tail contribute to his unattractive appearance.

    Despite his physical drawbacks, Randall is a capable and driven creature who aspires to become the top scarer at Monsters Inc. However, his actions and schemes frequently cause chaos and harm to others. Despite his imperfections, Randall remains a unique and well-received character in the realm of Disney.

    Ugo – Luca


    Ugo is a Ugly cartoon character from the Disney Pixar movie Luca. He is a blobfish and not conventionally cute. Ugo leads a gang of underwater creatures that Luca and his friend Alberto meet.

    But Ugo is different than he appears. He’s got a big heart and helps Luca and Alberto steer clear of dangers in the sea. He becomes a true friend to the boys, showing that real beauty is about who you are, not just how you look.

    Smee – Peter Pan


    In Peter Pan’s story, there’s a character called Smee, who’s there to make us laugh. He’s the sidekick to Captain Hook, a loyal follower of his captain’s orders. Smee is a bit on the shorter and rounder side, and his hair isn’t sticking around too much. 

    He’s like a typical funny middle-aged guy you’d find in cartoons. Smee’s got a mix of good and bad in him. He even has a weapon he calls ‘Johnny Corkscrew’, but sometimes he shows he’s got a good side too. 

    Madam Mim – The Sword In the Stone

    Madam Mim

    Madam Mim is a witch who is really determined to outdo Merlin in a magic showdown. Mim’s special trick is changing her shape; she can turn into all sorts of animals, from cats to frogs to even a dragon.

    Mim’s an interesting character. She’s not exactly what you’d call traditionally pretty, being short and stout with a big nose and less hair on top. But she’s got confidence and power, and she’s super skilled at magic.

    Bill Sykes – Oliver and Company

    Bill Sykes

    Bill Sykes from the film Oliver and Company is another ugly Disney character. He’s a mean gangster who’s done some terrible things to dogs. Bill’s known for his scary looks and his bad actions.

    Bill is not a nice guy, both on the outside and the inside. He’s got a rough face and a scary glare. And he doesn’t care about doing bad things to people or animals. His character teaches us that being ugly isn’t just about appearances, it can be about what’s inside too.

    Mr Snoops – The Rescuers

    Mr Snoops

    He’s quite the curious ferret who works alongside Madame Medusa. Mr Snoops is famous for being clever, yet sometimes finding himself in a bit of a pickle.

    Mr Snoops isn’t exactly easy on the eyes, with his lanky frame and pointy nose. His values are questionable, as he doesn’t seem to mind bending the rules to get what he wants. He is easily one of the ugly characters in the movie.

    Duke of Weselton – Frozen

    Duke of Weselton

    He is a very arrogant individual who isn’t very trustworthy. The Duke of Weselton is renowned for his showy appearance and his strong dislike for anything magical.

    His physical appearance isn’t too appealing, featuring a big nose and hair that’s seen better days. He doesn’t hesitate to tell lies and deceive to achieve his goals. This character tried to wield his influence to his advantage. He is a bit like a less likable version of Professor Porter from Tarzan.

    Claude Frollo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Cluade Frollo

    He’s a corrupt priest who is guided by his own ambitions. Claude Frollo is infamous for his harsh treatment of Quasimodo.

    Claude Frollo isn’t very pretty, with a long face that wears a cruel expression. His moral compass is skewed, showing little regard for the importance of human life. The story of Claude Frollo reminds us that wickedness can exist in both those in positions of faith and regular people.

    Ratcliffe – Pocahontas


    Ratcliffe is a rather greedy colonist who isn’t all that reliable. He is notorious for his unwavering ambition and his hatred for Native Americans.

    Ratcliffe’s appearance isn’t his strong suit, sporting a thin face and a rather unkind look. Moreover, his principles are lacking, as he doesn’t seem to value human life very much. Some fans even consider him an uglier version of Jafar.

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    Why are Some Disney Characters Considered Ugly?

    Ugly characters can be perceived as unattractive for various reasons. Some may have physical differences, like a hunchback, a large nose, or a missing limb. Others might have unique characteristics like green skin, yellow hair, or sharp teeth. Moreover, some may not align with conventional beauty standards.

    Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that beauty is a subjective concept. What one person perceives as unattractive, another might find appealing. Furthermore, beauty standards have evolved over time, and what was once considered unattractive could be seen as beautiful in contemporary times.

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    People Also Ask

    Ans: Certain individuals argue that ugly characters from cartoons are more relatable compared to their more conventionally attractive counterparts. This is primarily because these characters often encounter challenges and experiences similar to those faced by real people. For instance, they may encounter bullying or rejection due to their appearance, which leads them to confront self-doubt and low self-esteem.

    Ans: Yes, ugly Disney characters have the potential to convey numerous valuable lessons. They can inspire us to embrace both ourselves and others, irrespective of appearances. Moreover, they can guide us in overcoming adversity and appreciating the beauty found in unexpected places.

    Ans: Some of the Disney characters that remain relatively unknown are Quasimodo, Powerline, Roquefort the Mouse, Tod and Copper, Oliver, and Grandmother Willow.

    Ans: Among the Disney characters, some notable tall ones include Woody, Jafar, Dr. Facilier, Goofy, Captain Hook, and Tigger.


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