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Friday, July 19, 2024

25 Best YouTube To MP4 Converters in 2024

  • Annie
  • YouTube serves as an excellent platform for entertainment and knowledge. You can watch anything on Youtube, from UFC live streams to long essays explaining Haki in One Piece; Youtube has it all.

    It has everything one needs, yet, there are instances when you desire the capability to enjoy your beloved YouTube videos without an internet connection or wish to share them with companions and relatives who lack online access. This is where tools like YouTube to MP4 converters prove valuable. 

    A YouTube converter MP4 is a kind of computer program that empowers you to obtain and alter YouTube videos into the MP4 format. 

    In this article, we will explore some of the best YouTube to MP4 converters (2024). Additionally, we will get into the aspects of considerations when selecting a converter, as well as the proper and legal method for downloading YouTube videos.

    Whether your preference bends toward a simple and free converter or a more robust and versatile one, we have your interests at heart. Continue reading to gather further understanding.

    Best YouTube to MP4 Converter Tools in 2024

    Not sure about which tool to pick for downloading YouTube videos? We’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube to MP4 2024 tools that you can use without any cost or at a reasonable price.

    Let’s dive into our recommendations for converting YouTube videos to MP4 format. We’ll go through each one step by step.

    Tool 1 : iTubeGo


    Meet iTubeGo, one of the best YouTube MP4 converters that goes beyond just MP4. It can handle a variety of video and audio formats. iTubeGo is your ticket to downloading HD videos from over 10,000 websites easily. Once downloaded, you can keep these videos in various formats and qualities on your computer or phone.

    But wait, there’s more! iTubeGo also lets you edit and download specific parts of a video. Plus, it boasts a built-in browser that makes hopping onto different video streaming sites a breeze. The only downside is that the free version comes with a few limitations on the features you can access.

    Easy to usePaid software
    Fast download speedsCan be slow for some users
    Wide range of output formatsMay contain malware
    Supports multiple websites
    Free trial

    Tool 2: 4K Video Downloader

    4K Video Downloader1

    Our next contender is the 4K Video Downloader. It’s another fantastic option for grabbing YouTube content. You can get high-quality videos from various popular websites, and guess what? It’s absolutely free! There’s also an option to upgrade to a premium version for some extra perks.

    With the best YouTube MP4 converter in this tool, you can save your favorite videos in top-notch quality directly to your computer. This includes impressive resolutions like 4K and 8K. Clickety-click and the 4K Video Downloader will get entire playlists and channels from YouTube onto your PC. Oh, and it’s not just videos; you can also pull out audio tracks and subtitles.

    However, keep in mind that the free version comes with a few limitations on features. And, well, brace yourself for some ads during the free trial of the MP4 converter.

    Supports a variety of video formatsPaid software
    Can download multiple videos at onceMay not work with all YouTube videos
    Can download videos in high qualityMay contain malware

    Tool 3: Snap Downloader

    Snap Downloader

    Looking for a reliable way to save YouTube videos as MP4 files? Snap Downloader might be the solution you’re seeking. It’s known for its fast download and conversion speed, making the process a breeze.

    You can use Snap Downloader to easily download videos in different qualities like 1080p HD, QHD, 8K, and 4K. The great thing is, it works with more than 900 websites, so you have lots of choices. And the best part is you can download multiple videos at the same time without any issues.

    This tool comes with some handy features. If certain videos are blocked in your region, you can bypass that with its proxy setup. If you are planning to download a video later, you can schedule it for a specific time. You can also download entire playlists and channels with ease.

    Just bear in mind that the free version is available for 48 hours. Beyond that, upgrading to the paid version is necessary.

    Fast downloadsMay contain ads
    High-quality downloadsNot available for all platforms
    Supports a variety of formatsMay not work with all videos

    Tool 4: VideoProc Converter

    VideoProc Converter

    When it comes to versatile video conversion software for both Mac and Windows, VideoProc Converter takes the lead. It’s a complete package that covers downloading, converting, compressing, editing, recording, and more.

