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Sunday, April 21, 2024

The God of High School Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

  • Annu Jain
  • Set in Seoul, South Korea, and based on Manhwa, which is usually called the South Korean comics influenced by Japanese Manga comics, ‘The God of High School’ is one of the best action anime to date. Created by Yongje Park, the first part of this comedy martial arts supernatural series was released in the year 2020 and run for about only three months but has made a huge fan base worldwide. 

    If you’ve watched all 13 episodes of Season 1 of this renowned series and looking for the release date of God of High School Season 2, then check out this post. Here we’ve collected all the details from various sources to let you know—Is God of High School Season 2 actually coming? If yes, when are we able to watch it on our screens? So, without any further delay, let’s get into this post. 

    The god

    Released on popular channels on youtube, this superhit series is based on the concept of ‘Borrowed Power’, which is provided by the gods to those humans who are unable to safeguard themselves from demons or monsters who try to rule over them with the condition of not using power against god. This much-talked series gained the attention of anime lovers all around the world only because of its spellbinding action scenes, as the plot is not up to that level. 

    About ‘The God of High School Season 2’  

    The God of High

    This thrilling series is set in that time when gods, humans, and demons all coexisted on Earth and possessed varying degrees of power. The Human realm, which is full of humans and other living beings like them, had the least power while the Heavenly realm, which is full of gods, had the greatest powers, and the Sage realm consisted of demons, spirits, monsters, dragons, and other mythical creatures lay somewhere between them in terms of powers. 

    The Sage realm used to tease humans and try to be their master. So, in order to get assistance, they went close to the Heavenly realm and borrowed their powers to combat them. The powers that god gave to poor humans were generally called ‘Borrowed Powers’.  

    With the exception of God, humans were free to use this power in any circumstance or against any human or demonic opponent. This bewildering concept fascinated people around the globe a lot and became the reason for its huge popularity, along with jaw-dropping action scenes. 

    Expected Plot of ‘The God of High School Season 2’

    high school

    As we’ve seen in the first part, the God of High School series revolves around a young boy Mori Jin, a high school student and taekwondo expert who is invited to participate in the God of High School, a martial arts tournament sponsored by a shady corporation. In this tournament, a large number of high school students participated from all over South Korea, but only three of them lastly selected and fought at the World Tournament. 

    Mori Jin participates in this competition and meets various competitors who have different fighting skills and uses Borrowed Powers along with martial arts techniques to win the game. The first two competitors who fight with Mori become his friends and fight with each other in the last round to fulfill their one wish as the competition organizer claims to grant the wish of the winner with no 


    In the end, Mori returns his memory and gets to know that he is not a high school student but the god Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King. Then, he fights with Taek and beats him with the help of his friends, and becomes the winner of the tournament. 

    In a nutshell, the first season is full of breathtaking action scenes that are loved by action series lovers. If we talk about the second season, the makers have not shared or left any clue through which we can guess the basic premise. But it is confirmed that the upcoming season is going to be more thrilling and exciting than the first one and will revolve around the same protagonist. 

    It is possible that Mori’s friends suggest he visit his homeland to completely revive his memory, and he will experience some new dangers, threats, and super-powerful demons on the way. 

    Expected Star Cast of the ‘God of High School Season 2’


    The star cast of a movie or series plays a leading role in becoming the content superhit. A true cast successfully adapts the character’s nature and presents it in front of the audience skillfully. In the first season, many Korean actors including Tatsumaru Tachibana,  Kentarō Kumagai,  Ayaka Ōhashi, Kōki Uchiyama, Yūya Uchida, Tomokazu Sugita, and many others gave their voices and got so much appreciation from the audience for their wonderful talent and to ensoul the lifeless characters.   

    In the second season, it is possible that the same superstars will reprise their roles due to their huge popularity and demand among the audience. But we have not gotten any official confirmation regarding the actors. 

    Actor Character 
    Hiroyuki YoshinoGamdo Go
    Tatsumaru TachibanaMori Jin
    Tomokazu SugitaManseok Gang
    Kentarō KumagaiDaewi Han
    Asami TanoCommissioner P
    Ayaka ŌhashiMira Yoo 
    Kenji HamadaCommissioner Q
    Kazuhiro Yamaji Taejin Jin
    Kōki UchiyamaIlpyo Park 
    Daisuke NamikawaMujin Park 
    Yūya UchidaSeungchul Baek
    Yuki KaidaCommissioner O
    Chikahiro KobayashiCommissioner R
    Tomokazu SekiAnnouncer/Commissioner T 

    Expected Release Date of ‘The God of High School Season 2’


    The first season of this over-the-top series was released on 6 July 2020 and lasts for 3 months. After the great success of this 13-episode-containing series, the makers started working on its sequel but did not reveal any information about it yet. The makers are tight-lipped on the release date of God of Highschool Season 2. But according to some sources, this series may be released at the end of 2023. So, all the fans of High School Season 1 will have to wait a little longer for its official release. 

    Whenever we get any update, we’ll surely inform you through a post. So, stay tuned with us. 

    Platform to Watch ‘The God of High School Season 2’

    Currently, God of Highschool Season 2 is not available on any platform to watch as the shooting of this series is not complete yet. But as we know, all the episodes of the first season were released on one of the best anime streaming website, Crunchyroll, which have a wide collection of popular animes and provides various quality options to stream the content. So, there is a high chance that the second season will also release on the same platform. 

    How Many Episodes Does ‘The God of High School Season 2’ Consist? 

    All anime buffs who have watched season 1, surely know that the God of High School series consists of 13 episodes having different titles such as Set up/Stand up,  Renewal/Soul, Wisdom/Kingdom, Marriage/Bonds, Ronde/Hound, Fera/Six, Anima/Force, Close/Friend, Curse/Cornered, Oath/Meaning, Lay/Key, Fox/God, and God/God. These episodes are repeatedly watched by the fans due to the matchless action scenes that are presented in this Korean series. 

    Therefore, it is anticipated that the upcoming season will also have 13 episodes and is full of more astounding action scenes so that the audience can be glued to their seats. 

    Has the Makers Announced ‘The God of High School Season 2’?

    As of now, the makers of this well-known anime have not officially announced God of Highschool Season 2. But considering the huge popularity, demand, and revenue, there is a high probability that the new season will soon release. Additionally, the manhwa on which this anime is based has a large number of chapters. Its 537 chapters have been published yet, but the first season only covered 111 chapters. So, the makers have enough source material to make the second season through which they can generate heavy revenue and fulfill the demands of the fans. 

    Fans Reaction to ‘The God of High School Season 2’ on Twitter

    As we told you above, the God of High School is one of the most awaited series that people are looking for. Here we’ve mentioned some of the tweets through which you will get to know how desperate people are waiting for the second season of God of High School.  

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    Ans: Well, it is under one’s hat, as the makers have not made anything public. 

    Ans: Unfortunately, currently, the makers are not ready to give any clear indication regarding the making of the second season but considering some factors, including high demand, huge popularity, and heavy revenue made in the first season, there are high chances that season 2 will go on floors soon.  

    Ans: According to some sources, season 2 is anticipated to release at the end of 2023. 

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