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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Chainsaw Man Pochita – Story Behind the Devil and Its Powerful Chainsaw Abilities

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    Denji may be the breakout star of the Chainsaw Man anime, but his story wouldn’t be possible without his best friend, Pochita. Read this blog post to learn everything about Pochita from Chainsaw Man.

    Who is Pochita in Chainsaw Man?

    Despite his cute and harmless appearance, Pochita is the chainsaw devil, a supernatural being who is the manifestation of the fear of chainsaws. As Denji’s best friend for all his childhood, Pochita serves as a major supporting character in the story.

    Pochita resembles a small dog with a chainsaw coming out of his nose. He also has two handles on his body, and his tail is in the shape of a pull cord. 

    Pochita met Denji at his father’s grave. Seeing the devil in an injured state, Denji offered his blood to the devil and made a contract that both of them would help each other survive. This interaction served as the cornerstone of both Denji and Pochita’s friendship.

    How Did Pochita Become a Dog?

    chainsaw dog

    In the 87th chapter of the manga, it is revealed that during his fight with the four horsemen and weapon devils, Pochita was badly injured and reduced to a near-death state. At the height of his battle with the primordial devils, Pochita disappeared from hell and somehow appeared on Earth. It was then that he met Denji and made a contract with him. 

    How Did Pochita Merge With Denji?

    pochita and denji

    Following their contract, Pochita helped Denji exterminate devils and worked as a devil hunter for the yakuza. Feeling indebted to each other, both started caring for each other and developed a close bond. 

    During another devil-killing assignment, both Denji and Pochita are betrayed by the yakuza, who have also made a contract with the zombie devil to put an end to the Chainsaw Devil.

    Even though Denji had given him permission to take over his body if he ever dies, Pochita sacrifices himself and offers to take over Dneji’s heart with the condition that Denji will get to live out his life and fulfill his dream. 

    I’ve always… loved listening to you talk about your dreams. This is a contract. I’ll give you my heart. In exchange… show me your dreams.

    Pochita sacrifices his life and becomes Denji’s heart. Now, all healed up, Denji can pull out the cord from his chest to become the chainsaw man. This event serves as the perfect start to the story. 

    Now that we have cleared up the origin of Pochita in Chainsaw Man, let’s talk about his various forms. 

    Pochita Forms

    From the first chapter to the latest, we have seen Pochita in a total of three forms. Below, we have given a detailed explanation for each one of them. 

    Weakened/Near-Death State

    pochita near death state

    Pochita’s dog-like form is his weakened form; he reverted to this form after his battle with the four horsemen devils. 

    In this form, Pochita is way weaker than in his original form. Despite this, Denji was able to use Pochita as a weapon to kill multiple devils and make a good income out of it.

    Hybrid Form

    chainsaw man hybrid form

    Making his second contract with Denji, Pochita fuses with Denji and becomes his heart, creating the Chainsaw Man hybrid form. 

    After this, Denji can become the Chainsaw Man whenever he pulls out the cord from his chest. 

    In this hybrid form, Denji transforms into a human-devil hybrid, where his head turns into a mechanical shape with fangs coming out of it. His most distinct feature is three large chainsaws coming out of his hands and forehead. 

    In this form, Denji gains superhuman physical abilities, and using his chainsaws, he can quickly slaughter through a horde of devils.

    True Devil Form

    pochita devil form

    In his true devil form, Pochita appears to be a large humanoid with four hands, each with chainsaws coming out of them. He also has his signature chainsaw in front of his forehead. 

    Apart from two extra hands, another distinct feature of this form is Pochita’s intestines wrapped around its neck. 

    After Denji loses his will to live, he technically breaks off his contact with Pochita; this gives him full control and transforms him into the original Chainsaw Man. Pochita is at his strongest in this form.

    Just like haki in One Piece, the Chainsaw Man universe has its own power system, read the next section to know the powers and abilities of Pochita. 