    For videos under 5 minutes, the free version can convert them to MP4, MP3, and over 420 other formats without compromising quality, all with just one click. Videos longer than 5 minutes require the full version, which comes without watermarks. This version costs $2.16 per month and even includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Powerful and versatile converterNot as user-friendly as some other converters
    Supports a wide range of formatsMay not be as powerful
    Fast conversion speedsSome features are only available in the paid version
    Easy to useThe interface can be a bit cluttered
    Intuitive interface
    No ads

    Tool 5: YT Saver

    YT Saver

    YT Saver is a powerful YouTube to MP4 converter (free) to help you download countless videos and playlists from various streaming services, all in MP4 format. It’s your go-to tool for high-quality downloads ranging from 1080p to 8K. This versatile YouTube MP4 converter also supports video downloads from 10,000+ other sites, including TikTok and Instagram.

    What sets YT Saver apart is its built-in browser, enhancing the download experience. The program has an impressive 10X faster download speed, making quick work of your downloads and conversions. Additionally, the software prioritizes your privacy by storing downloaded content in a password-protected folder.

    Fast downloadsMay not work with all videos
    High-quality downloadsNot available for all platforms
    Supports a variety of formatsSome users have reported issues with the software
    Free of Cost

    Tool 6: HitPaw Video Converter

    HitPaw Video Converter

    Make YouTube to MP4 conversion a breeze on both Windows and Mac with HitPaw Video Converter. Simply copy and paste the video URL, then hit the download button. This tool also supports playlists and channel downloads.

    HitPaw Video Converter doesn’t stop at YouTube – it supports over 10,000 popular websites, including Facebook and Dailymotion. It is capable of downloading videos in 8K, 4K, and 2K, as well as audio in 320kbps quality.

    Fast conversionsThe free version has a limit on the number of videos you can convert
    High-quality conversionsThe paid version is quite expensive
    Supports a wide range of formatsThe interface can be a bit cluttered
    Available for Windows, Mac, and Android
    Free to use for basic features

    Tool 7: ByClick Downloader

    ByClick Downloader

    Looking for a user-friendly way to convert YouTube videos to MP4? ByClick Downloader is a solid choice. It allows you to effortlessly download complete playlists and channels.

    With ByClick Downloader, you have the flexibility to download videos in resolutions ranging from 720p to 8K and convert them to various formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, and more. The software even keeps track of your downloads and offers personalized recommendations.

    It’s worth noting that ByClick Downloader is only compatible with Windows devices, and while the free version offers great features, some are limited to the paid version.

    High-quality downloadsPaid software
    Supports a variety of websitesMay contain some bugs
    Downloads multiple videos at onceNot as user-friendly as some other YouTube to MP4 converters
    Removes ads from videos
    Available for Windows and Mac

    Tool 8: Uni Converter

    Uni Converter

    Uni Converter is among the best options available when it comes to transforming YouTube videos into MP4 files. This works well on both Windows and Mac computers. This converter is really versatile, letting you change videos into more than a thousand formats and even different kinds of audio formats.

    What sets Universal Converter apart from the rest? With its remarkable speed, it can convert videos up to 30 times faster than other converters. This tool, also known as Wondershare UniConverter, not only transforms videos but also allows for editing tasks like merging, resizing, trimming, and adding captions. The APEXTRANS technology ensures that even after compression, the video quality remains intact.

    Easy to useNot available for all platforms
    Versatile and powerful toolMay not work with all videos
    Secure experience

    Tool 9: Vidjuice


    For those seeking a solution for batch video and audio conversion from YouTube to MP4, Vidjuice is a must-try option. This tool excels in delivering video quality up to 8K resolution and supports conversion to more than 10,000 web-hosting platforms. It even enables you to save entire playlists and channels effortlessly.

