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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Demon Slayer Manga Online: Dive Into The World of Demons and Hunters

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  • Demon Slayer Manga Online: With more than 150 million copies sold, there is no doubt that Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer manga is the best piece of fiction we have ever seen. The fight scenes are a treat for the fans, the characters go straight to our hearts and the story keeps us on our toes, what more can you ask for in a shounen manga? 

    If you liked the Swordsmith Village Arc and now you can’t wait for Ufotable to release the new season, you can just read the Demon Slayer Manga online and see where the story goes from where you left it off. 

    Whether you want to know who the strongest hashira is or see Yoriichi in action, you need to read the manga. This guide serves as the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to read Demon Slayer Manga online or buy its box set. Without any further ado, let’s start with a preview of the manga with chapter 1. 

    Demon Slayer Manga Chapter 1 – Unleashing Demon And Swords

    Tanjiro is a kind hearted boyy

    The story starts with Tanjiro Kamado, a kind-hearted boy who sells charcoal and supports his family after his father has passed away. He travels to a nearby village and is well-liked by the people there. 

    Tanjiro hears about demons

    Getting late to reach his home, Tanjiro is invited to stay at someone’s house. There the person advises Tanjiro against venturing out at night as he doesn’t want Tanjiro running into demons. He reveals that man-eating demons have existed for hundreds of years.

    Tanjiro finds his family murdered and rushes to save Nezuko

    Spending the night, Tanjiro finally reaches his home but finds his family murdered. With everyone dead except his sister, Tanjiro decides to save Nezuko and find a doctor. 

    Nezuko turns into a demon and tries to eat Tanjiro
    Nezuko turns into a demon and tries to eat Tanjirooo

    While Tanjiro is carrying her to safety, Nezuko transforms into a demon, and attempts to eat her brother. Struggling to stay alive, Tanjiro thinks about his family dying, with only Nezuko left, he tries to help Nezuko to fight for her life and not turn into a demon. 

    Giyu Tomioka arrives to kill Nezuko

    Giyu Tomioka, a member of the demon slayer corps, suddenly appears and attempts to kill Nezuko. Tanjiro rolls away to save Nezuko from the slash attack, leading to Giyu asking Tanjiro why he saved her.

    Giyuu explains that it is his job to kill demons

    Hearing that the demon is Tanjiro’s sister, Giyu grabs Nezuko and attempts to kill her. Giyu reveals that it is his job to kill demons, he tells Tanjiro that some demon’s blood may have gotten mixed with Nezuko’s blood turning her into a demon. 

    Tanjiro promises to save Nezuko

    Knowing about how demons multiply, Tanjiro promises to find a cure for his sister and save her, but Giyu tells him that it is not possible. 

    Giyu gets angry at Tanjiro for letting his guard down

    Not wanting Nezuko to die, Tanjiro kneels down and begs for Giyu to save his sister. This infuriates Giyu who tells him never to be defenseless in front of an enemy. Giyu advises Tanjiro to abandon his weak nature. 

    Giyuu tells tanjiro that he must find strength to move forward and save Nezuko

    Saying that a weakling like Tanjiro would never be able to do anything, Giyu tells him to fight for what he wants. Not respecting Tanjiro, Giyu says that a demon may know the cure for Nezuko but even they won’t help Tanjiro because they won’t respect him. Telling Tanjiro that there is no turning back now and that he must find the strength to move forward and save his sister. 

    Giyu stabs Nezuko and knocks out Tanjiroo
    Giyu stabs Nezuko and knocks out Tanjiro

    Giyu stabs Nezuko, this leads to Tanjiro throwing a rock at Giyu and attacking him. As Tanjiro charges towards Giyu with his hatchet, Giyu gets angry at him and knocks him out. Seeing there is no hatchet besides Tanjiro, Giyu looks towards the sky and sees the hatchet flying towards him. 

    Giyu realises Tanjiro’s resolve to save his sisterr
    Giyu realises Tanjiro’s resolve to save his sister

    Deducing Tanjiro’s strategy to trick himself, Giyu becomes aware of Tanjiro’s resolve to save his sister from death. As he begins to space out, Nezuko slips away from his grip and plunges straight towards Tanjiro. Expecting Nezuko to start eating her brother’s body, instead, Giyu is surprised to see her protecting Tanjiro from him.

