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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Chainsaw Man Manga Online – Unleashes Thriller Manga Chapters Madness And Beyond

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  • Chainsaw Man manga online: The Chainsaw Man manga was released back in 2018, ever since then it has taken over the internet and has become one of the hottest manga in the industry. Now, 6 years after its release, the manga is still going on and Tatsuki Fujimoto is still releasing weekly chapters constantly. 

    If you are a fan of detailed storytelling, worldbuilding, dark humor, and gore, you should definitely read the Chainsaw Man manga. This write-up will serve as the perfect guide if you are looking for Chainsaw Man manga online. The story is beautifully written and it keeps on getting better for the readers. Without wasting any time, read on to know how you can read Chainsaw Man online.

    Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 1 – Carnage On Every Page 

    chapter 1 dog and chainsaww

    The story is set in a world where devils are born from human fears and follows the journey of Denji, a young man trapped in poverty. Denji works as a devil hunter with his pet best friend, Pochita, a dog-like creature with a chainsaw coming out of his head. 


    It is revealed that Denji has inherited his dead dad’s debt and is now working with the yakuza to pay it off. Despite his circumstances, Denji keeps on dreaming and aims to live a normal life someday. 

    denji is betrayed by the yakuzaa

    Denji is taken to an abandoned building for an extermination job. Instead of finding a devil to kill, Denji is backstabbed by the yakuza. It is revealed that Yakuza has formed a contract with the Zombie Devil to grow in power, and they have no need for Denji now. 

    zombie devil kills denji and pochitta
    zombie devil kills denji and pochittaa

    The Zombie Devil has taken over all of the Yakuza’s men, and he orders all of them to kill Denji. Getting mercilessly killed by the Zombified men, Denji and Pochita are then thrown in the dumpster.

    denji and pochittaa
    denjii and poochitaa
    denji and pochhita

    Close to death, some of Denji’s blood gets mixed with Pochita. It makes him recall a memory where Denji had given Pochita permission to take over his body if he ever dies. In the end, Denji tells Pochita to live a normal life, have a normal death, and fulfill his dreams for him.

    pochita makees a contract wiith deenji
    pochita makees a contract with denjii

    Instead of taking over Denji’s body, Pochita decides to heal him. Denji wakes up in a dream-like state in the dumpster with Pochita. There, Pochita tells him that he always loved when Denji talks about his dreams. Pochita then makes a contract with Denji, where he will give Denji his heart and in return, Denji will show Pochita his dreams. Denji then wakes up to find himself fully healed.

    denji becomes the chainsaw man and kills the zombie devill
    denji becomes the chainsaw man and kills the zombie devills

    Denji notices a cord coming out of his chest, deducing that he has merged with Pochita, Denji decides to pull the cord and becomes the Chainsaw Man. Transforming into the Chainsaw Man, Denji rips apart everyone in his path and kills the Zombie Devil.

    makima finds denji in the warehousee

    Soon after, Makima, a public safety officer, arrives on the scene. Seeing everyone dead except Denji, Makima asks him if he did this. Tired and exhausted, Denji doesn’t answer her, instead asks her to hold him. As Makima grabs Denji, he collapses in her arms, and turns back into a human.

    denji becomes makima’s pets

    Makima tells Denji that she came here to kill the Zombie Devil, and that she is a Public Safety Devil Hunter. She gives him two choices, either get killed by her or become her pet. Makima says that if Denji becomes her pet, he will be given food. Upon hearing that he will be given bread with butter and jam, Denji agrees to it and says that it is his dream come true.

    Started in 2018, a total of 151 chapters were released by the end of 2024. While the manga was a big hit, it was the anime adaptation that made Denji a household name. If you have only seen season 1 of Chainsaw Man, you should definitely read the manga. The next section explains how to read the Chainsaw Man manga online.

    How to Read Chainsaw Man Manga Online?

    chainsaw man manga chapterr 1

    Hopefully you enjoyed the first chapter of Chainsaw Man. After this, you must be tempted to read the whole thing. Now, we should also tell you how to read and from where you can read this masterpiece manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

    You can read the manga from Shonen Jump’s official website, or you can read it from the Manga Plus website. Apart from these two, there are a lot more websites from where you can read the whole manga online.

    Chainsaw Man Manga at Viz
    Chainsaw Man Manga from Manga Plus
    Read Chainsaw Man Manga Online for Free

    The first part of Chainsaw Man manga is titled The Public Safety Arc and it has 97 chapters. This makes Chainsaw Man an easy read as anyone can go through a 97-chapter series. If you really want to read the manga, we suggest you buy the physical copies instead of reading it online. Next, we have explained where you can buy the Chainsaw Man manga box set.

    Where to Buy Chainsaw Man Manga?

    chainsaw man manga box sets

    You can also buy the physical copies of Chainsaw Man manga and own the whole thing. A lot of readers don’t prefer the online method of reading, most users want to feel the real thing in their hands and most importantly, own the manga. 

    So if you’re a fan of physical books, you can buy the Chainsaw Man manga online, and have it delivered to your home.

    If you are not fortunate enough to find this manga at your nearest store, you can order the Chainsaw Man manga box set and buy the first part right away. This box set will contain the first 11 volumes of the manga, which is the whole Public Safety Arc.

    Buy Chainsaw Man manga from Amazon
    Buy Chainsaw Man manga from Barnes and Nobles
    Buy Chainsaw Man manga from Crunchyroll Store

    If you’re unsure about buying the whole box set, you can instead buy individual volumes one by one. The sites we have mentioned above will also sell you the individual volumes, just make sure to go through all the options to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

    What’s Next For Chainsaw Man?

    chainsaw man - the movie reze arcc

    The Chainsaw Man manga has sold more than 24 million copies worldwide, and it will surely surpass the 100 million mark in the future. The anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man was well-received by the fans. Not to mention, the anime was produced by Mappa, the same studio that is animating One Punch Man season 3.

    If you are also waiting to get the announcement for Chainsaw Man season 2, you may have to wait a little longer as Mappa has no plans to release a second season for Chainsaw Man. but no need to be disappointed as Mappa is working on an anime film titled Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc

    The movie is expected to release in 2025, and it will cover the bomb girl arc from the manga, the trailer for the movie has already been released.


    Reading Chainsaw Man manga online is the best way to catch up with the story and become a part of the fandom. In this guide, we have explained the structure of the manga and also given you the sources for reading the Chainsaw Man manga online. 

    With all this happening, this is the best time to be a Chainsaw Man fan, and if you haven’t read the manga, you should definitely try it out. While anime-only fans are waiting to get an update from the studio, manga fans are reading new chapters every week. 


    Ans: You can read the full Chainsaw Man manga from Shonen Jump’s official website which is Viz, or you can read it from the Manga Plus website.

    Ans: The part 2 for Chainsaw Man is called the School Arc. This part of the manga features Asa Mikata as the protagonist alongside Denji.

    Ans: Yes, Denji did achieve his dream to live a normal life.

    Ans: Yes, the manga for Chainsaw Man is scary, as you would expect from a manga that focuses on a world with devils that are born from fear. Full of supernatural creatures and violence, this manga is not for everybody.

    Ans: Yes, the Chainsaw Man manga is for adults as it has no shortage of gore scenes, sexual imagery. With all the violence and sexual content, this manga is not for anyone below 18 years of age.

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