    Vidjuice simplifies the process with its integrated search feature, eliminating the need to paste URLs. Supporting both Windows and Mac, it covers a range of formats, such as MP4, M4A, AVI, MKV, MOV, and FLV. When it comes to speed, Vidjuice performs admirably, easily converting videos to 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions.

    Supports a variety of formatsMay contain ads
    Available on all major platformsNot all features are available in the free version
    Offers a money-back guaranteeSome users have reported problems with the software

    Tool 10: VideoHunter


    VideoHunter proves to be a user-friendly yet professional video downloader, capable of downloading videos from YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and more than 1000 platforms. It supports various formats, including 1080p, 4K, and even 8K MP4 files, along with 320kbps MP3 files. With just one click, you can download playlists, channels, and subtitles from platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion.

    While VideoHunter is available for desktop use, an Android version is on the line. Plus, when you purchase VideoHunter, you also gain access to VideoHunter for Android at no extra cost.

    High-quality downloadsPaid subscription required for unlimited downloads
    Supports a variety of formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, and MOVMay contain ads
    Can download videos from a variety of websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and DailymotionNot available for all platforms
    Available for Windows and MacMay not work with all videos

    Tool 11: YTD Downloader

    YTD Downloader

    YTD Downloader stands out as a reliable YouTube to MP4 converter free. It effortlessly converts videos and audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and numerous other social media platforms.

    If cost is a concern, YTD video downloader offers a free option without any charges. This tool caters to both Windows and Mac users and boasts an intuitive interface. Simply copy and paste the desired video or audio link for downloading. 

    YTD Downloader also provides customization options, such as selecting your preferred save location and keeping files in their original quality. Its built-in converter supports various formats, and you can even edit and set profiles. The only drawback of the free version is speed, but upgrading to the premium version ensures high-speed downloads.

    Video downloading from various platformsLimited support for certain video-sharing websites
    Format conversion for downloaded videosLimited support for certain video-sharing websites
    Simultaneous batch downloadingRisk of malware or adware in some versions
    High-quality video download supportQuality loss during video conversion

    Tool 12: Winx Video Downloader

    Winx Video Downloader

    Winx Video Downloader takes versatility to a new level, enabling high-resolution video conversion from YouTube and other platforms like Vimeo, Facebook, Reddit, and Dailymotion. It offers bulk and playlist downloads, and it even works with live-streaming sites. With compatibility with more than 600 streaming platforms, it provides extensive downloading capabilities.

    Enhancing security, Winx Video Downloader features an integrated proxy. You can also customize video formats and resolution quality according to your preferences. It supports formats like WEBM, MP4, and M4A, all presented in a straightforward interface.

    Batch downloading capabilityLimited compatibility with certain video sites
    High-quality video download optionsLegal concerns regarding copyrighted content download
    User-friendly and intuitive interfacePossibility of malware or adware in certain versions
    Free version available with basic features

    Tool 13: Y2 Mate

    Y2 Mate

    When it comes to downloading media from popular sites, Y2 Mate Downloader is a go-to option. While currently available for Windows, it excels at downloading videos from prominent streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO.

    Y2 Mate downloader offers various resolution options, from 1080p to 8K, and allows you to download videos with different audio formats. This tool enhances your viewing experience by eliminating commercial interruptions. It supports over 1000 websites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and offers language and caption support. It can even download captions via SRT files.

    Easy to useMay contain ads
    Supports a variety of formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, and MOVMay not work with all videos
    Can download videos from a variety of websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and DailymotionSome users have reported that the website is slow or unreliable

    Tool 14: Fastest YouTube Downloader

    Fastest YoutTube Downloader

    The Fastest YouTube Downloader stands out as an exceptional YouTube converter MP4 tool deserving a place among the best converters. It lives up to its name by being one of the speediest converters out there. 