    Seeing Nezuko protecting Tanjiro, Giyuu decides to protect the siblings

    Realizing that something is different with these siblings and that he should save Nezuko, Giyu sheaths his sword and knocks Nezuko out.

    Tanjiro dreams of his familyy
    Tanjiro dreams of his family

    After dreaming of his family surrounding him and telling him to take care of Nezuko, Tanjiro wakes up and finds Nezuko lying beside him. 

    Giyu tells tanjiro to find Sakonji Urokodaki

    Giyu appears and tells Tanjiro to find Sakonji Urokodaki at the foot of Mount Sagiri and tell him that Giyu Tomioka has sent the siblings. Before disappearing, Giyu advises Tanjiro not to let Nezuko out in direct sunlight. 

    Nezuko and Tanjiro pay respects to their family
    Tanjiro and Nezuko venture out to find Sakonji Urokodaki

    After burying and paying respects to their family, Tanjiro grabs Nezuko’s hand and both venture on their journey to find Sakonji Urokodaki.

    How to Read Demon Slayer Manga?

    Read Demon Slayer Manga

    The Demon Slayer manga has a total of 201 chapters and it has been collected in over 23 volumes. The best part about this manga series is that it has already been completed, meaning the story you’re so invested in has already been finished. 

    If you can’t wait for the new season, reading the manga is the eBay option for you. The season 3 of Demon Slayer covers only 127 chapters of the manga, so if you have caught up to the latest chapter, you can skip straight to the 128 chapter and read from there on.

    We have covered the first chapter of the manga, but below we have given some links from where you can access the Demon Slayer Manga online. 

    Read Demon Slayer Manga from Viz
    Read Demon Slayer Manga from Manga Plus
    Read Demon Slayer Manga Online

    Where to Buy Demon Slayer Manga Box Set?

    Demon Slayer Manga Box Set

    Reading the Demon Slayer manga online for free is the right step for many new readers. But don’t forget, you can also buy the Demon Slayer manga full box set and read it just like you would read a book. 

    The full Demon Slayer manga contains a total of 23 volumes that anyone can collect and read. If you’re in the mood 

    Buy Demon Slayer Manga from the Crunchyroll Store
    Buy Demon Slayer Manga from Amazon
    Buy Demon Slayer Manga from Barnes and Noble

    While the best option for you is to purchase the full Demon Slayer manga box set, you can also check out and buy individual volumes and collect them one by one. Currently, the full box set of Demon Slayer costs around $100 to $200, before purchasing, make sure you’re not spending more than you can afford. 

    When is the New Season for Demon Slayer Releasing?

    Demon Slayer Harshira Training Movie

    Now that you know how to read the Demon Slayer manga online, you can go ahead and see where the story takes after the Swordsmith Village Arc, but maybe you should wait a little longer as the new season is not that far. 

    Ufotable has announced that the Demon Slayer anime would return with a fourth season at the end of 2024. The new season will cover the Hashira Training Arc from the anime and may even lead to the Infinity Castle Arc.

    While the announcement for the fourth season is surely good news, what’s better is that Ufotable has released a compilation film, covering bits and pieces from the previous and upcoming seasons of Demon Slayer.

    Titled, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – To The Hashira Training, the movie would feature the last two episodes from the previous season and also the first two episodes from the upcoming season. 

    The film has already been released in Japanese theaters and is soon to be released worldwide, here is a trailer for the movie: 


    This brings an end to the guide for how to read Demon Slayer manga online for free. Being someone who has read the Kimetsu No Yaiba manga, writing this guide was my duty to the fandom. 

    Now that you have all the resources for reading the Demon Slayer manga, make sure to enjoy the ride ahead and appreciate the masterpiece by Koyoharu Gotogue. 

    Next, you can check out our article on Chainsaw Man manga and read its first chapter.


    Ans: The Demon Slayer manga has a total of 23 volumes and 201 chapters.

    Ans: The box set of Demon Slayer manga can cost you anywhere between $100 to $200, that’s why you need to make sure you’re buying from the right source. If you want to buy individual volumes, it will cost you around $10.

    Ans: The Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To The Hashira Training movie was released in Japan on February 2, 2024.

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