    Pochita Powers and Abilities

    The chainsaw devil is one of the strongest and most feared devils in the CSM universe. His power is known second only to the primordial devils; he alone is able to fend off hordes of devils in hell.
    Denji gains a wide range of abilities after his fusion with Pochita; these can be divided into two parts. The first one is the common devil abilities, and the second one is the special abilities of chainsaw man. 

    Common Devil Abilities

    The devil race in the CSM world shares a set of common abilities, these are healing, super strength, increased speed, and durability. Read below to see how Denji uses these abilities: 

    • Healing: It’s a well-known fact that all devils can heal from an injury by drinking blood. During his fight with the Eternity devil, Denji was able to drink its blood and flesh to keep fighting for roughly 3 days. 
    • Super Strength: Being one of the strongest devils in existence, the chainsaw devil has immense levels of strength. He alone was able to fight the four horsemen and the weapon devils.
    • Increased Speed: Chainsaw Man was also renowned for his extreme levels of speed. He can quickly move and strike without his enemies reacting to it. 
    • Increased Durability: Denji has been through a lot of torture and pain; this is largely due to his extreme levels of durability. The chainsaw man has handled explosions and extreme temperatures and even survived Makima’s Thousand Year Spear attack. 

    Special Chainsaw Man Abilities

    The abilities mentioned above are present in all devils, but the ones mentioned below are only present in the Chainsaw Man:

    • Chainsaws: As the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita can grow chainsaws from his head, arms, and even legs. These chainsaws are highly effective against cutting devils and durable surfaces. Being the most iconic ability from the anime, this power alone makes Denji a big threat in his world. 
    • Regeneration: Pochita’s regeneration powers are extremely advanced; in his true form, he can instantly grow body parts without needing blood. Taking this power to the extreme, Denji was able to regenerate a whole other body at the end of Part 1.
    • Chains: Pochita can separate the chains from his chainsaws and use them to bind the enemy. This ability is extremely helpful when fighting multiple enemies. 
    • Devil Erasure: The Chainsaw Devil also has the ability to permanently remove a devil from existence. Normally, devils follow a cycle of life and death between earth and hell. Dying in hell makes them manifest on Earth, and vice versa, but the Chainsaw Devil can completely erase a devil from existence by consuming them. As revealed in the second part of the manga, if Pochita eats only a part of a devil, the devil will lose a fraction of their power, and their fear will also decrease in the real world.

    Pochita can only use this ability in his true devil form. When a devil gets eaten by the Chainsaw Devil, their concept gets completely erased from the world. 

    Why is Every Devil Scared of Pochita?

    As mentioned above, Pochita’s ability to eat a devil and erase it from existence makes him a grave threat to the devil’s kind. This ability alone is the reason why Denji is chased throughout the whole duration of the story. 

    After a devil gets eaten, they aren’t just removed from existence; their memories are also removed from the minds of everyone. With this ability, Chainsaw Man has exterminated many devils and concepts like Nazis, World War, Holocaust, AIDS, and many more. 

    Is Pochita Dead or Alive?

    The worst thing about Pochita is that he dies in the first episode. But you don’t need to feel bad about Pochita dying, mainly because he is still alive. 

    Pochita, or the Chainsaw Devil, has taken another contact where he is serving as Denji’s heart under the condition that Denji will show him his dreams and live a good life. 

    Despite sacrificing himself in the first chapter, Pochita still kept in touch with Denji through his dreams. This plot point will be further explored in the upcoming seasons of the anime. 

    If you are missing Pochita, you should read the manga to learn more about the cute little devil.

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    Ans: You can read the Chainsaw Man manga on the official Shonen Jump app and website. Shonen Jump is the official partner of VIZ Media. Using Shonen Jump, you will find the first three and the three latest chapters for free. To read more, you need to subscribe to Shonen Jump. You can also buy the physical manga of Chainsaw Man from Amazon and get the best possible experience.

    Ans: Pochi in Japanese means small things; it is a pretty common Japanese name for dogs. Ta, on the other hand, is derived from a popular chainsaw brand that looks similar to Pochita from Chainsaw Man.

    Ans: No, Pochita making a contract and taking over Denji’s body should technically classify them as a fiend, but Denji falls into the category of a Devil hybrid.


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