    It offers over 20 output choices for your files, varying in size. You can opt to download and save the MP4 files that result from the conversion, with or without audio. This YouTube converter to MP4 lets you convert videos to MP4 for free online. Before initiating the conversion, you can preview the video through a thumbnail or a preview image.

    Its capabilities extend beyond merely converting YouTube content to MP4 files. It can transform YouTube content into other formats like MP3 and WEBM. Furthermore, it facilitates the downloading of videos from various platforms, including TikTok and well-known social media sites like Facebook, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Instagram. For offline usage, you can download the desktop converter app.

    Super fast conversionFastest YouTube Downloader may contain ads.
    Wide format supportIt’s not available on all platforms.
    Easy to useIt may not work with all videos.
    Free to use

    Tool 15: Video Grabber

    Video Grabber

    Another efficient video converter in the league is the Video Grabber. This converter works seamlessly with Android, Windows, and Mac platforms. It is free of charge for converting YouTube to MP4. This tool goes beyond just downloading audio and videos; it’s equipped for a range of other tasks too. These include converting both videos and audio, creating engaging slideshows, animations, and more.

    It functions flawlessly on all well-known systems and spans a comprehensive range of output formats. Whether you prefer online usage or a software application, both are at your disposal for free download.

    The process of fetching and converting videos is easy and straightforward. Moreover, it supports numerous output formats and even has the capacity to eliminate those pesky video black bars. 

    Easy to useSlow download speeds
    Supports a variety of formatsNo support for subtitles
    No registration requiredAds may interfere
    Safe and secureNot available in all countries

    Tool 16: Free MP4 Video Converter

    Free MP4 Video Converter

    A YouTube to MP4 converter designed with affordability in mind, suitable for a wide range of multimedia devices, and with commendable compatibility for Windows devices. The incorporation of a user-friendly interface has simplified its usage, making settings selection a breeze. What’s more, is that the conversion process is simple without compromising video quality.

    Easy to use interfaceConversion speed can be slow for large files
    Supports a variety of input and output formatsVideo quality may be reduced after conversion
    Can convert videos in batchNot all features are available in the free version
    No registration required

    Tool 17:

    Online Video Converter is a top-tier destination for transforming YouTube content into MP4 format. It allows unlimited online conversion of YouTube videos to MP4, and it’s completely free. 

    The converter offers various video resolutions, providing options to customize your converted MP4 videos. You can even convert online YouTube videos into HD 1080P MP4 videos. There’s no need for registration or logging in, and the website is entirely devoid of advertisements.

    It is as simple as accessing the YouTube to MP4 converter, pasting the video link, selecting the MP4 video quality, and then hitting “START”. Furthermore, the platform supports YouTube video downloads in multiple other formats, such as MP3, WAV, and M4A. It’s not confined to just converting video links; it can also convert existing video files.

    Easy to useSlow conversion speeds
    No software installation requiredLimited features
    Wide range of supported formatsSecurity concerns
    Free to use

    Tool 18: YT MP3

    YT MP3

    YT MP3 works smoothly across a wide range of devices, including iPhones, Androids, PCs, Macs, and laptops. What sets it apart is its capability to convert YouTube videos of any duration into high-quality MP4 files, and there are no restrictions on time or conversions. The converter’s interface is simple and uncluttered.

    Converting a YouTube video to an MP4 format takes just a few clicks. Paste your YouTube link into the converter, hit Enter, and choose the MP4 quality you desire to initiate the download. This platform goes beyond YouTube-to-MP4 conversion; it also works as a YouTube-to-MP3 converter. Additionally, it facilitates the download of MP4 videos from various sources like TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo, and more.

    Fast conversion speedsMay contain ads
    High-quality audioLegality of use is questionable
    Supports batch conversion

    Tool 19: MP3Studio YouTube Downloader

    MP3Studio YouTube Downloader

    The MP3Studio YouTube Downloader is a gem among YouTube to MP4 converters, catering to users of Mac, Windows, and Android. It has the ability to convert entire playlists into MP4 videos in one go. Transforming a video into MP4 format is a breeze with the help of this tool. Paste the video link, select MP4 as the output format, and tap “Convert”.

    The MP3Studio YouTube to MP4 converter app showcases a compact, user-friendly interface. You have the flexibility to convert and download YouTube videos in formats like AVI, WMV, WMA, and more. Converting 4K YouTube videos into MP4 or other formats is well within its capabilities. The app also extends its reach to videos from various video hosting platforms. Subscription-wise, it offers monthly, 3-month, and lifetime plans. The free version grants three daily conversions.

    Unlimited download speedThe free version has some limitations such as a watermark on the downloaded videos.
    Supports many video formats, including MP3, MP4, WMV, MOV, etc.The interface can be a bit cluttered for some users.
    Convenient batch downloading
    Intuitive interface

    Tool 20: is a user-friendly online service and a go-to platform for converting videos. The process is as simple as uploading your video and clicking “Convert Now”. The platform provides an estimate of the conversion duration, and once complete, it redirects you to a download page housing all your converted files.

    However, there’s a catch, the file size limit for each upload is 100 MB. For longer videos, might not be the best choice.

    Supports a wide range of file formatsFree plan has a 100MB file size limit
    Can convert files in bulkPremium plan is relatively expensive
    Free to use for basic conversionsConversion speeds can be slow for large files
    Offers a premium plan with additional features

    Tool 21: stands as a free online converter that doesn’t require registration. It transforms videos into MP4, WebM, and OGV formats. This converter supports batch conversion of multiple files and even offers an editing tool to trim video lengths without compromising quality.

    One limitation to be aware of is its lack of support for H.265/HEVC encoding when converting YouTube videos.

    Fast conversion speedsNot always reliable
    No registration requiredMay not work with all websites
    Available on all platformsHas been known to install malware

    Tool 22: Clip Converter

    Clip Converter

    Clip Converter serves as your reliable solution for effortlessly downloading, converting, or capturing a variety of videos and audio files from the web. The platform features an incredibly neat and user-friendly interface that caters to all kinds of users on different platforms.

    The process of capturing content is about as simple as it comes. Just copy and paste the web address of the file you desire, choose your preferred output format, quality, and file size, and then click the download button. 

    The software might take a bit more time compared to some alternative tools, as it focuses on delivering a polished final result rather than speed. When it comes to handling the task of capturing audio or video clips, Clip Converter excels with its smooth performance.

    Supports multiple video-sharing platformsInconsistent support for all websites
    Various output formats and quality optionsAds and pop-ups on the website
    Basic version is typically free to useLimited features in the free version
    No software installation required

    Tool 23: Leawo


    Leawo Video Downloader is a handy tool that lets you effortlessly grab videos from various places, like YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Facebook, and more. It works for all kinds of content, from full-length movies to catchy music videos, quick clips, and even TV shows. Astonishingly, it can even capture live-streaming YouTube videos. Leawo supports both 720P and 1080P resolutions.

    Thanks to its innovative hardware acceleration technology and advanced video loading capabilities, you’ll enjoy a download speed that’s six times faster.

    Wide range of products and services, including video converters, DVD rippers, Blu-ray players, and more.The free version may have restricted features.
    User-friendly interface with clear navigation.Prompts for purchasing premium versions.
    Support for multiple languages.Installers might include additional software.

    Tool 24:

    When it comes to getting your favorite YouTube videos in mp4 format, Wave. video’s online converter is a dependable choice. This web-based converter eliminates the need for software installations, making it incredibly convenient to save HD YouTube videos. All you have to do is paste the video link, and you’ll have the mp4 file ready for offline use.

    What sets Wave. video apart is its multi-functionality. Not only can you download videos, but you can also store them in’s cloud hosting service, personalize your videos with the online editor, and effortlessly stream content to various platforms using the live streaming software. 

    User-friendly interfaceLimited free plan
    Extensive library of assetsLearning curve for advanced features
    Customization and editing optionsNo app is available
    Social media integration

    Tool 25: Any Video Converter

    Any Video Converter

    For Windows and Mac users, Any Video Converter is your premium solution. This tool provides a comprehensive YouTube to MP4 conversion experience, allowing you to transform, edit, and even create DVDs from videos. It’s compatible with not only YouTube but also VEVO, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and Dailymotion.

    Customization is key, as Any Video Converter enables you to set default download formats and languages. Say goodbye to download limits, as this free converter empowers you to access content from a vast range of sources, with over a hundred websites at your disposal.

    Supports a wide range of video and audio formats.The free version has a watermark on the output videos.
    Can convert videos to different resolutions, bitrates, and frame rates.The conversion speed can be slow for large files.
    Offers basic video editing features, such as trimming, cropping, and rotating.

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    Features to Consider When Choosing a YouTube to MP4 Converter

    You’ll find a range of conversion tools out there, both free and paid, offering various levels of features. But when you’re looking into these tools, keep these important points in mind:

    1. Batch Downloads and Saving

    With the batch and save feature, you can avoid the hassle of copying and pasting individual video URLs. This lets you download multiple videos together in one go. Plus, you can decide where these downloaded files should be stored.

    2. Editing Abilities

    Especially if you’re planning to use the converter for business needs, consider picking one that offers editing options. These could include features like cutting and merging videos, allowing you to tailor the videos to your requirements.

    3. Output

    When you’re picking a converter, make sure you look into what types of audio and video files it can change. Even though lots of programs and gadgets are fine with MP4 files, it’s better to choose software that can deal with lots of different kinds of files. Check if it can work with formats like FLV, 3G2, MPEG-1, WEBM, and others.

    4. Compression

    Video files can be quite large, which takes up a lot of space on your devices or storage drives like Google Drive. Some conversion tools include a compression feature. This lets you adjust factors like audio quality, format, and video resolution, helping you create smaller video files that are easier to manage.

    But, be careful not to over-compress the files. Over-compression can lead to a reduction in video quality. So, finding the right balance is important.

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    Legal Aspect of YouTube to MP4 Converters

    Normally, it’s okay from a legal perspective to use a YouTube converter to MP4 for saving and transforming the videos into MP4 files, as long as it’s for your own personal use.

    However, it’s important to remember that the individual who has the rights to the video might have certain guidelines regarding its usage. For instance, there are videos that are intended solely for streaming purposes and not for storing on your device. Therefore, it’s wise to ensure that you understand the copyright terms associated with that specific video before choosing to save it.

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    Final Thoughts

    To sum up, there are several ways to change YouTube videos to the MP4 format. The right method for you depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something free and simple, go with a YouTube to MP4 converter. For a stronger converter with extra features like downloading multiple videos and removing ads, consider a paid option. And if you prefer not to use a converter, you can record your screen while playing the YouTube video.

    Whichever method you pick, you can enjoy your treasured YouTube videos offline or share them. So, why wait? Start converting your favorite videos and share them with friends.

    I hope this article has proven useful. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Ans: Converting and saving YouTube videos can fall into either legal or illegal territory, contingent upon the nature of the content. Nevertheless, videos exempt from copyright can be transformed for personal utilization using a tool that changes YouTube content into the MP4 format without any legal consequences.

    Ans: In cases where utilizing a converter is not preferred, an alternative method involves using a screen recording to save the YouTube video and subsequently converting the recorded material into the MP4 format. This approach proves beneficial when you are aiming to download videos that are not officially available for download.

    Ans: The MPEG-4 or MP4 video format came into the picture in 2001, courtesy of the International Standard Organization (ISO). Choosing to keep your videos in the MP4 format gives you the benefit of reduced quality loss and better compression compared to other formats.


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